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The ancient village and ancient stage in the mountains and rivers of Guangxi cured the anxiety and kept the nostalgia

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The ancient village and ancient stage in the mountains and rivers of Guangxi cured the anxiety and kept the nostalgia

"Guilin landscape is the best in the world", this is the most basic understanding of Guangxi tourism. In fact, in addition to Guilin, there are countless landscapes similar to Guilin in Guangxi. Zhongshan County, located in the northeast of Guilin, is such a wonderful landscape. In the Baili Ink Gallery in Zhongshan County, there are many quiet ancient villages scattered. When you step into them, time seems to stand still, and the scenery is like a dream. Sitting on the edge of the rice field under the old trees and listening to the sound of frogs is definitely a kind of healing. sample. Datian Village is a village that I came across during my travels. Walking along the road, I was wondering what the words “Public Security Datian” mean? (Datian Village, Gong'an Town, Zhongshan County, Hezhou City, Guangxi) At a turn, an ancient stage came into view among the ancient trees. In the distance, the mountains are undulating, the fragrance of rice is elegant, and the ancient trees are nearby. The Datian Ancient Stage is actually an annex of the Shuikou Temple opposite. The appearance of the generals on the ancient stage in China has never been seen not only by people, but also by gods and ancestors. Shuikou Temple, as you can tell from the name, is a village temple related to water. The temple is dedicated to the Dragon King and all kinds of gods who need to give spiritual comfort to the villagers. The gate of the temple is opposite to this ancient stage, which has a history of more than 140 years. For more than a hundred years, the villagers and the gods have enjoyed the spiritual pleasure brought by the opera. The Datian Ancient Stage was built in the fourth year of Guangxu in the Qing Dynasty (1878). It is a brick, stone and wood structure. As early as 1981, the Datian Theater was listed as a key cultural relics protection unit in the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. However, for more than 40 years, this theater has not been upgraded to the national security level, and it is still protected by the Guangxi District. The ancient stage is in the shape of a "convex" with a height of more than 10 meters. It consists of a front desk and a backstage. The front surface is 6.37 meters wide and 5.5 meters deep. The backstage is 10.12 meters wide and 3.6 meters deep. The stone platform is 1.8 meters high. The bluestone base of the ancient stage is very beautiful, and the front is engraved with the Eight Immortals and the Three Stars of Fu, Lu and Shou, as well as various traditional Chinese auspicious patterns. On the stone tablet on the side, the names of the villagers who donated money to build the stage in the four years of Guangxu are engraved. From the names, it can be seen that most of the villagers in Datian Village should be surnamed Yang. In addition to the wonderful ancient stage itself, the surrounding environment is also very good, hidden in the ancient trees and beautiful bamboos, surrounded by clear streams, elegant and unique, clean and comfortable. It is said that the stage itself also conforms to the principles of mechanics and acoustics. No matter the building itself or the surrounding environment, the Datian stage can be regarded as a masterpiece among the ancient stages in Guangxi. For more than 100 years, in the slack season after a busy year, or when it coincides with a major event in the village, after a hard day, accompanied by the gentle breeze and the bright moon and stars, the villagers watch a local opera. Beautiful things. It's just that the song has already ended, and such scenes may have become less and less. The deserted ancient stage has become history, and it has also become a platform for urchins to play. While I was intoxicated, the sun was setting, and an old farmer was rushing back with his oxen. I immediately ran to the front and took a few pictures. This scene, except for the hardening of the road, should not be much different from a hundred years ago. A few hundred meters away from the ancient stage at the entrance of the village is Datian Ancient Village. Under a vigorous ancient tree in the center of the village, old people who have known each other for a lifetime chat here. Obviously, this is the CBD of the village. It is said that there are still 83 Ming and Qing buildings in Datian Ancient Village. It should be said that they are basically Qing Dynasty buildings. The blue bricks and black tiles are all typical Lingnan style. It's just that compared to the ancient stage at the entrance of the village, the surviving ancient buildings in the village seem a bit ordinary. In addition, the old and new buildings in the village are mixed, and the overall environment is not outstanding. The essence of Datian Ancient Village is the century-old ancient stage at the entrance of the village. There are many ancient villages in Zhongshan Baili Ink Gallery, and Datian Ancient Village is amazing because of an ancient stage with landscape as the background. Datian Village is a small and little-known village. Not to mention foreign tourists, people in Guangxi may not know much, but in fact Datian Village has a lot of honors. In 2018, it won the title of National Ecological Cultural Village; in 2019 In January, it was included in the seventh batch of Chinese historical and cultural villages; in June 2019, it was included in the fifth batch of Chinese traditional villages; in December 2019, it was included in the first batch of national forest villages... Rural revitalization is also required Retain nostalgia, and Datian Ancient Village is probably a place where people can retain nostalgia.

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