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Tibet releases service guarantee measures for those stranded in Tibet! 14 in total!

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Tibet releases service guarantee measures for those stranded in Tibet! 14 in total!

Since the outbreak of the photographer/elephant epidemic, the party committee and government of the Tibet Autonomous Region have attached great importance to it, made careful arrangements, and took various measures to strengthen the service and guarantee work for those stranded in Tibet. On August 20, the Autonomous Region's Leading Group for Responding to the Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia Epidemic, combined with the current work practice, researched and formulated the latest "Measures for Effectively Doing a Good Job in Service Guarantee for Persons Detained in Tibet", the details are as follows: // 1. Adhere to the People-centered, take the protection of tourists' health and life safety as the top priority, provide warm and thoughtful service guarantee for stranded tourists, and ensure that tourists stay at ease and go smoothly.
2. Under the unified leadership of the Tibet Autonomous Region's Leading Group for Responding to the Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia Epidemic, the people's governments at all levels and relevant departments work together to properly address the living, medical, and transportation needs of stranded tourists. On the basis of resolutely preventing the spillover of the epidemic, we will arrange to leave Tibet as soon as possible and in an orderly manner for those who meet the conditions for leaving Tibet, and provide high-quality services to tourists who are temporarily unable to leave Tibet.
3. The people's governments at all levels, in accordance with the principle of local resettlement, coordinate the implementation of hotels and hotels for the resettlement of stranded people, provide more favorable service guarantee measures for stranded tourists, and resolutely stop and severely crack down on illegal activities such as price gouging that disrupt market order. Behavior.
4. The people's governments at all levels will arrange for special personnel to conduct nucleic acid testing at the resettlement sites for stranded persons every day, and give priority to issuing test reports for stranded persons.
5. People's governments at all levels should organize and carry out door-to-door delivery service guarantees for stranded people on key national roads, hotels, and country houses, and provide living and epidemic prevention materials.
6. People's governments at all levels should implement classified policies, provide "one-to-one" and other precise service guarantees for tourists with special difficulties such as stranded on the road, and provide basic living and epidemic prevention materials free of charge.
7. People's governments at all levels, in conjunction with relevant departments, will send stranded tourists who meet the conditions for leaving Tibet from the detention point to airports and railway stations "point-to-point", and coordinate planes, trains and other means of transportation to arrange for an orderly departure in a timely manner.
8. People's governments at all levels shall set up green channels for nucleic acid testing of tourists leaving Tibet as needed, so as to realize quick detection and quick release.
9. Civil aviation, railway and other departments should strictly carry out ventilation, disinfection and personal protection of vehicles and transportation stations in accordance with relevant regulations on epidemic prevention and control, and prepare protective equipment.
10. For stranded tourists who meet the conditions for leaving Tibet, on a voluntary basis, priority will be given to the elderly, children, pregnant women and other special groups to leave Tibet.
Eleven. All relevant departments will release relevant services and return policies to stranded tourists in a timely manner, publish contact information, unblock communication channels, respond to tourists' concerns in a timely manner, and actively help tourists.
12. Supervision agencies at all levels should strengthen the supervision and inspection of the implementation of service guarantees for stranded tourists, and carry out supervision and accountability for key issues.
Thirteen, provide timely statistics and provide information on tourists stranded in Tibet, push them to their destinations and places of habitual residence, and push them again when they leave Tibet.
14. Establish a special mechanism with Sichuan, Yunnan, Qinghai and other neighboring provinces and provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) where tourists are concentrated to coordinate relevant matters. For those who meet the requirements for leaving Tibet, point-to-point charter flights can be used to leave Tibet. This article is reprinted for China Tibet Tourism, and the purpose of reprinting is to convey more information. It does not mean that China Tibet Tourism agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity. The copyright of the text and pictures contained in the reprinted article belongs to the original author! If there are problems with the content and copyright of the work, please contact China Tibet Travel to delete it within 10 days of the publication of this article! Source: Tibet Release Editor: China Tibet Tourism [Editor: Tan Qilu丨Editor: Wang Jian]
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