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What is a good gift for liquor? Just look at these 4 models, 100% pure grain wine, often bought by those who understand wine

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What is a good gift for liquor? Just look at these 4 models, 100% pure grain wine, often bought by those who understand wine

Gift giving has always been a very particular knowledge, especially liquor. If we say that the quantity of liquor in our country is small and the quality of the liquor is good, in fact, there is no need to worry too much about which liquor to send, because there are only a few types of liquor, and the chance of picking inferior liquor is very small, but now our country There are a lot of white wines, and the quality of the wine is basically uneven, so if you want to send a bottle of white wine, it is impossible to just pick a wine and send it out, because no one can guarantee this wine. how? Under such circumstances, when many people give gifts, it has become a very tangled question about what kind of liquor to give. It stands to reason that things like giving gifts can actually choose to give other things. Not to choose all other wines. However, we all know that drinking is often needed now, whether it is business or interpersonal exchanges. Basically, it is impossible to do anything without alcohol. Only alcohol can make a lot of things happen. In addition to the above, when visiting the older generation, basically none of the older generation dislikes wine. It's just that there are so many liquors now that it is actually quite difficult to choose a good wine, especially for gift giving. Under such circumstances, what is the best way to send liquor? If you are really undecided, you can actually think about it. The following four types of liquor, each of which is 100% pure grain wine, are also very cost-effective, and people who understand wine will often buy them. ①In the past, there was such a "strange phenomenon" in the liquor circle in Yanghe, that "Su wine" was not given when giving liquor, because in the past, there was no one of many "Su wine" that could be taken out. However, after so many years of development, the liquor industry is no longer the liquor market it used to be. The current liquor market has already undergone earth-shaking changes. Especially after years of development, "Su Jiu" has covered 1/3 of the liquor market. , has become a symbol of a "high-end" product. Among them, the most outstanding is undoubtedly Yanghe, which has already become the first choice for many wine lovers when giving gifts. ②Kouzijiao all say Yanghe in Jiangsu and Koutijiao in Anhui. These two wines have always been compared by many wine lovers. However, although Kouzijiao and Yanghe are often compared by many wine friends, Kouzijiao has always been a very good wine. In the past, this wine was always called "Hui Lao Er", but now Kouzijiao is With its super strength, it got rid of the title of "Second Brother of Hui" and became a good wine in the eyes of wine lovers. This wine has now become a wine that wine lovers often choose when giving gifts, and it has won the favor of many wine lovers. ③Yende Liquor (Yuande 7) Yuande Liquor comes from the banks of the Chishui River and is less than 100 meters away from Moutai. The whole wine is brewed in accordance with the "Moutai Standard". In the selection of raw materials, Yuande wine is stricter than any other wine. It uses the extremely rare Hongyingzi glutinous sorghum in Maotai Town, and uses Daqu Kunsha craftsmanship. After more than one year of brewing, wait until one year. After a lot of brewing, it still needs to cool down for a period of time. After the cooling is over, in order to make the aroma of this wine more thoroughly volatilized, it will take seven to fifteen years of cellaring before it can be put on the market. The color of Yuande wine is slightly yellow, and there are no impurities in the wine. When you take a sip, you can obviously feel the mellowness and delicacy brought by this wine. The mouth is full of strong wine aroma, and the slightly sour wine is in it. It is obvious that the wrapped tongue is constantly producing body fluid. After swallowing, the wine is warm and not irritating. After drinking, there will be a strong aroma of wine left between the lips and teeth. Nowadays, many people like to give this wine when giving gifts. In addition to this wine having 95% Moutai taste, it is also because of its high quality and high cost performance. One of its wines. This wine has a very high quality when it is drunk, and it has a good reputation. Many wine lovers prefer this wine when giving gifts. Finally: In addition to the above wines, what kind of liquor do you think is the best gift to give? You are welcome to leave a message in the comment area! Some pictures come from the Internet, if there is any infringement, please contact to delete!

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