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Tourists "turned into" volunteers to fight the "epidemic" together

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Tourists "turned into" volunteers to fight the "epidemic" together

Since the outbreak of the epidemic, the cadres and masses of all ethnic groups in Chamdo have united in the fight against the epidemic, and have been playing a lively story of the Chinese nation as a family and a sense of community for the Chinese nation in the front line of epidemic prevention and control. At the first-level public security checkpoint in Gasanka, Leiwuqi County, three tourists voluntarily gave up their trips, and the story of applying for volunteers on the spot became a legend in the local area. The first-level checkpoint of the Garsanka Public Security Bureau in Lewuqi County, Qamdo City, Tibet, is a key fortress of National Highway 214 entering and leaving Qinghai-Tibet. After the outbreak of the epidemic, the number of vehicles and personnel stranded here gradually increased, and the checkpoints and epidemic prevention checkpoints played an important role as "filters" and "moats". On August 16, three tourists, Zhao Yinglei, Zheng Binyan and Zhang Yunjia, who were traveling from Beijing and planning to travel from Qinghai to Yunnan, arrived at the Gasanka checkpoint. They saw that the police, medical staff and volunteers were working very hard. Decided to give up the trip and applied to be a volunteer with the commissar and trainer at the checkpoint. Assisted in nucleic acid sampling at the Gasanka Public Security First-Class Checkpoint at an altitude of 3,682 meters. Zhao Yinglei, Zheng Binyan, and Zhang Yunjia overcame discomfort such as high reaction and hypoxia, and gave full play to their experience as anti-epidemic volunteers in the mainland and familiar with the epidemic prevention and anti-epidemic work process. Taking advantage of our advantages, we will work with the staff of local checkpoints and epidemic prevention card points to fight against the epidemic. Participate in the registration of vehicles and personnel "They voluntarily applied to be volunteers, explained some epidemic prevention and control requirements for entering Tibet, and also helped to register together, and delivered instant noodles and boiled water to the people entering Tibet. They have also worked in Beijing, Dalian and other places before. Volunteers are capable of basic operations for epidemic prevention and control such as nucleic acid sampling, and they are very experienced." Luo Song Tsering, an instructor at the checkpoint, fully affirmed the volunteer behaviors of Zhao Yinglei, Zheng Binyan, and Zhang Yunjia. From arriving at the Gasanka checkpoint on August 16th to leaving on the 21st, Zhao Yinglei, Zheng Binyan and Zhang Yunjia interpreted the Chinese nation as a family with their own practical actions during the 4-day volunteer service work and forged the Chinese nation together. The vivid practice of community awareness has also forged a deep friendship with local cadres and the masses. Zhao Yinglei said: "The biggest wish of being a volunteer here is to hope that the epidemic will end as soon as possible, because the police officers, medical staff and volunteers have worked so hard that they only slept an hour or two a day; The public security and medical staff treat us as friends and family, and invite us to eat and chat together after work, and we have made an appointment to come here to meet after the epidemic is over." Facing the epidemic, Zhao Yinglei, Zheng Binyan, Zhang Yunjia The three of them took the initiative to ask Ying, face the difficulties, and charge the "epidemic" line. In times of crisis, show responsibility and work together to overcome difficulties. Their voluntary behavior has also been praised by Zhaxi Zewang, a policeman who was sinking from the Qamdo Public Security Bureau. Tashi Zewang said: "When they assisted us, they were very diligent and hard-working. They brought food and drinking water to the stranded tourists, registered the information of the stranded tourists, and explained the epidemic prevention policy to the stranded tourists, which greatly reduced our burden. The burden, I would like to thank the three tourists for their efforts." Zhao Yinglei, Zheng Binyan, Zhang Yunjia took a group photo with the staff of the local checkpoint and epidemic prevention card point. There is love in the world. In this war without the smoke of gunpowder, their spirit reflects the warmth and splendor of the sun, and their acts of love and kindness interpret the vivid story of the Chinese nation as a family, and together they forge the consciousness of the Chinese nation as a community. This article is reprinted for China Tibet Tourism, and the purpose of reprinting is to convey more information. 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