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The mid-autumn gift-giving liquor that experts know in seconds

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The mid-autumn gift-giving liquor that experts know in seconds

A pot of wine between the flowers, drinking alone without a blind date. After all, this year's Mid-Autumn Festival is quietly approaching, so everyone here, have you bought the hearts of honoring your parents and father-in-law? Have you bought any gifts for friends and clients? Mid-autumn gift giving is a profound knowledge. It requires not only brand, but also cost-effectiveness, and it also needs to be given to the heart. So what do you want to give? Secretly tell you, if you really can't start, you can send wine! Family reunion requires wine, guests need wine for banquets, and friends need wine for dinner. Today's liquor has many uses and is widely used, so wine delivery is the most appropriate choice in this era. But there are so many good wines, how to choose a good-drinking, face-saving and cost-effective liquor? Experts know how to give gifts for the Mid-Autumn Festival: these 4 types of 100% pure grains, both internal and external, you can enter with your eyes closed, hurry up and learn!

Yanghe Sky Blue

This is a 52-degree Luzhou-flavor liquor produced in Jiangsu. One of the famous wines. Sky Blue is a mid-to-high-end representative product in Yanghe Blue Classics. It is not a shame to take this wine as a gift. The key is that the taste is very attractive. The overall packaging is very atmospheric, because it is a classic blue, so the bottle body is blue, such a wine bottle is placed on the wine table, and the style is full. The wine aroma of Tianzhilan is quite rich, with compound aromas such as cellar fragrance, grain fragrance, and koji fragrance. It smells quite comfortable. Because the wine is soft, it is comfortable and refreshing to drink, and the swallowing is quite smooth, without any Evil and miscellaneous feelings, the pleasure in the mouth is strengthened layer by layer, the sweetness is obvious, the more you drink, the more you want to drink.

Yende imitation Taiwan liquor

Yende imitation Taiwan liquor is a 53% Maotai liquor produced in Kweichow Although the town is not very famous, the quality is comparable to the first-line big names. The brewer of Yuande imitation Taiwan wine is You Yan, a well-known national sommelier. Since its establishment, he has been focusing on the quality of the wine, and the publicity and exposure are slightly sloppy, so the wine is only popular in Guizhou. The selection of ingredients and craftsmanship of Yuande imitation Taiwan wine are quite particular. Only red glutinous sorghum is used as raw material. After 365 days of Daqu Kunsha craft brewing, 7 years of storage in the altar, it is recommended by professionals after passing the inspection. To the market, the grade reaches the superior level. Take a sip, the sauce is strong and the taste is rich, with the aroma of the pit left over from the wine, the pure and intoxicating grain aroma, and the palatable and pure flower and fruit aroma.

Luzhou Laojiao Tequ Jingcai

This is a 52-degree Luzhou-flavor liquor. Luzhou Laojiao is not weaker than Moutai in terms of popularity. There is a noble temperament in the liquor. This special qujingcai is the most representative liquor of Luzhou Laojiao. It is not only famous in Sichuan, but also has a small reputation in the whole country, and has always been loved by the common people. On the packaging, the special qujing color is shining like a royal wine, which is particularly conspicuous on the wine table. With the words "Luzhou Laojiao", people have to like it. The wine aroma of Tequ Jingcai is strong, focusing on the aroma of the cellar, followed by the aroma of honey, roasted wheat and mellow, which makes people drool. After taking a sip, the fragrance of the pit swayed in the mouth, and the lips and tongue had a clear sweetness in the middle, and the drink was smooth and coherent, with unique characteristics.

Yende Private Wine

This is also a 53-degree sauce-flavored liquor. The packaging is bright red and looks very festive, especially suitable for the Mid-Autumn Festival. gift. The wine is produced in the core area of ​​Maotai Town. In this sauce wine brand, it has won a lot of praise for its wine quality. Although the price is similar to ordinary Kunsha sauce wine, it is brewed with an 8-year base wine. Whether it is quality or taste, it is no less than some first-line brands, but unfortunately the reputation is not very outstanding, and the development has not been able to save money. The raw materials are red sorghum, wheat and Chishui River water. It took 365 days to brew. The finished wine has a strong aroma, which is harmonious and comfortable to drink. build. ——Writing to the end——Okay, the content of the article ends here, thank you for reading, if you are also going to give wine during the Mid-Autumn Festival, you might as well try the above 4 styles, so you don’t regret it! See you next time! Some pictures come from the Internet, if there is any infringement, please contact to delete!

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