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Recommended 2-day self-driving tour destinations from Lechang, Guangdong

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Recommended 2-day self-driving tour destinations from Lechang, Guangdong

Lechang is a very interesting city, suitable for weekend self-driving tours, with many tourist attractions! 1. Shanglijia Terraces is located in Wushan Town, Lechang City, 30 kilometers away from the urban area, 20 kilometers away from Longshan Hot Spring Resort, and 20 kilometers away from Longwangtan Ecological Tourism Zone. Shanglijia Terraced Fields is located in the Yangdongshan Mountains of Lechang City, 800 meters above sea level, in the south of Yangdongshan-Twelve Dushui Nature Reserve. There are continuous mountains, surrounded by valleys, intertwined streams in the middle of the valleys, lush forests on the mountains, and the special geographical environment has created fertile land. The industrious villagers of the Li family took advantage of this abundant mountain stream to open up layers of terraced fields on the valley slopes. The terraced fields of Shanglijia extend from north to south along with the mountain, with layers of green hills and different scenery throughout the year. In the season of spring ploughing and sowing, the “mirror surfaces” that are layered and curved and inlaid with borders, under the illumination of the morning and sunset light, the golden floating light dances in the breeze. Fluttering like a fairy; in midsummer, the green terraced fields with verdant hills outline the exquisite, small and varied natural bonsai; in golden autumn, the golden rice paddies depict a wonderful golden rural landscape, and the scene is very spectacular. Tickets: For details, please consult the opening hours of the scenic spot: All-day traffic reference route: Enter Xishiyan Road from the east gate of Lechang Bus Station, drive for 40 meters; turn left, enter Renmin North Road, drive 870 meters; turn right, enter Donghuan North Road, drive 1.4 kilometers; please go straight , enter Donghuan Middle Road, drive 850 meters; turn left, enter Changlingtou Road, drive 830 meters; please go straight, enter S345, drive 10.3 kilometers; please go straight, enter S247, drive 19.9 kilometers; arrive at Wushan Town Er and Sanlong The valley integrates hot springs, green lakes and strange mountains, that is, it consists of three sub-districts, namely Longquan, Longhu and Longgu, so it is also called Sanlonggu Eco-tourism Area. It is the only combination of advantageous resources in Guangdong Province and is a national 3A Scenic spot. With green mountains and green water all year round, waterfalls return to the pool, and the content of negative oxygen ions reaches 103,988/cm³. 2. Lingjun Holy Land Lingjun Mountain, the first peak in the east of Lechang, is 1170 meters above sea level. There is a long-established Taoist temple Lingjun Xianshan on the mountain, and there is Dongluo Reservoir with a total storage capacity of more than 30,000 cubic meters below the mountain, which is the only way to Baishuizhai tourist area. 3. Downstairs Ancient Village Downstairs Ancient Village was built in the Sui Dynasty and has a history of more than 1,400 years. It has a long history and profound cultural heritage. There are many preserved ancient buildings and ancient lanes, such as gatehouses such as "Kidi Famous Home", "Yishi Zhanying", "Accumulated Thick Liufang", and representative buildings such as "Wenkui Pavilion" and "Wufu Lane". 4. Tianshiyan Tianshiyan is a natural cave, about 4 kilometers away from the ancient village downstairs. There is a temple in the cave. There is a human-shaped imprint on the stone wall at the entrance of the cave. It is said that it was left by the sixth patriarch, Huineng, and is called the immortal imprint. During the Anti-Japanese War, Yu Hanmou once stationed troops here, and the word "Tianshi" was engraved on the entrance of the cave. 5. The 7011 scenic spot covers an area of ​​20,000 square meters and consists of three parts: the exhibition area, the barracks area and the underground command center. The exhibition area is located on the right side of the gate of the scenic spot, and mainly introduces the historical background of the construction of the 7011 project, the life of Lin Biao, and the tourist scenery of Lechang. The barracks area is located in the middle of the scenic spot. The barracks are built along the mountains and hidden in the jungle. There are 6 barracks in total, which are the living and daily working areas of the base. The underground command center has an underground engineering construction area of ​​6,000 square meters. The roadway is about 1.8 kilometers long. The roadway is crisscrossed in an S shape. Partial composition. 7011 guards the Wujiang River, controls the Beijing-Guangzhou Railway and the S248 highway, and is an important checkpoint between the Lingnan and northern transportation hubs. It is said that one year after the mysterious start of the project, it ended mysteriously. The historical witness of the era, some people say it is the secret weapon of Lin Biao's "9·13" incident. This is a magical place with a dusty history and an unsolved mystery. Tickets: RMB 30 Opening Hours: All-day Traffic Reference Route: Enter Xishiyan Road from the east gate of Lechang Bus Station, drive 160 meters; turn left, enter Qiaonan Road, drive 250 meters; drive right ahead, enter Zhongyuan Road, Drive 180 meters; keep left ahead, enter Henan Road, drive 1.0 km; please go straight, enter Y627, drive 190 meters; turn left, go from Y627 to Nanta Road, drive 230 meters; turn right, enter Nanta Road, drive 3.6 kilometers; turn right, drive 1.6 kilometers from Nanta Road to Leguang Expressway; drive on the right front, enter Leguang Expressway, drive 31.2 kilometers; drive on the right front, from Leguang Expressway to S249, drive 4.6 kilometers; right Turn right, enter S249, drive 3.2 kilometers; turn right, enter Pingnan Road, drive 3.8 kilometers; turn right, enter Paigangxia Road, drive 240 meters; turn right, enter Lianxin Road, drive 2.5 kilometers; turn right, enter Y735, Drive 1.4 kilometers; arrive at 7011 Scenic Area 7. Jinjiling is located in Pingshi Town, the northern gate of Guangdong - the first town in Lingnan. It is one of the eight famous mountains in Guangdong Province and covers an area of ​​about 1.6 square kilometers. On the top of the mountain stands the famous "Golden Pheasant Stone", whose back, head and body are made of 3 piles of "stone pebbles" of different sizes, stacked together. It is named because of the red boulder on the northwest peak of the mountain, which looks like a golden rooster. The head of this golden rooster is facing the north and the tail is facing the south, so it is said that "the golden rooster eats the grains from the north and transfers the treasures of Jinbao to Guangdong. This is the reason why Guangdong is prosperous today." Countless tourists pay their respects. The main attractions are Wangu Jincheng, Yidiantian, Eagle Rock, Lion Rock, Stone Window, Sister Rock, Spiral Ladder, Wangfu Terrace, Camel Peak, Hedgehog Rock, etc. Jinjiling, Wuyi Mountain in Fujian and Danxia Mountain in Renhua belong to the same Danxia landform, with an altitude of 338 meters and a relative height of 168 meters. The steepest, the east road and the west road are especially the cliff fissures. Tourists who have been to Jinjiling call it the danger of Huashan, the wonder of Huangshan, the beauty of Emei, and the serenity of Qingcheng. It is like a bonsai, and it integrates the characteristics of various famous mountains. It is truly a scenic spot in Lingnan. Tickets: 40 yuan for adults; 20 yuan for students Opening hours: 8:30-17:00 Traffic reference route: Leguang Expressway → Pingshi West Exit → Left turn to G107 for about 5 kilometers → to Laopingshi to S248 for about 4 kilometers → --Near Pingshi Town 8. The Longwangtan Ecotourism Area is a national AAA-level tourist attraction, a Guangdong Provincial Forest Ecotourism Demonstration Base, a Guangdong Provincial Ecological Demonstration Park, a Provincial National Tourism and Leisure Demonstration Base and a Patriotism Education Base. There are high mountains and forests, deep canyons, rushing streams, and waterfalls returning to the pool. Here, there are green mountains and green waters all year round, birds sing cicada songs, butterflies dance and bees dance. The original ecological environment here has not been polluted, the air is sweet and moist, the content of negative ions in the air is the highest in the mountains and forests in northern Guangdong (103988/cm³), the oxygen molecule content is as high as 21.3%, and the water temperature is maintained at 18-21 degrees all year round, known as "alpine mountains". It is a summer resort in the canyon and a natural oxygen bar for health preservation by mountains and rivers.” Tickets: RMB 50 Opening Hours: All-day Traffic Reference Route: Leguang Expressway→Lechang Exit→Turn left to S248→Turn right at the traffic light of Renmin South Road→Turn right at the intersection of Baotong Driving School and enter S345 Lelang Road and drive 10.5 kilometers to reach Langtian Market --Turn left to enter S247 and drive 8.2 kilometers --Turn left to enter Y648 and drive 2.8 kilometers to the end point of Longwangtan Ecological Area. This Lechang self-driving tour is really unforgettable! Speaking of which, are you excited in front of the screen? Please leave a message in the comment area to express your opinion! If you like it, remember to like + subscribe!

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