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Recommended places for 2-day self-driving tour around Wuzhishan

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Recommended places for 2-day self-driving tour around Wuzhishan

Wuzhi Mountain is the symbol of Hainan Island and one of the famous mountains in China. The main rivers in Hainan originate from here. Wuzhishan Forest Area is a green treasure house with countless centuries-old immortal trees. It is the place with the most abundant mountain tourism resources in Hainan Province. The destination of our self-driving tour this weekend is Wuzhishan! 1. Hainan Qiongya Column Headquarters Former Site Sightseeing Park is located in Maoguiguan District, Maoyang Town, Wuzhi Mountain, Hainan Province, covering an area of ​​600 mu. Promote the excellent traditional culture of the Li and Miao nationalities. It is one of the six major revolutionary base tourist attractions in the country. It is the first park in Hainan that integrates sightseeing, vacation and leisure with the theme of patriotism education and serves both inside and outside the island. The predecessor of the Qiongya Column was the Qiongya Workers' and Peasants' Red Army, which is an integral part of the People's Liberation Army. Under the leadership of the party, it has adhered to the red flag for 23 years and made immortal contributions for the victory of the Chinese revolution and the liberation of Hainan. It is a "hero" army". The Qiongya Column developed and expanded in the beacon fire. When Hainan was liberated, the total number of people reached more than 25,000. The Qiongya Column left valuable spiritual wealth to our next generation. In 1947, the headquarters of the independent column of the Qiongya guerrilla moved to Bianwen Village, which is backed by Yingge Ridge, facing Wuzhi Mountain and surrounded by mountains on three sides. In October of that year, the Qiongya Guerrilla was held, which was a turning point for the Hainan Liberation War. The first congress of the independent column established the policy of "learning to fight big battles". Since then, the Hainan Liberation War has turned into a strategic counter-offensive. 2. Wuzhi Mountain is the highest mountain in Hainan and is the symbol of Hainan Island. Wuzhi Mountain lies in the middle of Hainan Island. Due to the strong erosion and cutting of natural factors for a long time, the peaks rise and fall one after another, forming a jagged shape, so it is named "Wuzhi Mountain". Wuzhi Mountain is cool in the morning and hot in the afternoon, warm in the evening and cold at night, so there is a saying that there are four seasons in one day. 3. Atuoling Forest Park is located in the hinterland of Wuzhi Mountain, with a tropical rainforest monsoon climate, warm in winter and cool in summer, low temperature and rainy in summer, cool and humid in autumn, and the four seasons are like spring, enjoying the reputation of "natural air conditioner". Atuoling Forest Park grows a large number of tropical natural forests and artificial forests, with the characteristics of evergreen, multi-layer mixed, different ages, etc. The main types are tropical rain forest, tropical monsoon forest and evergreen broad-leaved forest, etc., and the forest resources are extremely rich . 4. Xianlong Cave is located near Qianlongmiao Village, Maogan Township, Baoting County, at the southern foot of Wuzhi Mountain. It is the largest cave discovered in Hainan Province. The climate here is mild, the four seasons are like spring, the scenery is beautiful, and the groups are spectacular. Amazing workmanship, peculiar shape, breathtaking. Xianlong Cave is really a rare and good place to explore and explore, and it can be called a natural landscape gifted by nature. 5. Limushan Forest Park is located in Qiongzhong, with steep mountains and vast forests. It is not only a famous mountain in Hainan, but also the ancestor mountain of the Li people. It is famous for its many waterfalls. In the early morning, at an altitude of more than 1,000 meters above sea level, I saw countless streams and ravines. The water flows with the mountains, and the waterfalls are flying on the cliffs. The "waterfalls" are many and "wide", which is extremely spectacular. I only see some waterfalls flying down like the Milky Way, and the sound is like a drum and hammer, forming a beautiful and charming waterfall. Great view, amazing! Limushan Forest Park is rich in tropical natural forests, with beautiful scenery and beautiful scenery. It is a kingdom of tropical plants and a paradise for wild animals. There are national first-class protected precious tree species such as Torreya chinensis. There are exotic flowers and plants such as "Zhifengcao", which can predict the weather, and Molan, which is known as "the first fragrance in the world". A variety of wild animals thrive in the garden, among which the more precious species of butterflies are Papilio, Pink Butterfly, Heteromorpha and so on. The whole park is full of the characteristics of tropical flora and has high ornamental and scientific research value. The main scenic spots in the park are composed of six scenic spots, including Limupo Stone Scenic Spot, Chandelier Ridge Scenic Spot, Cuiyuan Scenic Spot, Tianhe Scenic Spot, Yinggeao Scenic Spot, and Dahe Waterfall Scenic Spot. The scenery is unique and unique. 6. Yunhu Rural Tourist Area is located in Shiyun Village, Changzheng Town, Qiongzhong County, Hainan Province. It is a five-coconut-level rural tourist area in Hainan Province. The tourist area provides tourists with health care, catering, guest rooms, conferences, entertainment, Golden Turtle Industrial Park, football training (including various sports), military culture, walking exercise, agricultural tourism industry and rural free travel, tropical rainforest mountaineering, etc. Serve. Walking in the Yunhu Rural Tourist Area, you can also see a large number of nine-pin perfume lotus flowers, which have both strong ornamental value and good medicinal value. In accordance with the concept of "tourism is the mainstay, health care is supplemented", and relying on the local ecological advantages, Yunhu Rural Tourist Area has built a football training base, conference center, homestay and other facilities, and built it into a back garden for health care and summer escape in Qiongzhong. At the same time, there are also expansion activities in the scenic area, such as canyon expansion, real CS, landscape world, cloud and mist love island, children's expansion, Suoxi adventure, farming, camping and other projects, which are rich in content and suitable for all ages. This trip was really fun, it made me feel the infinite charm of Wuzhi Mountain! Speaking of which, are you excited in front of the screen? Please leave a message in the comment area to express your opinion! If you like it, remember to like + subscribe!

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