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In the domestic liquor list, these liquors are famous on the list, 100% pure grain liquor, how many have you drunk?

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In the domestic liquor list, these liquors are famous on the list, 100% pure grain liquor, how many have you drunk?

People’s lives are much better now than before. Naturally, most people have begun to pursue spiritual enjoyment. For some people who love to drink, wine is their spiritual food. If you don’t drink it for a day, it will be very uncomfortable. When serving that kind of good wine, I would like to hold it and drink it all morning, because the temptation of fine wine is too great. There are a lot of baijiu on the market now, it's really "a wave of unrest and a wave of rises", but now there are so many good wines, how should we choose a good wine, the following liquors are definitely 100% pure grain wines, No matter in terms of quality, taste, or the aroma of the wine, these wines are in the top of the list. Come and see how many you have drunk. 1. Mianroujianzhuang is a strong-flavor liquor. This wine is mainly in the low-end market. Because it comes from the same clan as Wuliangye, the craftsmanship is naturally the same. The origin is in Sichuan, and now the consumer groups have spread all over all around the world. Although the packaging of this wine is simple, the quality is not simple. Although it is a strong-flavored type, there are various aromas such as grain aroma, groove aroma, and pit aroma. When drinking, there is also a Wuliangye aroma, so it deserves to be included in the liquor list. . 2. Huanggai Bofen is known as the "Deadly 53" Fenjiu. Although the degree of this wine is only 53 degrees, it is fine when you first drink it, but it has a strong stamina, and people who have drunk it will continue to repurchase it. The packaging is simple, the bare bottle is accompanied by a yellow trademark, which makes many people discouraged, but in fact this wine is not as strong as imagined, on the contrary, the mouth is soft and the aftertaste is sweet, which makes people want to stop, and it will be unknowingly. Drink a lot, so it will have the nickname "Deadly 53". 3. Many people at Red Star Erguotou will even dislike this wine at first sight, thinking it is a cheap wine, but the price of this wine is really low, and the common people can afford it, but it is a kind of cheap wine. A pure grain wine. In the current liquor market, the competition is fierce, and some people are even fighting price wars, but this Red Star Erguotou has always insisted on itself and has not raised prices. It is definitely the best choice for everyone. Although it is mistaken by everyone as a cheap wine, it still insists on its own quality. For ordinary people who cannot afford high prices, this is undoubtedly a good wine of choice. 4. Sanjuntai Collection Wine The origin of Sanjuntai Collection Wine is the same as that of Maotai, both of which are from Guizhou. Maybe this wine is not well known by everyone now, but the winery has been sticking to its original intention, which is to create a wine that makes The ration wine that ordinary people can afford, and now it has become a cheap ration wine. The raw materials of Sanjuntai Collection Wine are the unique local glutinous red cherry sorghum, which is brewed with the traditional 12987 process and ancient method. It is precisely because the selection of materials is very fine that the current good quality is created. As soon as the bottle of Sanjuntai Collection Liquor is opened, you can smell the strong sauce aroma, and the entrance is soft and delicate. Even Xiaobai who has never drank white wine can drink several glasses, and he is very sober the next day, not at all. It will affect the work the next day. These wines are all 100% pure grain wines. They have always been on the list of liquors and are well-recognized as good wines. Although there are many new liquors appearing in the current liquor market, as long as you insist on your own quality , the brewed wine is pure grain wine, then it will firmly rank in the liquor list. That's all for today's sharing. Do you still know of any baijiu that is firmly on the list? You can leave a message in the comment area! Some pictures come from the Internet, if there is any infringement, please contact to delete!

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