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The ten most famous museums in China, each of which is a witness of history

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The ten most famous museums in China, each of which is a witness of history

1. The Palace Museum: It is a comprehensive museum in China and the largest ancient culture and art museum in China. It is located in the Forbidden City of the Forbidden City in Beijing. Its collections include but are not limited to the Ming and Qing dynasties and their collections. 2. National Museum of China: It is the highest institution that collects, researches, displays and interprets representative material evidences that can reflect the excellent traditional Chinese culture, revolutionary culture and advanced socialist culture. The Cultural Relics Bureau was rated as "National First-Class Museum". 3. The National Palace Museum in Taipei: It is one of the three major museums in China. Its collections include the essence of the Qing Dynasty Beijing Palace Museum, Shenyang Palace Museum and the former Rehe Palace, as well as fine cultural relics donated by people from all walks of life at home and abroad. 4. Nanjing Museum: It is the earliest museum in China and the first large-scale comprehensive museum invested and built by the state in China. The number of precious cultural relics ranks second in China, second only to the Palace Museum in Beijing. Up to the present time; both national and regional; both palace handed down and archaeological excavations, and some of them are collected and donated from the society. world-renowned treasures. 5. Shaanxi History Museum: China's first large-scale modern national museum, the first batch of "AAAA" tourist attractions. The exhibition of Shaanxi History Museum is mainly divided into three parts: basic exhibition, special exhibition and temporary exhibition. The basic exhibition is the ancient history exhibition of Shaanxi; the special exhibition is an irregular exhibition with a strong academic and professional nature and is held around a certain theme; the temporary exhibition is a supplement to the basic exhibition and the special exhibition. 6. Shanghai Museum: It is a large-scale ancient Chinese art museum. The collection of cultural relics in the museum includes bronzes, ceramics, paintings and calligraphy, sculptures, oracle bones, seals, currency, jade, furniture, embroidery, lacquerware, bamboo and wood teeth, and ethnic minorities. Cultural relics and other 31 categories, especially bronze, ceramics, calligraphy and painting are the most prominent. 7. Hunan Provincial Museum: It is one of the first national first-class museums in China and the largest comprehensive history and art museum in Hunan Province. There are more than 180,000 cultural relics in the collection, especially the cultural relics unearthed from the Mawangdui Han Tomb, Shang and Zhou bronzes, Chu cultural relics, ceramics of past dynasties, calligraphy and painting and modern cultural relics. 8. Hubei Provincial Museum: It is one of the eight national-level museums jointly built by the central and local governments. It is the largest national-level comprehensive museum in Hubei Province with the most abundant collections and the strongest scientific research strength. Most of the collections come from archaeological excavations and collections from various places. Among them, unearthed cultural relics are the main ones, which have both strong and distinct local colors and characteristics of the times, which basically reflect the appearance of ancient culture in Hubei. 9. Zhejiang Provincial Museum: It is a comprehensive humanities museum integrating collection, display and research in Zhejiang Province, with a collection of more than 100,000 cultural relics. Among them, Hemudu Cultural Relics, Liangzhu Culture Jade, Yue Culture Relics, Yue Kiln, Longquan Kiln Celadon, Five Dynasties Wuyue Kingdom and Song Dynasty Buddhist Cultural Relics, Han Dynasty Kuaiji Mirror, Song Dynasty Huzhou Mirror, Southern Song Dynasty Gold and Silver Currency, Calligraphy and Paintings and Gold and Stone Rubbings of All Dynasties, All Dynasties Lacquerware, revolutionary cultural relics, etc. are all precious historical relics with regional characteristics and academic value. 10. Henan Museum: It is one of the earliest museums established in China, and it is also one of the first national museums jointly built by the central and local governments. As of January 2022, the Henan Museum has a collection of more than 170,000 pieces (sets) of cultural relics, especially prehistoric cultural relics, Shang and Zhou bronzes, past dynasties ceramics, jade and stone carvings. The high-quality cultural relics have a large number, variety, high quality and great value. They are a treasure house of culture and art that witnesses the development track of Chinese civilization and shows the context of China's historical development. Which ones have you been to?

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