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No more, no less, just one tree - Appreciation of Lone Scenery Tree Application

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No more, no less, just one tree - Appreciation of Lone Scenery Tree Application

The solitary tree, also known as the solitary tree or the solitary tree, is a garden tree landscape designed with a single tree planted alone. The solitary tree is set as the main scene composition of the local space of the garden, to express the beauty of the form or color of the individual trees that grow naturally. 1. Environmental design The design of a solitary tree must have a relatively open space environment, which not only ensures that the tree itself has enough free growth space, but also has a more suitable viewing distance and viewing space. People can view from multiple positions and angles. Go see the Lone View Tree. The solitary tree is a relatively independent scene in the environment, not completely isolated. It has an internal connection with the surrounding environment and scenery. No matter in terms of volume, posture, color, direction, etc., it is both contrasted and connected with other scenery in the environment. , which are unified in the whole green space composition. The specific environmental location of the solitary tree design, in addition to lawns, squares, lakesides and other cheerful spaces, can also be arranged at bridges, islands, slopes, the end of garden roads or turning places, the entrance of rock caves, beside buildings, etc. The composition of the natural green space strives to be natural and lively. While achieving a harmonious balance with the environment, avoid placing the trees in the middle of the green space. The solitary tree can also be designed and applied to the regular green space environment such as plastic flower beds, tree altars, traffic squares, building vestibules, etc. The canopy is required to be plump, complete, tall, and has a magnificent momentum. Sometimes the canopy can also be trimmed into a certain shape to further emphasize the main scene effect. 2. Selection of tree species The design of solitary trees generally requires tall trees, beautiful postures, open crowns, lush branches and leaves, or some special ornamental value, such as bright flowers and fruit leaves, beautiful branches and trunk shapes, rich aroma, etc. . It is also required to grow robustly, have a long lifespan, and have no fallen flowers and fruits that seriously pollute the environment, and contain no toxins harmful to human health. In the planning and design of various garden green spaces, it is necessary to make full use of the original big trees, especially some ancient and famous trees as solitary trees for landscaping. On the one hand, it is to protect ancient and famous trees and plant resources and make them an important green landscape in the garden landscape space; on the other hand, ancient and famous trees themselves have high and irreplaceable ornamental value and historical significance. Commonly used solitary trees are: Deciduous trees: ginkgo, acacia, tulip, locust, camptotheca, sycamore, elm, elm, yellow kudzu, sycamore, black tallow, Chongyang tree, luan tree, jacaranda, sycamore, plum blossom, maple Trees, papaya, Japanese prickly pear, cherry blossoms, crape myrtle, birch, white birch, phoenix, magnolia; evergreen trees: magnolia, white orchid, sheep's foot beetle, bauhinia, banyan, silver birch, crystal peach, Osmanthus, Tianzhu Gui, Taxus, Privet, Japanese Privet, Bayberry, Olive, Araucaria, Pu Tao; Deciduous Small Trees: White Magnolia, Purple Magnolia, Erqiao Magnolia, Bauhinia, Cherry Blossom, Purple Leaf Plum, Crape Myrtle, Wax Plum, pomegranate, maple, plum, peach, begonia, hibiscus; evergreen small trees: loquat, heather, melaleuca, red melaleuca, Taiwan acacia, cassia, oleander, Taiwan acacia, heather , Japanese Coral Tree. This article is reproduced in: Internet, some pictures are from the Internet, if there is any infringement, please contact the editor to deal with it! read more, walk more. Read Dao Culture Travel is honored to share this article with you! Not landing, not creative, if you have a good material case, please leave a message below to share~


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