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A low-key coastal city in Jiangsu, seafood is cheap and fresh, but few people go there

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A low-key coastal city in Jiangsu, seafood is cheap and fresh, but few people go there

When we mention Jiangsu, we think of misty rain in the south of the Yangtze River, fish playing with lotus leaves, and seasonal river freshness that we do not eat from time to time, but the coastal side of Jiangsu has been neglected for a long time. In fact, Jiangsu has 954 kilometers of coastline, 86,000 square kilometers of sea area and 5,000 square kilometers of coastal flats. It is an uncompromising "marine province". The epitome of "Sea Jiangsu" is Lianyungang. Lianyungang's "Sea Island" Lianyungang's ancient name is "Haizhou" - "The State of the Sea". Lianyungang is a famous historical and cultural city in Jiangsu Province and a city listed on the Maritime Silk Road. It has a history of more than 2,200 years. It is the cultural origin of "The Mirror of Flowers" and "Journey to the West". . In the pre-Qin period, it was the territory of Yue, Qi, and Chu successively. After the Qin Dynasty unified China, Qin Shihuang established Donghai County here. This is recognized as China's earliest navigator, according to legend is Lianyungang Ganyu people. During the Northern and Southern Dynasties and the Eastern Wei Dynasty, it was renamed Haizhou, and it remained the same until the Ming and Qing dynasties. Haizhou is not only named after the sea, but also carries the ancient Chinese imagination of the ocean world. For example, the Qing Dynasty's "Legend of the Sea" and "The Mirror of Flowers" depicts the fantastic and unpredictable voyages of Wu Zetian's era and the mysterious overseas customs. Lianyungang is full of "sea food". Lianyungang has both vast tidal flats and wetlands, beautiful rocky coasts, and intermittently accompanied by natural sandy beaches. Suma Bay on Liandao is the most beautiful beach in Jiangsu. Lianyungang also has the most islands in Jiangsu - 21 of the 26 islands in Jiangsu, Lianyungang accounts for 21, far more than 2 in Yancheng and 3 in Nantong. Last year's movie "Island Keeper" told the story of Lianyungang people and the sea as companions, guarding the Kaishan Island of Lianyungang. Lianyungang's mountains, rocks, seascapes, historic sites and myths are not only the four business cards of Huaguo Mountain in Lianyungang, but also a perfect reproduction of the "Hometown of Monkey King" in "Journey to the West". Yuntai Mountain, to which Huaguo Mountain belongs, was originally an archipelago in the sea. The silt and silt caused by the capture of the Yellow River into the sea caused the coastline to continue to advance eastward. In the Qing Dynasty, Yuntai Mountain was connected to the mainland. Haizhou became inland, and the mountains on the sea became the mountains on land today. The mountains here are fresh, there is the legendary Shuilian Cave, and there are many wild animals, especially cute monkeys. Huaguo Mountain is famous at home and abroad for the classical masterpiece "Journey to the West". The Tang, Song, Yuan, Ming, and Qing dynasties built temples and towers here successively. Ancient buildings, ancient ruins, ancient stone carvings, and travel traces of literati and writers of past dynasties are all over the mountains. As early as the 30th year of Wanli in the Ming Dynasty, Emperor Zhu Yijun had issued a decree that the Sanyuan Palace in Huaguo Mountain would be a famous mountain temple in the world. Emperor Kangxi personally inscribed the four characters "Yaozhen Torrent" on the Jade Girl Peak, the main peak of Huaguo Mountain, to express his admiration for the gods of Huaguo Mountain. Li Bai: "Tomorrow will not return to Shen Bihai, and the white clouds are full of melancholy." And Su Shi: "The mountains are gloomy and blue, and there is no room for the abbot of Penglai." It is written all about Yuntai Mountain, which has been known as "the first scenic spot in the East China Sea" and "one of the four major spiritual mountains in China" since ancient times. When eating seafood in Lianyungang, "the mountains are like driving the sea and the sea around the mountains, and the wonders of the mountains and seas are here". Yang Benjun, who worked here in the Ming Dynasty, left such a poem. Lianyungang is a seaside city integrating mountains, seas, ports, islands and cities. Due to the mild marine climate, Lianyungang is located in the intersection of temperate and subtropical regions, and has bred the Haizhou Bay fishery. The seafood is rich in variety and delicious. Some people say that the night market hides the deepest background of a city. The most authentic way to experience life in Hong Kong City is to come to Yanhe Lane. As night falls, the lanterns begin to shine, and the night in Haizhou begins here. Antique buildings in Ming and Qing Dynasties, loudly shouting vendors, smiling children, hot pot barbecue food stalls full of fireworks... The summer is hot, people eat less oil and are afraid of greasy food, and seafood has become the protagonist. Eating seafood in Hong Kong City pays attention to a "freshness". Whether it is fish and shellfish caught in the sea, or farmed prawns and swimming crabs, those who can get on the table of Hong Kong City are often just salvaged. Sautéed sea cucumbers with spring onions, stir-fried clams, raw octopus, abalone cups, Lianyungang North Kexue Shandong cuisine, Nannengshi Cantonese cuisine, and Huaiyang cuisine, each restaurant has different dishes and practices. Always come to Lianyungang to see the legendary Dongsheng Shenzhou coming to the country in Huaguo Mountain, blow the evening wind of the port, and see the sunset after the sunset returns to the sea. Always visit Suma Bay for a relaxing beach bath on the beachfront sand. "Viewing the sea from the pavilion, looking at the sea, the sea and the sky are all lyrical." Always come to Yuntai Mountain in Lianyungang, feel the misty clouds, the endless sea and the towering mountains and rivers, and see the mirage Yuntai Buddha light. Always come to Lianyungang Old Street and Yanhe Lane to listen to folk songs and eat seafood barbecue.


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