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7 places for couples to go! The most beautiful love words are "I am willing to accompany you to see the world"

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7 places for couples to go! The most beautiful love words are "I am willing to accompany you to see the world"

Do you know what the most romantic love words are for someone who loves to travel? Not "I love you", but "I am willing to accompany you to see the world". Come with me, rent a tandem bicycle in a quiet town, you are in my back seat, every old street we pass through is filled with sweet smell. Come with me, go to the pure Daocheng Yading with you to see the white snow-capped mountains, the autumn fairy tales, the galaxy at night, hold you in my arms, sigh with you in the past, and look forward to the future. Come with me, go to the romantic ancient town of Pingle, just like Zhuo Wenjun and Sima Xiangru, walking in the bluestone alleys with the expectation of love, hand in hand, shoulder to shoulder. Come with me, go to Nanxun, which is not difficult to find, stone bridges, alleys, people, bluestone slabs... Let us indulge in the dream of apricot blossoms and rain. We recommend seven places in China suitable for couples to watch the world together. Life is not only about firewood, rice, oil, salt, sauce, vinegar, tea, but also many beautiful things. 1. Jingxi, the place of health preservation Jingxi can talk about the secrets of Guangxi. It has breathtaking scenery for the past tourists. The key point is that there are few people. In Jingxi, there is Wangqingquan as well as Jiuzhaigou. There is no hustle and bustle here. Surrounded by green mountains, the countryside is picturesque, the green bamboos are swirling, and the water is as clear as a mirror. I have seen the hustle and bustle of the city, come here to watch the old farmers work, watch the dancing of white geese floating in the water, and have a drink. From early morning to afternoon, from evening to late night, it is suitable to live here for a few days and have a half-day leisure time. 2. Haikou · Coastal holiday resort Compared with the popular Sanya, Haikou is actually the most suitable place for vacation. At dusk, strolling in this long and quaint old street, when the lights of the motorcycles come on, the windows exude the warmth of the lights, and the melodious old songs sound from the street corners. 3. Panzhihua · A small warm town Located in Panzhihua, a hot Sichuan province, this place seems to be an alternative. There is no hot weather here, but it has the most pleasant climate. The average annual temperature here is 20.3 degrees, and it is known as a health resort in the Sunshine Flower City. . It is sunny all year round, warm like spring, and the fruits are fragrant. Every winter, many people come here to enjoy the sunshine. Many netizens commented on Panzhihua in this way: Lijiang for one person, Shuanglang for two people, Panzhihua for a family, this warm town is suitable for bringing your loved ones to stay here for three or five days. 4. Hongcun The most suitable place for leisure is green water, villages, and pastoral fields. If looming, Hongcun is as beautiful and comfortable as the scene in a dream. Everything is neither impetuous nor impetuous, a tranquility that can soothe the soul. The mist shrouded this place, and she was like a young girl who had just woken up, hidden behind this layer of veil without any decoration but exquisitely. Walking into the village along the path paved with blue-gray stone bricks, everything here is the same as it happened thousands of years ago, without deliberately dragging people into the whirlpool of memories, walking here, time slows down, everything is quiet . The high horse head wall, the lake with clear lotus, the arch bridge like a rainbow... For the rest of my life, I want to live with you in this ink painting-like place. 5. Yellow wine town, the birthplace of yellow wine, Jiangnan water town, Zhejiang West Lake, with a romantic love story. Above the broken bridge is the legend of the thousand-year history. Blowing, the water is also rippling, walking and walking, people are more comfortable. Few people know that Shaoxing, the hometown of yellow wine, hides a back garden with original ecological beauty. Although it is not as moving as the West Lake's story, the scenery is more low-key than the West Lake. There are few people coming and going, and the quiet corner is very suitable for relaxing. . 6. The ancient city of Weishan, the ancient city of fireworks suitable for two people The ancient city of Weishan was once an important town on the Ancient Tea Horse Road. It is not far from Dali and there are not many tourists. It is very suitable for a few days in peace and feel the beautiful time in the ancient city. It is a paradise, like a paradise, located between the mountains and rivers, to be a quiet town at leisure. It satisfies many people's fantasies about literary homes. Everyone knows that Dali is 2,000 meters above sea level. It is a plateau monsoon climate with low latitudes. There is no obvious severe winter and heat, so it attracts a large number of tourists. 7. The ancient city of Changting, the back garden of Fujian people The quiet ancient city of Changting has a history of thousands of years, and it can make people feel its simple characteristics here. Of course, the red history in this is also worthy of attention. Once the Red Army's Long March used this place as one of the starting points, it has received great support from people, and you can feel the magnificence at that time in the ancient city. In addition to these, the ancient city wall can also well reflect the various gunpowder smoke experienced by people in ancient times. You will find that there are many relics left by the war on the city wall. After thousands of years of baptism, they are still preserved here.


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