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A letter to friends who are quarantined at home

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A letter to friends who are quarantined at home

Maybe you are looking out the window at this time, thinking about the time you spent with friends; maybe you are looking into the distance, looking forward to a better future without the epidemic; maybe you are counting the days of isolation with your fingers pinched , looking forward to the end of the isolation life as soon as possible. We can understand your urgency very well. We know that this quarantine period has caused a lot of difficulties in your life and work, and you and your family have been under too much pressure. Here, I would like to extend my warm regards to you and your family! Shigatse Source: The isolation of the Tibet Tourism Development Department is also a dedication, which is also worthy of admiration. In the face of the sudden new crown pneumonia epidemic, you responded to the call immediately, stopped the first time, and isolated at home the first time. Together with us, you pressed the "pause button" of the raging epidemic, and stepped on the "urgent" of the spread of the epidemic. Brake" has made an indelible contribution to the overall situation of the city's epidemic prevention and control work. You are also a respectable hero in this epidemic prevention and control battle, tough battle, and annihilation battle! Once again, my heartfelt thanks to you and your family, and great respect! Your understanding, your support, and your cooperation give us the confidence to overcome the epidemic; your health, your safety, and your happiness are our greatest expectations; your perseverance, your dedication, and your dedication , will never be let down. At present, the city's epidemic prevention and control work has reached the most arduous and critical stage. Everyone is clenching their teeth, racing against the virus at the same time, and vowing to win the final victory in one go! At this most critical juncture, I hope you can persevere! persist in! Hold on! Relieve stress, adjust mentality, maintain health, strictly implement various home isolation measures, consciously isolate, do not go out, scientific protection, pay attention to hygiene, health monitoring, avoid panic, rational communication, do not be impatient, and actively cooperate with us to do a good job Work at home isolation. If you violate the control measures of "staying at home" for home isolation, it will constitute an illegal act of refusing to implement decisions and orders under the state of emergency. If it causes the spread of the new coronavirus or causes serious danger of spread, it will constitute a crime of obstructing the prevention and treatment of infectious diseases. You will have to be held criminally responsible in accordance with laws and regulations. What is isolated is the virus, and what is constantly isolated is the concern. Please believe that no winter is insurmountable, and no night will not pass! You are not fighting alone! For your various needs, we will do our best to provide the best assistance. We firmly believe that with your active cooperation, we will surely win the final victory in the fight against the epidemic! Source: Shigatse City New Coronary Pneumonia Joint Prevention and Control Work Leading Group Office Editor: China Tibet Tourism [Editor: Tan Qilu丨Editor: Wang Jian]
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