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The best route for self-driving tour from Guiyang to Yunnan

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The best route for self-driving tour from Guiyang to Yunnan

Today, the editor recommends a self-driving tour route suitable for holiday play, where you can see the beauty of Yunnan! 1. The recommended route is Guiyang---Qujing---Kunming---Dali---Lijiang---Shangri-La---Puzhehei 2. The first stop of the itinerary: Qujing Guiyang to Qujing: the whole 370 kilometers takes about 4 Compared with the well-known Dali, Lijiang, Shangri-La, Lugu Lake... Qujing seems to be not well-known, but in fact the beauty of Qujing is not inferior to those well-known popular attractions. The splendid culture of the ancient Dian Kingdom, the culture of Cuan Township, the thousand-year-old ancient road on the Silk Road... There are many historical sites here. There are the sea of ​​rapeseed flowers in Luoping, the magnificent Jiulong Waterfall, the colorful Luliang sand forest, the sea and the grassy mountains... all of which will make you indulge in it. Dahaicaoshan, also known as "New Zealand of Yunnan". Dahaicaoshan has its unique beauty in every season, so no matter when you go, Dahaicaoshan will not disappoint. Jiulong Waterfall is known as the most beautiful waterfall in China. The waterfalls of different shapes are majestic, steep, beautiful, or soothing. One of the most spectacular is the "Kowloon First Waterfall". If Dashanbao is a kind of masculine beauty, then Nianhu is tender and tender. The second stop: Kunming Qujing to Kunming: The whole journey of 146 kilometers takes about 2 hours and 30 minutes. Kunming, a spring city full of flowers, is not only a transportation transfer station for tourism in Yunnan, but also a small southern border town that allows you to slow down and rest. The atmosphere here makes us freer than people in many cities. Dianchi Lake is of course a must. In a good weather, go to feed the pigeons, watch the sunset, and enjoy a moment of tranquility. The peak forest with flowers and clouds, passing through the flowing water of the mountain stream, and arranging a day to walk the forest water of the stone forest karst, I feel that time is leisurely. People in Kunming enjoy snow in winter. What they like most is not to take the train to Lijiang to see the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, but to go to the Jiaozi Snow Mountain, which is the closest to Kunming. You don't have to travel far to see the snowy scenery. If you enter the mountain during the snowflake season, you can experience an excellent travel experience that integrates high ice waterfalls, mountaineering adventures, and snow-paced viewing. The Dongchuan Red Land, which is 250 miles away from Kunming, is also worth visiting. Although the distance is a bit long, you won't be troubled by the fatigue of boats and cars after going there. It is considered to be the most imposing red land in the world outside of Brazil, but the scene is even more magnificent than the Brazilian red land. The third stop: Dali Kunming to Dali: It takes about 4 hours and 20 minutes for the whole 330 kilometers to reach Dali. You can stay for a while, because in addition to Cangshan and Erhai Lake, there are many small scenic spots around here that are worth seeing. Go to the ancient city of Weishan to feel the unique tranquility and leisure, and chat with the locals to learn about the ancient stories here. The night here is quiet, walking alone on the bluestone road, you will have a sense of trance. The snacks here are delicious and cheap. Maybe accidentally, you will not want to leave. Go to Nuodeng Ancient Village to experience the popular and calm life of the Bai people, and eat the ham hot pot from the local farmhouse. Every brick here is a story, and every old house is a historical change and transmission. If you love quietness, go to Shaxi! Come here, not only your ears are quiet, but your heart is also quiet. No hot spots, just a small town where you can take a leisurely stroll. Fourth stop: Lijiang Dali to Lijiang: The whole journey of 206 kilometers takes about 2 hours and 36 minutes. If a thousand readers have a thousand Hamlets in their hearts, then 10,000 tourists have a thousand Lijiang in their hearts. Some people meet here, some people heal here, some people forget or be forgotten here, some people have an affair here, some people start wandering here, or stop wandering here. Lijiang has three ancient towns, Dayan, Shuhe and Baisha. Dayan is very lively, with feasting and lush nightlife, everything. Walking in the ancient city of Dayan at two o'clock in the middle of the night, there are still many shops open; Baisha is still an undeveloped ancient town, and it still retains the appearance of a simple ancient town. It's the perfect place for anyone looking for something clean. Shuhe is between Dayan and Baisha. There is a place to stroll during the day, and if you want to be quiet at night, that is absolutely no problem. It is not necessary to say that Lijiang is too commercialized, the blue sky and white clouds, the snow-capped mountains, the smoke-filled homes, the style bars, and the relaxed mood are always your favorites. The heart is right, the place is right, the person is right, and the feeling of travel is right. The fifth stop: Shangri-La Lijiang to Shangri-La: The whole journey of 179 kilometers takes about 3 hours and 27 minutes. Shangri-La was once a place that many people dream of, and even the name is so attractive. Although she was burnt, she was still beautiful. Go to Pudacuo to experience the fairy tale world without any pollution, with birds singing and flowers, clear water and blue sky, and beautiful scenery. In spring, there are alpine meadows with blooming flowers, in summer, the mountains are full of green beauty. In autumn, there are colorful layers of dense forests. In winter, you can enjoy a blue lake and waves under the white snow. Known as the "Little Potala Palace" in the Tibetan area, from the outside, the temple is relatively large in scale. It is located on a mountain, and its shape is somewhat similar to the Potala Palace. Here, it is more to chat with the little lamas, feel their religious enthusiasm, living conditions, and the reason for going up the mountain, and see the free-range Tibetan pigs. Life requires faith, taste and beauty. Now that you are in Shangri-La, let's go further and visit Meili Snow Mountain! See if the top of the snow mountain above the clouds can arouse your surging heart. The sixth stop: Puzhehei Kunming to Puzhehei: It takes about 4 hours for the whole 360 ​​kilometers. Puzhehei can be considered on the way back, after all, it is so beautiful here. Puzhehei became popular because of where Dad went, and later became better known for "Three Lives, Three Lives, Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms". There are many folk activities in spring. If you bring children with you, this place is naturally indispensable. There are not only the solitary peaks, clear streams, secluded caves, and strange rocks of Guilin's landscape here, but also the simplicity and charm of small bridges, flowing water and other people's homes in Jiangnan, as well as the shimmering beauty of Hangzhou's West Lake, which is even more mighty than Lotus Lake. Thousands of acres of lotus. Every year in the late winter and early spring, the fragrant rapeseed flowers bloom in the fields, and the heart is also rippling. Yunnan has countless beautiful scenery, and this route alone is definitely not enough to see the beauty of Yunnan, but it is also satisfying to walk this way during the Spring Festival holiday. Speaking of which, are you excited in front of the screen? 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