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Recommended attractions for self-driving tours in Beijing

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Recommended attractions for self-driving tours in Beijing

The work is too hard, it is better to take advantage of the holiday to follow the editor on a self-driving tour to relax and relax. 1. The Forbidden City The Forbidden City in Beijing, formerly known as the Forbidden City, is an unparalleled masterpiece of ancient architecture and the largest and most complete ancient building complex with wooden structures in existence in the world. The palace buildings of the Forbidden City are all wooden structures, yellow glazed tile roofs, blue and white stone bases, decorated with brilliant colorful paintings, and are known as one of the five major palaces in the world. 2. The Summer Palace is the first of Chinese classical gardens, and it is the most complete royal garden preserved today. It consists of Longevity Mountain and Kunming Lake, with pavilions and pavilions one step at a time. The lake water of Kunming Lake is very clear and the field of vision is vast. The murals on the promenade are the most classic. The lotus flowers and goldfish are particularly beautiful in summer, and the snow scene in deep winter is also beautiful. 3. Yuanmingyuan Yuanmingyuan consists of three gardens, Yuanming, Changchun and Yichun. Unfortunately, the Yuanmingyuan is now only broken and crumbling, it has witnessed the humiliating history of the Chinese nation. 4. Tiananmen Square The largest square in the world, Tiananmen Gate Tower is one of the most magnificent gate towers in ancient China, and has great political significance at the same time. Opposite the Tiananmen Tower is Tiananmen Square, the Monument to the People's Heroes, the Chairman Mao Memorial Hall, the Great Hall of the People, and the National Museum of China. Every morning and evening, a grand and solemn flag raising ceremony is held in Tiananmen Square. For those who are new to Beijing, watching a flag raising ceremony is an essential thing. Speaking of which, are you excited in front of the screen? Please leave a message in the comment area to express your opinion! If you like it, remember to like + subscribe!

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