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The richest pocket country in the world, you can ski in winter and escape the heat in summer, and the country can also rent by the day

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The richest pocket country in the world, you can ski in winter and escape the heat in summer, and the country can also rent by the day

A "pocket country" refers to a country with a small area and a small population. There are 197 countries recognized by the international community in the world, of which there are 10 so-called "pocket countries" with an area of ​​less than 300 square kilometers. But they are generally richer, and one of them is Liechtenstein, which claims to be the richest pocket country in the world. Liechtenstein is located between Switzerland and Austria and is one of the 4 pocket countries in Europe. The territory covers an area of ​​160 square kilometers, the size of which is equivalent to a county in China, with a population of less than 40,000 people, which is similar to that of a larger town in China. Just how small is Liechtenstein as a country? Liechtenstein's territory is more than 20 kilometers long from north to south, and 8 kilometers wide from east to west. It can really be described as "one country, one street", and you can go abroad with just a cigarette. It is such a pocket effect, but it is the richest country in the world. In 2019, the per capita GDP is as high as 173,400 US dollars, equivalent to 1.16 million yuan, which is twice that of Switzerland, three times that of the United States, and 16 times that of China. what. After World War II, Liechtenstein was once one of the poorest countries in Europe. How did this small country get rich? One is stamps, and the other is tax-free. Liechtenstein’s stamps are the best in the world. Not only are they beautifully designed and produced globally, but their themes are always close to fashionable topics, such as the Olympic Games, new concepts of technology and art, and even Chinese zodiac stamps during the Lunar New Year. The collection value is very high. , not only the "sweet pastry" in the eyes of stamp collectors, but also the backbone of the country's economy. Another way to get rich in Liechtenstein is the low tax and tax exemption policy, making it a tax haven for the world, thus attracting the wealth of the richest people from all over the world. The number of companies registered here in the world is twice the population of the country, that is to say, there are 2 companies per person on average, and even some large international companies have moved their headquarters here. Liechtenstein is extremely scarce in resources, but because of the special soil composition here, dental materials and denture manufacturing are world-leading, and it is a world-famous "denture kingdom". It is said that the dentures produced here can meet the needs of 1/3 of the world's population. , yellowish, brown, and even "black teeth" to meet the needs of African tribes. There are no railways and airports here. If you take a plane, you will go to Zurich, Switzerland. People here speak German, but it doesn't have a border with Germany, it's the only country whose official language is German but has no border with Germany. Liechtenstein is still a permanently neutral country. The last time Liechtenstein was involved in the war was the Battle of Prussia in 1866. As an ally of Austria, the country sent 80 soldiers. As a result, after the war, 81 people came back, not only were they all unscathed, but also brought back. an Italian soldier. There are only five members of the government in Leistenstein, and in addition to the Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister, the other three also hold several positions. The government is located in this three-story building, and it is shared by the government, the court, and the prison. The top is the official office, the bottom is the court, and the basement is the prison. Because the crime rate in the country is extremely low, there are often no people in the prison. Liechtenstein is not only rich in life, high in social welfare, but also invincible in scenery, with developed tourism, beautiful Alpine scenery, secluded valley towns, skiing in winter and summer escape in summer, making this small European country famous all over the world. The capital Vaduz is very small, located along the Rhine Valley, with an area of ​​only 17.3 square kilometers and a population of only five or six thousand people. Vaduz Castle is the royal palace of Liechtenstein. Although it is not usually open to tourists, the surrounding scenery is very beautiful. From here, you can overlook the whole Rhine Valley and the panoramic view of the capital Vaduz. Mitteldorf Street is the main commercial district of the capital Vaduz. It has a quiet environment and has a European elegance. The houses and gardens here still retain the appearance of more than 100 years ago. Experience the history of Vaduz. St. Florin's Cathedral was built in 1874 and is now a landmark of Vaduz. You can often see the pointed roof of this church when you walk in the streets and alleys of Vaduz. Malbun is a ski resort in winter, but in summer and autumn, it is full of green grass and wildflowers, which is comfortable and beautiful. The most interesting thing is that Leistenstein launched a plan to "rent" the country ten years ago. The price is 70,000 US dollars per day, and the rent starts from more than two days. Even the head of state of the country has made an advertisement on TV, calling on the nationals of all countries. Actively come to "rent", in fact, this is just a kind of creative "luxury tour". After you pay the rent, you will become the temporary "owner" of the country, and you will get a symbolic key. During the day, you can ride in the royal carriage surrounded by the royal guard of honor, and you can play as you like, After all, the country is so big, and it will be over in a while. You can stay in the palace at night, enjoy dinner prepared for you by the chef of the palace, and drink the fine wines collected by the palace. It is said that the reservation is still very popular, and it must be booked half a year in advance. One day, when the epidemic is over, if you have the opportunity to go to Switzerland, you might as well take a day or two to visit this magical little country next door and feel the unique style of this country. Forget about shopping at the big and small malls in Vaduz, as this is a tax haven. Welcome to pay attention to the monsoon in Muztagh, let us see the world together.


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