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On the list! These red-themed routes include Hunchun, please come and check in!

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On the list! These red-themed routes include Hunchun, please come and check in!

Red Tourism Theme Route On August 4th, the Jilin Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism launched the "Jike Departure" to pay tribute to the red classics, and launched the "Jilin Ten Years Achievement in the New Era" "Three Places, There are 20 red tourism themed routes under the three themes of "Three Cradles", "Red Leading, Integrated Development", aiming to carry forward revolutionary culture, inherit red genes, continue the red blood, vigorously develop red tourism, and promote the comprehensive revitalization and development of Jilin. A total of 3 themed routes in Yanbian were selected↓↓↓NO.01 Red Frontier Line 01 Route: Yanji City - Helong City Destination: Yanbian Museum, Jilin Aodong Pharmaceutical Group Yanji Co., Ltd., Guangdong Village NO.02 Anti-Japanese Alliance Spiritual Inheritance Line (East Line) Route 02: Dunhua City - Antu County - Helong City - Hunchun City - Wangqing County Destinations: Hancongling Battle Site, General Chen Hanzhang Tomb, Nitou Mountain Anti-Japanese Guerrilla Base, Yaoshui Cave Anti-Japanese Memorial Site , Dahuanggou Anti-Japanese Base Site, Macun Anti-Japanese Guerrilla Base, Tong Changrong Martyrs Cemetery NO.03 Yanbian Prefecture Red Tourist Route 03 Route: Dunhua City - Antu County - Helong City - Longjing City - Yanji City - Tumen City - Hunchun City —Wangqing County Destinations: Hancongling Maple Leaf Red Tourist Sightseeing Area, Chen Hanzhang Memorial Hall, Dashahe Battle Site, Nuitou Mountain Anti-Japanese Guerrilla Base Memorial Hall, Yulang Village Monument to Thirteen Warriors, Japanese Consulate General Site, Yanbian Museum, Tumen Port, Dahuanggou Anti-Japanese Base Site Ruins, Tuzipai (Fangchuan Folk Village), Wangqing Patriotism Education Base Hunchun Cultural Tourism New Media Matrix Get to know Hunchun Cultural Tourism information for the first time

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