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[Pick-in place selection] 70 new internet celebrity check-in places have been released, come and see where they are?

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[Pick-in place selection] 70 new internet celebrity check-in places have been released, come and see where they are?

01The list of check-in places announced On July 12, the 2022 Yanbian Cultural Tourism Season "Yanbian on the Cloud" and the first Yanji Dinosaur Culture and Tourism Season opened. At the opening ceremony, the list of 70 check-in places for the first "Discover the Most Yanbian" Internet celebrity was announced and is part of the list. Represents awarding medals. In this list, there are also local check-in places in Hunchun waiting for you to discover, let's take a look! Note: "Discover the Most Yanbian" Internet Celebrity Check-in Selection Event The first "Discover the Most Yanbian" online celebrity check-in selection event planned and directed by the Yanbian Culture, Broadcasting and Tourism Bureau has received enthusiastic social response since the event was launched on April 27. During the period, with the active participation of the majority of netizens and the active declaration of all walks of life, a total of 396 candidate sites were collected. Through the comprehensive evaluation of online voting and expert review, 8 categories and a total of 70 Internet celebrity check-in places that are deeply loved by the general public and netizens were finally selected, which basically covered the "eating, living, traveling, traveling, shopping, and entertainment" of Yanbian people. The cultural tourism experience and consumption scenes of each link not only have the characteristics of Yanbian, but also basically present the new look and new fashion of the development of the times. The first "Discover the most Yanbian" Internet celebrity check-in list (70) 01 Natural landscape category Hunchun Fangchuan National Scenic Spot/Antu Red Stone Peak Scenic Spot/Helong City Warship Mountain Scenic Spot/Jilin Lanjia Grand Canyon National Forest Park /Helong Laolik Lake / Laobai Mountain Primitive Ecological Scenic Area (Laobai Mountain Snow Village) / Yanji Maoer Mountain National Forest Park (in no particular order) 02 Cultural Landscape Category Changbai Mountain Historical and Cultural Park / Centennial Tribe / Yanji Binhe Park ( Music fountain, night view) / Yanji Dangdang car / Haoji Cultural Tourism Resort / Liuding Mountain Cultural Tourism Zone / Yanji Dinosaur Kingdom / Mengdumei Folk Tourism Resort / Piyan Mountain Cultural Tourism Scenic Area / Yanji People's Park / Tumen Port Scenic Area / Yanji University City Net Red Bullet Curtain Wall / Yanbian Longjingyu / Taki Shui Yun Water Park / China Korean Folk Custom Park (in no particular order) 03 Culture and Art Yanbian Museum / Li Xiangdan Palace Rice Cake Research Institute / Jiaying Hanbok Experience Hall/Yanji Famous Hanbok Hall/Yanbian Art Museum/Chinese Korean Intangible Cultural Heritage Exhibition Hall/Chinese Korean Agricultural Music and Dance Exhibition Hall (in no particular order) 04 Rural Pastoral Benfu Ecological Organic Ranch Jindalai Flower Sea/ Helong City Guangdong Korean Folk Village / Tumen City Kangning Health Valley / Helong City Jindalai Korean Folk Village / Liangtian Baishi / Helong City Yan'an Village Manstime Daoxiang Tourist Resort (in no particular order) 05 Gourmet Food and Beverage Yanji Centennial Stone Pot Restaurant (Flagship Store)/Exclamation Point Beer House (Gongxin Store)/Service Building Yanji Cold Noodles (Main Store)/Yanji Fengmao Grilled Skewers (Park Store)/Hailansong Beer House/Yanji City Painting Mingtai House (Jiangong Store) / Longjing Huamei Rice Sausage Home / Hailan River Folk Palace / Yanji Heba BBQ Chuancheng (Jindalai Store) / Yanji Jindalai Hotel / Kaoshimao Folk Restaurant ( Mao'er Mountain Store)/Mi Village Bibimbap (Tienan Store)/Jeonju Bibimbap (Main Store)/Telaoji Charcoal Grill/Yanji City Yanshengge Folk Restaurant/Zhenhai Beibei (in no particular order) 06 Characteristic accommodation type Hunchun Fangchuan Folk Village Characteristic Homestay/Helong Lao Rick Gassho House/Hunchun Ethnic Garden International Hotel/Longjing Shanshui Longxian Resort/Dunhua Zhongcheng Korean Folk Village (in no particular order) 07 Red Mark Northeast Anti-Japanese Alliance Cold Congling Secret Camp Site/Dahuanggou Party History Education Base/Wangqing Hongri Village Party Education Base/Nitoushan Village Anti-Japanese Guerrilla Base Memorial Hall/Yanji Taixing Red Town/Xiaowangqing Anti-Japanese Base Site Site/Xiaoying Town, Yanji City 5 Fengcun (in no particular order) 08 Urban Leisure Tumen Guomen Ecological Park/Yanji Forest Cafe/Yanji Shiting Cafe/Yanbian Library/Yanji West Market/Yanji Star Garden Cafe/Yanji New Village Night market/Yanbian Jinhua City fashion show (in no particular order) END Information source: Yanbian Cultural Tourism Photo source: Hunchun Photographers Association Editor: Li Tianlan If there is any infringement, please contact the editor. The pictures are copyrighted and reproduced, please mark and pay attention to Hunchun Cultural Tourism The new media matrix is ​​the first time to understand the information of Hunchun Cultural Tourism


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