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[Recommendation] Star tent, let you spend the weekend in romance!

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[Recommendation] Star tent, let you spend the weekend in romance!

This summer @ Zuimei Hunchun will take you a cool summer [Summer, it's beautiful] Recently, there is a very popular Internet celebrity check-in place in Hunchun. This is a beautiful campsite hidden around the urban area of ​​Hunchun; it is also an escape from the hustle and bustle and looking for romance The perfect place to go ~ Today, the editor will take you around to learn more about the magic of this "fire" "outdoor camping". ! SUMMER Star Tent Star Tent BBQ Camp is located in Team 4, Paoziyan Village, Yangpao Township, Hunchun City, Jilin Province. Starry Sky Luxury is about 20 kilometers away from the urban area. Small and medium-sized three) for tourists to choose, other styles include starry sky panoramic bubble room, forest shelter, hobbit hut and so on. The star tent is still in trial operation, and its scale is also expanding. The camp was founded by a "young lady" who just graduated from college after 1995. The original intention of starting a business was to seek a new way to combine life and work when facing graduation. Every adult is more or less stressed. For these people, it is a wonderful thing to escape from the oppressive city and choose to camp outdoors. At the same time, the entrepreneur also hopes that through his own efforts, he can provide a different taste experience for families who are eager for parent-child travel and couples who are preparing for camping, and at the same time bring hard-won good times. Turn on your navigation and let's find the beautiful "starry sky" together. The location of Dongpaoziyan: Yangpao Manchu Township, Hunchun City, Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture, Jilin Province. ^*^CAMPINGCOMNE ON Look! Many people have already enjoyed the beautiful scenery and delicious food here. Starry Sky Camping 1.0x1080P There is also a beautiful "small scenery" that must be photographed - the Hobbit House - here, it seems to let you step into the MOVIE. At this moment, you are here The protagonist of the movie☟SUMMER Hobbit House The idea of ​​SUMMER Hobbit House is inspired by the movie clips of The Lord of the Rings. Watching the Hobbit House in the movie clips, imagine restoring the scenes in the fantasy fairy tale in reality, watching the camp The built hut seems to be like traveling through a movie, and it instantly makes people feel immersed in the scene. The hobbit hut is a good place to take pictures and check in, so don’t get up and go to see the campsite under the sunset. It’s so poetic and there are many special play items to take you to experience the characteristics of the camp* Internet celebrity tent camp * Internet celebrity hobbit Cabin * oversized free swimming pool * open-air BBQ * everything stewed in iron pot * fishing in fish pond * pet paradise * children's colorful sand toy outside the pool, open and large lawn, with mountain scenery in front, small fish in pond in the back, fireworks and bonfires to ensure safety Conditions are also allowed. Come check in! Without further ado, let's enjoy it a little more. Look up at the stars. There are also "promotions" that you are most concerned about, right? ! Q has these 1. *Current activities, weekdays (weekdays) will be 20% off, and weekends will not participate in activities. In addition, join the starry sky luxury WeChat group, and there are occasional free single activities ~ 2. *Specific related matters and For reservations, please see the contact information below - camp reservation/consultation phone: 13134339397SUMMER Friends, can't you sit still? How can Xiaobian miss you the most complete camp gameplay (see below) Camp gameplay 01 Bring your own equipment and ingredients, sanitation fee 18/person, free for children under 1.2 (including: Internet celebrity Hobbit hut to take pictures and punch cards) 02 Rental rental Camp tent set (including Nok Indian tent, canopy, barbecue kitchen set, lighting facilities, floor mat, shelf, egg roll table*1, chair*4, teapot*1, teapot cup*4), bring your own ingredients, tent Rent ️. #Tent Model-Capacity-Charge Standard 6 people (small)/1884. Others: Starry Sky Panoramic Bubble Room 288/Forest Shelter 12003 Package Lazy All-Inclusive Exquisite Camping Package 04 Large-scale support for group building, annual meeting customization, single group single proposal 05 Other matters * camping Accommodation is available, and it only costs 100 yuan for the night after 6:00; *Free barbecue stove and barbecue table are provided for bathing (one toilet indoor and one outdoor); *Bring your own meals is recommended (meals need to be a la carte, so you support your own meals) Oh!) Note: The final interpretation right of all contents of the event belongs to Star Tent. Please consult the person in charge of the camp for specific contents, prices, discounts, etc. To be continued ...... Picture source: Star Tent Editor: Li Tianlan If there is any infringement, please contact the editor. All pictures are copyrighted, please mark and pay attention to Hunchun Cultural Tourism New Media Matrix for the first time to learn about Hunchun Cultural Tourism information

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