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How to travel in Sichuan in August? You must not miss these 8 amazing attractions! The most practical strategy

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How to travel in Sichuan in August? You must not miss these 8 amazing attractions! The most practical strategy

Time turns to August, haven't you decided where to go? Sichuan has been waiting for you for a long time, and the summary Sichuan travel strategy has been waiting for you for a long time! Jiuzhaigou Jinghai

Mianxi Ancient Town

Wenchuan County Mianxi Town is a place with rich history and culture. It was called Hanshuiyi in ancient times. The important post station of the government not only has the legend of the mythical beast, but also the hometown of Dayu. Main attractions: Dayu's Hometown Scenic Spot, Mianxu Friendship Cable Bridge, Mianxu "First Village of Xiqiang" Diaolou, Qiang Village, etc. Millennium Millennium Ancient Town

Jiuzhaigou Scenic Area

Jiuzhaigou is surrounded by green seas, stacked waterfalls, colorful forests, smoke clouds, snow peaks and strange and colorful The natural style and unique charm of the fairyland composed of the Tibetan style. The landscape is mainly distributed in three main ditch, Shuzheng ditch, Rize ditch and Zechawa ditch. There are more than 100 alpine lakes and dozens of flowing springs and waterfalls in the scenic area. The main attractions of Pearl Beach Waterfall: Pearl Beach Waterfall, Nuorilang Waterfall, Panda Sea Waterfall, Shuzhengqun Sea, Changhai, Wucai Pool, Pearl Beach, Wuhuahai, Jianzhuhai, Panda Sea, etc. Jiuzhaigou Lake The water in Jiuzhaigou is crystal clear and endlessly changing. Tips: Smoking is not allowed in Jiuzhaigou scenic area. Guests who have the habit of smoking should be patient or go to a special smoking area, otherwise they will be subject to high fines.

Huanglong Scenic Area

Huanglong is famous for its colorful ponds, snow-capped mountains, canyons, and forests. Streams, ancient temples, and folk customs are called "Seven Wonders". Main attractions: Huanglong Temple, Yingbin Pool, Waterfall Liuhui, Washing Cave, Bonsai Pool, etc. Among them, the bonsai pond in Huanglong Scenic Spot, the bottom of the pond is colorful, the pond is full of peculiar flowers, plants and stones, and the water from the snow-capped mountains flows continuously, just like the bonsai of nature. Because there are many colorful ponds in the ditch, the colors change with the surrounding scenery and the angle of sunlight, so it is known as the "Jade Pool on Earth". Huanglong Ancient Temple Tips: Prepare sunscreen items in advance.

Yingxiu Earthquake Site

The Wenchuan earthquake ripped apart the earth from Yingxiu Town. Rock fragments poured down from the steep cliffs, forming a rock flow nearly 3 kilometers long and the epicenter landscape of 9 mountain hitting faces. Standing here, reminiscing the past suffering years, looking forward to a bright future, revering nature and life! The earthquake site

Guanxian Ancient City

It is located in the south of Baopingkou of Dujiangyan, across the river from Fulong Temple. The starting point of the road entering Tibet is known as the first street on the ancient tea horse road. "Landscapes in the arms, life dojo", here attracts visitors from all over the world with its profound cultural accumulation, unique customs and romantic life style. The main attractions of the South Bridge in the ancient city of Guanxian County: South Bridge, West Street, Confucian Temple, Water Conservancy House, Yangliu River, etc. Food recommendation: fried potato dumplings, brown sugar glutinous rice cakes, brown sugar pot helmets, roasted gluten, candied haws, etc. Guanxian Ancient City West Street

Chunxi Road Pedestrian Street

Chunxi Road is located in the center of Chengdu, a long history, bustling and bustling street. In the commercial street, if foreigners come to Chengdu and do not stroll around Chunxi Road, it is as regrettable as not visiting Wangfujing in Beijing or Nanjing Road in Shanghai. Chunxi Road is not only the fashion center of Chengdu, with beautiful women everywhere, but also a place where delicious snacks gather, such as Zhong Dumplings, Lai Tangyuan, Husband Lung Pie, Korean Steamed Bun, Long Chaoshou, as well as spicy barbecues and skewers on the street, price index and delicious. The index comparison allows you to feast your eyes without worrying about the rapid shrinkage of your wallet. Chengdu's most prosperous commercial street

"Jinli" folk leisure street

Old streets, mansions, mansions, houses, Inns, shops, and Wanniantai are located in the middle, the blue tiles are scattered, and the bluestone road winds forward, making people feel like stepping back in time. Ancient Shu cultures such as Sichuan tea, Sichuan cuisine, Sichuan wine, Sichuan opera and Shu brocade are blowing like a breeze. Ancient Street "Jinli" night view Diners, hot peppers, crazy chefs, Chunxi Alley, Banhua Malatang and other classic Sichuan delicacies, Internet celebrity shops will definitely conquer your taste buds, there are also Mingtang Bookstore, various trendy dessert shops, Wenzhou You can punch in and take photos when you create a store, and you can play in Chengdu, which will definitely make you linger. Night view of Kuanzhai Alley Street view of Kuanzhai Alley

Route arrangement (basically including the above attractions)

  • DAY1 Chengdu→Kuanzhai Alley →Chunxi Road Pedestrian Street→Jinli
  • DAY2 Chengdu→the most beautiful countryside to enjoy flowers→Mianxi Ancient Town→Jiuzhaigou
  • DAY3 Full-day tour of Jiuzhaigou
  • DAY4 Jiuzhaigou→Huanglong→Chuanzhu Temple/Maoxian
  • DAY5 Chuanzhu Temple/Maoxian→Earthquake Ruins→Guanxian Ancient City→Panda Alley→Chengdu
  • DAY6 Chengdu→Home
Overlooking Chengdu Of course, the summary is only a few popular ones in Sichuan The scenic spots, the great beauty of Sichuan, and there are many beautiful scenery I have not mentioned, welcome everyone to add in the comment area! Mountains, rivers, lakes and seas, bustling and prosperous, enjoying beautiful scenery, tasting delicious food, what you want, Sichuan will give you! Make an appointment with three or five friends and let's go!


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