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Xinjiang tourism, per capita 580, in-depth 8-day tour, all the essential attractions are included

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Xinjiang tourism, per capita 580, in-depth 8-day tour, all the essential attractions are included

In Xinjiang this season, no copywriting can describe her beauty! The sky is far and the earth is wide, the grass is prosperous and the river is clear. When you are in Xinjiang, you can see the beauty of the world as far as you can; where the gods go, there is a paradise! Facing the vast territory of Xinjiang, how to play without stepping on the pit? Xinjiang Jingmei makes people yearn, but the travel expenses of thousands or even tens of thousands are always prohibitive! How can we spend the least money to see the most beautiful scenery in Xinjiang? You can pack everything in one card, and bring poetry and distance to you! Attractions and itinerary highlights: Wucai Beach, Kanas Wuerhe Film and Television City, Kumtag Desert

Day1 All over the country-Urumqi

Arrange full-time personnel for airport pick-up and transfer to designated hotel for check-in

Day2 Urumqi-Burqin

After breakfast, take a bus to the national 4A-level scenic spot - Wucai Beach (including Tickets), the most beautiful Yadan landform in Xinjiang, has the reputation of "the first beach in the world", the blue sky and white clouds and the colorful river banks complement each other, a beautiful picture, a super film!

Day3 Burqin-Kanas-Burqin

After breakfast, take a bus to Kanas, a national 5A-level scenic spot (including tickets + one-entry shuttle bus) ; Kanas Lake Scenic Area is known as the last piece of pure land for human beings in the 21st century! Three bays (Wolong Bay, Moon Bay, Shenxian Bay) and one lake (Yaze Lake) can be called a wonderland on earth, and tourists cannot take enough pictures!

Day4 Burqin-Changji

After breakfast, visit Wuerhe Film and Television City (including tickets); Wuerhe is known as "Western Hengdian", which is an investment An immersive film and television theme park built with 100 million ingenuity. Nearly 50 film and television crews, including "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon", "Heroes", "Seven Swords Down the Tianshan Mountains" and "The Story of Shepherding Clouds on the Sea", were filmed here. .

Day5 Urumqi-Turpan-Shanshan

After breakfast, head to Turpan to visit the filming location of Sun Wukong's three borrowed banana fans in "Journey to the West", a national 4A-level scenic spot-Flaming Mountain (including tickets); then go to Shanshan to visit the national 4A-level scenic spot - Kumtag Desert (including tickets + shuttle bus); experience the magnificence of the Flame Mountain and the desert scenery at close range!

Day6 Shanshan County-Turpan-Urumqi

After breakfast, drive to the famous Hetian Jade Exhibition Hall. After lunch, visit the Great Wall and the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal. After the karez (ticket included), one of the three major projects in ancient China, you will be taken to a simple Uyghur farmhouse, where you can taste Xinjiang special dried fruits for free, and enjoy the Uyghur handsome Balang and the beautiful and graceful folk dances.

Day7 Urumqi-Tianchi-Urumqi

After breakfast, drive to the famous Hetian Jade Exhibition Hall in Xinjiang. Hetian jade in Xinjiang is the most famous jade in China. The generals and the generals are enthusiastically sought after by the common people. For thousands of years, people have admired, loved, appreciated and hidden jade. People have a special feeling for jade. No matter where it is placed, it will exude a huge charm. . For lunch, have dinner at the Western Regions Grand Bazaar, watch the folk song and dance "Mysterious Western Regions" as a gift item, which is open according to local epidemic prevention requirements, and at the same time, you can also taste the famous Kazakh food "Kazakh Han King Feast". Then go to the national 5A-level scenic spot - Tianshan Tianchi Scenic Spot (including tickets + shuttle bus) Tianshan Tianchi Lake is clear, crystal clear like jade, surrounded by mountains, and has the reputation of "Tianshan Pearl".

Day8 Urumqi - all over the country

After breakfast at the hotel, you can arrange the transfer to the station according to your flight schedule, ending a pleasant and beautiful vacation.
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