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Qinghai Travel Guide, how many of these 5 lakes have you been to! Attractions, routes, gourmet super practical dry goods

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Qinghai Travel Guide, how many of these 5 lakes have you been to! Attractions, routes, gourmet super practical dry goods

In the last article, we introduced 9 important scenic spots and route arrangements in the Qinghai-Gansu Dahuan Tour. Many friends sent private messages to say that they were shocked by the beauty of Qinghai Lake. Can you publish a separate Qinghai Lake travel strategy? In conclusion, there is no discussion about the pet fans, but arrangements are made! Qinghai, a tourist city famous for its "lakes", naturally comes to see the various lakes here. Today, we will take stock of these lakes that you cannot miss in Qinghai tourism! Qinghai Lake

Chaka Salt Lake

A must-see tourist attraction in Qinghai is Chaka Salt Lake - China's "land of the sky" ". The lake is calm and wide, like a mirror, reflecting the boundless blue sky, long white clouds and towering snow-capped mountains. Here, looking up is an infinitely empty world, and looking down is a pure and flawless paradise, as if touching yourself in another world, embedded in the snow-capped mountains and grasslands, picturesque. This is a place for Internet celebrities to check in and take pictures. It is a blockbuster if you take a photo. Tips: It is recommended to wear a brightly colored skirt when taking pictures, and a red skirt is the best; when taking pictures, try to keep as still as possible to ensure that the reflection on the water surface is clear. Chaka Salt Lake

Water Yadan

Wusut Yadan Geopark is located in the northwest of Qaidam Basin in Qinghai Province. It has experienced thousands of years of geological movement and time and space. Cang change, bred and formed the world's largest and most spectacular Yadan community. Main landscapes: Turtle Bay, West Sea Fleet, Wanghai Terrace Tips: Usut Yadan Geopark is one of the best places to shoot sunrise, sunset and starry sky; National Highway 315 and 215 intersect here, which is also ideal for outdoor off-roading Venue Shui Yadan

Dongtai Jiner Lake

Dongtai Jiner Lake is a saline-alkali land on the way to Shui Yadan. The lake is sparkling, the salt here is cleaner than Chaka Salt Lake, desolate and beautiful, and it is known as "China's Maldives". Stop here, the breeze is blowing on the face, the lake is rippling, the endless green is in front of you, and the wind and water are whispering in your ears, making people temporarily forget the hustle and bustle of the city! Tips: Bring waterproof shoe covers, sunglasses, scarves, and try to avoid the harm caused by entering the salt lake with bare feet. Dongtai Jiner Lake

Emerald Lake< /h1> is a salt lake where salt deposits and salt lake brine coexist. It consists of many lakes of different sizes. With the change of the direction of the sun's light, the color of the lake water is also different, green, yellow, blue... From the sky, it looks like a piece of agate jade, magical and beautiful. It is like a flower blooming in the wind, swaying and swaying. Tips: Emerald Lake has not yet been developed. It is recommended not to enter the water at will. Jade Lake

Qinghai Lake Erlang Sword

A narrow land on the south bank of Qinghai Lake It is like a sharp sword going deep into the lake. There are natural landscapes such as grasslands, beaches and various animals, as well as some human landscapes with local folk cultural activities as the content. Viewing area: Bird Watching Terrace, Deer Viewing Park, Guanhai Bridge, Guanhai Pavilion Leisure Area: Pier Square, "Auspicious Four Rui" Sculpture Water Entertainment Area: Jet Ski, Self-driving Yacht Qinghai Lake Erlangjian Scenic Spot Above the scenic spot are several well-known lakes in Qinghai. Qinghai Lake has been introduced before, so I won't go into details. In addition, after landing in Xining, what are the places to play? Summary recommendation: Nanguan Mosque, Nanchan Temple, Mojia Street Mojia Street is located on the south side of East Street in the center of Xining, opposite Yinma Street. It has a history of 600 years. In the eyes of today's Xining and foreign tourists, Mojia Street is a food concentration area in Qinghai. Recommended food: Mazhong stuffed skin, lamb intestine noodles, fried jelly, yogurt, fried cakes, noodles, grab noodles, etc. Mojia Street route arrangement: (basically including all the above attractions)
  • Day1 Xining-Nanguan Mosque-Nanchan Temple-Mojia Street
  • Day2 Xining-Chaka Salt Lake
  • Day3 Delingha-Dongtai Jiner Lake-Shui Yadan
  • Day4 Dachaidan - Emerald Lake - Chaka Salt Lake
  • Day5 Qinghai Lake Erlang Sword
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