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Xinjiang tourism is so popular, do you choose a self-driving tour or a group tour? This pit avoidance guide must be read

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Xinjiang tourism is so popular, do you choose a self-driving tour or a group tour? This pit avoidance guide must be read

This summer, Xinjiang tourism is extremely popular! People all over the country are getting together to travel to Xinjiang, and there are many problems behind the surge in tourists! Traffic is congested, Xinjiang Duku Highway has become a "crying" highway; accommodation is full, and it is difficult to find a room in many places; even sky-high hotels and grassland scenic spots are not enough for horses! In summer, Xinjiang is full of grass and forests, blue and white clouds, and the scenery is very beautiful! This is why everyone is going to Xinjiang to travel together. In recent days, the number of travel agencies' inquiries about Xinjiang routes has also increased greatly! So, how can friends who go to Xinjiang avoid these problems? The conclusion summarizes the following tips for avoiding pits and saving money! For friends who go to Xinjiang for the first time, try not to choose self-driving tours and free travel [Goodbye]
  • [Slap in the face] The cost is high, and there are too many uncertain factors, such as not being able to book Tickets, unfamiliar with the situation of the scenic spot, unfamiliar with the road conditions...; Due to the surge in tourists in Xinjiang scenic spots this summer, it is likely that food and accommodation are expensive;
​[ok]Those who have rich life experience and have their own clear destination can choose to travel freely. For friends who are going to Xinjiang for the first time or have a low travel budget, it is best to choose a group tour and choose a regular travel agency.
  • Affordable, the approximate consumption can be controlled and estimated [witty]
  • Basically do not have to worry, according to the selected route, no There is no change in accident [proud]
  • High safety factor [surprise]
Friends can choose the appropriate travel method according to their actual situation! At the end of the trip, I recommend the best Xinjiang tourist route, which can not only avoid the above problems, but also save 80% of the cost. Highlights: Colorful Beach, Kanas, Wuerhe Film and Television City, Kumtag Desert The itinerary is as shown: Return from Urumqi on the last day. Travel cannot be generalized. They pursue freedom of travel, like adventure and uncertainty, and love tossing. Self-driving is more suitable for such people; while other people have a low budget, do not like trouble, do not like to worry, and have poor self-care ability. , this kind of people must choose to join the group! ! ! Choosing a reliable travel agency will greatly improve your travel happiness! Xinjiang tourism, is self-driving suitable or is it more convenient to join a group? Or if you have a better route strategy, you are welcome to communicate in the comment area~ Follow Juncheng International Travel Agency to get more travel strategies!

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