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Hainan tourism must see! Ultra-detailed 5-day sightseeing attractions route food strategy, all dry goods

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Hainan tourism must see! Ultra-detailed 5-day sightseeing attractions route food strategy, all dry goods

When you think of Hainan, what comes to your mind? beach? coconut? Sanya? The ends of the earth... Hainan, as a tourism province, has too many places to play! Today's summary will take you to take stock of the 8 must-see attractions in Hainan!

Wuzhizhou Island

is located in the Haitang Bay Scenic Area. It is a very romantic island with high sea visibility and is very suitable for diving; On the seabed near some of the small islands in the center of the main island, coral reefs are gorgeous and colorful, and diving can get up close and personal. As a well-developed tourist island in Sanya, Wuzhizhou Island has many water tourism projects. Island play items: motor boats, banana boats, water parachutes, etc. Recommended attractions: Lover's Bridge, Wave Pavilion, Sea-viewing Promenade, "HAPPY LOVE" sign, etc. Tour route: Lover's Bridge → Life Well → Maritime Entertainment Area → Sea-viewing Promenade → Lover's Island → Golden Turtles Explore the Sea → Sun-Watching Rock Centipede Zhizhou Island

Sanya Junda Motor Show

If you are a racing enthusiast, how can you miss Sanya Junda? As for the Daqi Performance Hall, you must come here to watch a racing show! Thrilling, hearty, and feeling the adventurous spirit of these top racers! Sanya Junda Motor Show

Yalong Bay Tropical Paradise Forest Park

"If You Are the One II" filming location, the first coastal mountain ecology in Hainan Province Sightseeing and ecological resort forest park. Here, you can enjoy mountaineering adventure, field expansion, leisure sightseeing, health vacation, experience folk culture, and enjoy the relaxation and happiness of vacation! Main landscapes: the world's first seascape, tropical rain forest landscape, east dragon and west phoenix, the world's largest natural Maitreya Buddha Tour Route:
  • Climbing Adventure Tour Route: Along the way, you can enjoy flying rocks, There are dozens of landscapes such as Hundred Orchards, Orchid Valley, Rainforest Wonders, and Empty Mountain Pavilion.
  • Sightseeing bus tour line: along the way, you can enjoy Zhulu Ridge, Yanbo Pavilion, Long Cable Bridge Crossing the River, Qianli Pavilion, National Coast, Shengguan Stone, Longmen Stone, etc.
  • At the main peak tropical paradise park and Yalong Bay Giant Buddha Stone, overlooking the first bay in the world.
Recommended local delicacies: Wenchang chicken, Hele crab, Dong goat, Jiaji duck, and rich seafood resources! Yalong Bay Tropical Paradise Forest Park

Nanshan Buddhist Cultural Garden

The southernmost temple in inland China, standing far from the sea-viewing platform in front of the temple Looking at it, you can vaguely see several big mountains looming in the clouds and mist, as the so-called "suddenly heard that there are immortal mountains on the sea, and the mountains are in the air". Main sights: Nanshan Temple, Nanhai Guanyin Buddha Statue, Guanyin Cultural Garden, Tianzhu Sacred Site, Suzhai Shopping Street, etc. Recommended food: Lijia Bamboo Rice, Hainan Four Treasure Crab Claws, Original Coconut Braised Chicken, Ginger Salt Pipa Shrimp, Jiaji Duck, Wenchang Chicken, Sanya Seafood Nanshan Buddhist Culture Garden

End of the World

Coconut groves, mountains and seas, and strange rocks, gather the beautiful tropical scenery of coconut and sea; the landmark of the scenic spot is rising from the beach The pair of "End of the World" and "Cape" stones, make a wish on this stone, and it is said that your wish will come true. Main landscapes: Love Stone, Historical Celebrity Sculpture Garden, Progress Stone, Nantian One Pillar, Cliff Stone Carving Group, Li Nationality Custom Garden, etc.

Sanya Net Red Night Market

flickers The neon signboards, the shouts of small vendors, the smoke from the barbecue stalls, the lively noise, the crowds, every city will have such a food street, when the night falls, the night of the city will be warm! As a tourist city, how could Sanya not have an Internet celebrity night market for tourists to eat, drink, play, punch in and take pictures? Internet celebrity night market recommendation: Commodity Street Night Market, Yiheng Night Market, Dadonghai Night Market, First Market Night Market

Yalong Bay International Rose Valley

With the theme of beauty, romance and love, the scenic spot takes the original ecology of farmland, reservoir and mountain forest as the main body, and uses colorful roses as the carrier. . How long has it been since you expressed your love to your s/he? How long has it been since you sent flowers to your s/he? Bring your s/he to Yalong Bay International Rose Valley to see the colorful roses, regain the long-lost romance, temporarily escape from the hustle and bustle of the city, tell your love in the Rose Valley, and enjoy a vacation! Yalong Bay International Rose Valley

Wenbi Peak Pangu Cultural Tourism Area

Wenbi Peak is a famous Taoist mountain in Hainan. Most of the buildings are in the style of the Southern Song Dynasty. There is a quiet and quiet ecological environment here, the historic buildings are shining brightly, and the artistic conception of landscapes contains Pangu culture and Taoism. Tour route: South Gate → Nanzong Zongtan → Wealth Temple → Medicine King Temple → Bell and Drum Tower → Tiantianmen → Ertianmen → Zushi Temple → Yuchan Pavilion → Nantianmen → Yuqing Temple → Qixing Pavilion → Human Dao Tianla → Yuanchen Temple → Mazu Palace → Bixia Yuanjun Palace → Wenchang Pavilion → Guanyin Palace → Sun Moon Lake → Ziqi Donglai → Yangshengtang → Yuelao Palace → West Gate → Daozheng Palace → Transshipment Palace → Songcheng → South Gate and above are popular for tourism in Hainan Inventory of several scenic spots, then the first stop of the tour landed in Haikou, where should I go to play on the first day? The summary recommends a delicious and fun arcade snack street. Arcade Old Street is the most distinctive streetscape in Haikou City. It is a typical Western-style building with a different style. It not only brings together various kinds of food, but also integrates Arcade", "Hailao", "Li Jin" and "Qiong Opera". , "Huanghuali" and other unique cultural elements of Hainan, let you feel the history of Hainan when you enjoy the thrill on the tip of your tongue. Haikou's special delicacies and snacks: Qingbuliang, Baoluo powder, Hainan noodles, Dad tea and arcade snacks Fengqing Street

Route arrangement: (basically including all the above attractions)

  • Day1 Haikou>>Arcade Old Street
  • Day2 Wuzhizhou Island>>Junda Motor Show
  • Day3 Paradise Forest Park>>Nanshan Cultural Garden>> Tianya Haijiao>>Net Celebrity Night Market
  • Day4 Yalong Bay International Rose Valley
  • Day5 Wenbi Peak Pangu Cultural Tourism Area
Go on a trip, before the summer is over! Go enjoy the sun, the beach, the waves... If you know of any other fun places, please leave a message in the comment area!


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