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How to travel in Xishuangbanna? Inventory of the 6 most worthwhile attractions in Xishuangbanna! Like Favorites

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How to travel in Xishuangbanna? Inventory of the 6 most worthwhile attractions in Xishuangbanna! Like Favorites

When you think of Xishuangbanna, what comes to your mind? Tropical rain forests, wild elephants, peacocks, water-splashing festivals, ethnic minorities... In the previous article, we listed the 8 most worthwhile tourist attractions in Yunnan, but did not mention Xishuangbanna in Yunnan, because the conclusion felt that the beauty of Xishuangbanna deserves a separate article to describe! If you can't go to Southeast Asia and want to feel the exotic style, why don't you come to Xishuangbanna~~ In summary, I will take stock of the 6 most worthwhile attractions in Xishuangbanna for everyone. Those who have travel plans in Xishuangbanna can collect them~

Fuxian Lake

If you are starting from Kunming, you must first visit Fuxian Lake, the largest deep-water freshwater lake in China. The lake water is crystal clear and translucent, with a blue that can be seen to the end at a glance. It is said that when the wind and waves are calm, standing on a nearby mountain top, you can vaguely see an ancient city under Fuxian Lake. Standing by the Fuxian Lake, Fuxian Lake can feel the beauty of mountains and waters, and the scattered islands of the state. With enough time and equipment, you can also enjoy a sunbathing, or take a hearty swim, or ride a bicycle around the lake for a "self-driving tour". a circle. Isn't traveling just how to relax, how to be comfortable, how to have fun and how to play? Fuxian Lake

Wild Elephant Valley

Xishuangbanna has been known as the "Country of Riding Elephants" since ancient times, so how can you travel to Xishuangbanna without seeing wild elephants? Wild Elephant Valley is located at the junction of the east and west areas of Mengyang Nature Reserve, where not only Asian wild elephants, but also protected animals such as bison, green peacocks, and macaques can be seen. In Wild Elephant Valley, you can watch elephant performances; in addition, if you are lucky, you can also see wild elephants haunt, stroll, bathe, play... In fact, the real charm of Wild Elephant Valley is that it is full of mystery and strangeness. Natural scenery, walking in the virgin forest, listening to the gurgling stream, watching the trees and pavilions, admiring the old stems and flowers... You can temporarily forget the impetuousness and troubles of the city, and feel the touch of nature on the soul! Tropical Rainforest

Mengle Buddha Temple

The Dai people in Xishuangbanna believe in Southern Buddhism, so their Buddhist temples are influenced by Southern Buddhism , full of strong exotic flavors. Strolling in the Mengle Great Buddha Temple, you will see the glorious palace of the Dai King. Every brick and tile is depicting the history and Buddhist culture of the Dai people to tourists! In Mengle Dafo Temple, you can also experience the atmosphere of the Water Splashing Festival, welcome the blessings of the Dai people and feel their enthusiasm; in addition, there are peacock flying activities in the Dafo Temple every day, you can see hundreds of them A performance of a peacock flying. Peacock Flying Water Splashing Festival

Dai Village

If you want to explore the most authentic and simple Xishuangbanna, you must go to the Dai cultural village, the primitive ethnic village The Dai bamboo buildings are intertwined with the countryside, far away from the hustle and bustle of the city and worldly troubles. They have quietly passed on for thousands of years in the embrace of the tropical rainforest surrounded by green bamboo, shady trees and sparse flowers and trees. The Dai Village

Manting Park

was originally the imperial garden of the Dai King in Xishuangbanna. The human landscape with national characteristics. When you are in it, you can not only appreciate the orthodox Southern Buddhism culture, but also feel the tropical rainforest style that protects the summer! Manting Park is connected to the General Buddhist Temple. If you have time, you can continue to check in, no tickets are required, and the building is also magnificent and full of exotic flavors! Manting Park

Internet celebrity check-in place - Xingguang Night Market

Xingguang Night Market is located in Gaozhuang, the most central location in Xishuangbanna, Hong Kong At the foot of the Shwedagon Pagoda, you can meet the religious customs, architecture and local cultural elements you need in photography at one time. There are snacks and small commodities with the most local characteristics here. You can buy Dai costumes and small accessories here. The prices are cheap and it is a folk blockbuster! Summary It is highly recommended that you must come to Xingguang Night Market to watch the fireworks scene in Kaxishuangbanna! Starlight Night Market

Route arrangement (basically including all the above attractions)

  • Day1 Fuxian Lake-Mojiang Tropic of Cancer Sign Park
  • Day2 Wild Elephant Valley-Xingguang Night Market
  • Day3 Manting Park-General Buddhist Temple
  • Day4 Mengle Buddha Temple
  • Day5 Dai Cultural Village

Travel Tips

  • Clothing for summer
  • Xishuangbanna is hot and humid with many mosquitoes, so bring some repellents
  • Shop around when buying small souvenirs
  • Purchase silver jewelry and jewelry with care, and ask for an invoice when consuming.
Well, here is the summary for you. You must not miss a few popular scenic spots when you travel to Xishuangbanna! There are many scenic spots in Xishuangbanna that are very worth visiting. If you have a better scenic spot recommendation or travel strategy, leave a message in the comment area to discuss! I hope every ALICE friend can have a smooth and beautiful journey! Remember to follow the comments and likes!


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