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August tourist summer resort - Zhangjiajie, the most practical scenic spot route strategy, dry goods sharing

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August tourist summer resort - Zhangjiajie, the most practical scenic spot route strategy, dry goods sharing

As the saying goes, "Look at the water in Jiuzhaigou, look at the mountains in Zhangjiajie". In the last article, the summary took you on a tour of the water in Jiuzhaigou. Today, I will show you the magnificent scenery of Zhangjiajie, where "three thousand pinnacles rise from the ground and eight hundred streams meander"! Zhangjiajie Scenic Spot

Zhangjiajie National Forest Park

has dangerous peaks and rocks, deep valleys, secluded streams, beautiful waters, green forests, clouds and fog. . There are more than 90 scenic spots and 6 standard slate trails, with a total length of 42 kilometers. Including the hero of Huangshi Village, the serenity of Jinbianxi, the wonder of Yuanjiajie, the danger of Yaozi Village, the show of Pipa Creek, and the wildness of Shadaogou. Enough time to spend 3-4 days touring. The main attractions in Zhangjiajie: the first bridge in the world, Yuanjiajie, Tianzishan, Huangshizhai, Yangjiajie, Suoxiyu, Jinbianxi, Shili Gallery, etc.
  • Located in the southern part of the scenic spot, Huangshi Village (near Forest Park Ticket Station) is the largest and most concentrated viewing platform in the scenic spot. It is said that if you go to Huangshizhai, you will go to Zhangjiajie in vain.
Huangshizhai morning
  • Jinbianxi Gorge to the east of Huangshizhai is the earliest developed area of ​​the scenic spot. A clear stream passes through the valley. The two sides of the mountain are towering, the trees are lush, and the eyes are full of green. Jinbianxi is the most beautiful boundary of Wulingyuan. After entering from the entrance of Zhangjiajie Forest Park, walk about 300 meters to the entrance of Jinbianxi. Walking through the peaks, valleys and clouds, the stream is bright and clean, and people walk along the clear stream. painting in the middle.
Jinbianxi Canyon
  • The central part of the scenic spot is Yuanjiajie and Yangjiajie. Yuanjiajie is a concentrated scenic spot in the scenic area. There are mountain streams, high waterfalls, lush bamboo forests, lush trees, and the air is very fresh. It is also the suspended mountain "Harry Road" in the movie "Avatar". Ashan" location.
The scenery of Yuanjiajie
  • The northwest of Yuanjiajie is the quiet and mysterious Yangjiajie, where there was a place where bandits lived - Wu Longzhai, as well as Tianbofu, one of the best photography spots in the scenic spot, is composed of dozens of cliffs, uneven, and the scene is tragic and magnificent.
Yangjiajie Small Pond
  • The northernmost part of the scenic spot is Tianzi Mountain. Tianzi Mountain is known as a virgin land of natural scenery with "the beauty of the world is unparalleled, the mountains are high and people don't know it". When you visit Tianzi Mountain, you have the opportunity to watch the four wonders of cloud and mist, moonlit night, sunset and winter snow.
Tianzi Mountain Cloud Sea
  • And in the east of the scenic spot is the Suoxiyu scenic spot (near Wulingyuan Ticket Station), the essence of which is the Shili Gallery, which In the 5-kilometer-long canyon, wild flowers are fragrant, and there are strange peaks and rocks everywhere, like a huge landscape painting, and people walking in the middle are like paintings.
Shili Gallery Food: Sanxia pot, preserved game, kudzu root powder, stir-fried pork, kiwi juice, blood tofu.

Tianmenshan National Forest Park

The second national forest park in Zhangjiajie, named after the natural wonder "Tianmen Cave" . When visiting the scenic spot, you must take a ropeway of about 7,500 meters. You can overlook the Tongtian Avenue and the mountain scenery hovering between the cliffs at the foot of the cable car. Those who are daring can also take a walk on the glass plank road hanging against the wall to experience the excitement of walking in the air. The main attractions of Tianmen Cave Scenic Spot in Tianmen Mountain National Forest Park:
  • [Tianmen Cave] is a natural karst cave that penetrates the mountain, suspended above the Qianxun wall, like a sky inlaid in the sky The gate is a masterpiece of nature's ingenious craftsmanship;
  • [Tongtian Avenue] is named after it leads to Tianmen Cave. Walking through the natural dangers of mountain cliffs and "the world's first highway spectacle"; The roads above and below are all made of transparent glass. People walk on it and see the deep valley below their feet. They feel the joy of walking in the air while trembling with fear.
Tianmen Mountain Glass Plank Road also includes Biye Yaotai Scenic Spot and Seeking Wonderland

Huanglong Cave h1> It is famous for its high and wide caves, deep underground rivers and dense stalagmites. There are many stalactites such as stalactites and stone pillars in the cave, which are colorful under the illumination of lights. In particular, the iconic scenic spot "Dinghaishenzhen" is a 20-meter-high stalactite column with a diameter of only 10 centimeters. The sightseeing route of "both water and land" in Huanglong Cave is also very interesting. Tourists enter the cave and take a walk for a while, then board the boat at the pier beside the dark river in the cave, take a cruise, and enjoy the beautiful scenery along the river and the wonders of stalagmites in the water.

Phoenix Ancient City

The ancient city is surrounded by mountains and rivers, the Tuojiang River runs through the city, and the red sandstone city wall stands on the shore. Nanhua Mountain is lined with the towers of the Qing Dynasty. On the river under the north gate of the ancient city, there is a narrow wooden bridge with stone as a pier, which was the passage out of the city in those days. The bluestone slab streets in the city, the stilted buildings by the Tuojiang River, numerous ancient buildings and strong customs form a unique Xiangxi charm. Main attractions: Hongqiao Wind and Rain Tower, Tuojiang Rock Jumping, Former Residence of Shen Congwen, Ancient City Museum, Chongde Hall, etc. Food: Phoenix Jelly, Phoenix Ginger Candy, Blood Duck, Miaojia Sour Soup, Miaojia Vegetable Tofu

Xiangxi Miao Village

This is the ancient gathering place of the original Miao villagers. Entering the ancient Miao village of Ganziying: the ancient barracks and beacon towers flow with the vicissitudes of history. , warm and sincere.

Furong Town

, formerly known as "Wangcun", is a "millennium hanging on waterfall" Old Town". The film "Furong Town" directed by Xie Jin and starring Liu Xiaoqing and Jiang Wen became famous here and was renamed "Furong Town". After entering the ancient town from the entrance, you can walk along the old street covered with bluestone slabs in the ancient town. On both sides of the old street, many local houses are preserved. The walls of many houses are spliced ​​together with wooden boards. Many wooden boards have been discolored and blackened, and they have unknowingly marked the mark of the years. The thousand-year-old town hanging on the waterfall

Tusi Palace

This is an ancient Tujia cottage, a holy place in the heart of the Tujia people. Intoxicating Tujia wine at the door, mysterious Tujia ancestor worship activities, Tujia historical relics exhibition, Tujia folk customs demonstration, etc. Among them, "Jiuzhongtian" and "Qianren Maogusi" won two Guinness bests in the world. It is a large-scale folk cultural attraction that condenses the farming culture, military and warfare culture of the Tujia people, the history of Tusi, architectural art, arts and crafts, folk customs and daily life. Friends who love to travel can pay attention to me, I will share different tourist attractions and play strategies every day! Where have you been? What is your favorite scenery? Where do you want to travel? Welcome friends to leave a message in the comment area to discuss!

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