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Don't know where to go in August? Don't miss these beautiful ancient towns

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Don't know where to go in August? Don't miss these beautiful ancient towns

Speaking of the famous ancient towns in China, you will definitely think of Lijiang Ancient Town, Pingyao Ancient Town, Phoenix Ancient Town... In addition to these, there are many small but worthwhile ancient towns in China. Today, I will recommend 7 rare towns Mentioned ancient town!

Qingyan Ancient Town

Qingyan Ancient Town is located in Huaxi District, the southern suburb of Guiyang City, where a large number of ancient buildings from the Ming and Qing Dynasties are well preserved. The filming of the movie "Looking for a Gun" made Qingyan Ancient Town known to more people. The buildings of the ancient town are built on the mountain, and the city wall is built on the cliff with boulders. The exquisite stone carving and wood carving craftsmanship of the buildings in the town are a major attraction. The ancient post road paved with slate is complicated with twists and turns. There are local specialty shops on both sides of the street. Special snacks such as braised pig’s feet, roasted tofu, and rose candy are also unique. Friends who love photography at night in Qingyan Ancient Town recommend this characteristic stone alley in the ancient town - Beijie. The streets and alleys paved with bluestone slabs have been washed and tempered for hundreds of years, and the light can be seen, deep and quiet. Along the street is a courtyard wall built with layers of stones. The road is narrow and quiet, undulating along the mountain, which is an excellent location for photography. Qingyan Ancient Town Street View Tips: Most of the scenic spots in the town are ancient buildings of different styles, and each scenic spot is charged separately. If you come for the first time, you can buy a joint ticket to sweep the scenic spots in the ancient city. If you just spend a leisurely time in the ancient city, you can choose several attractions to buy separately according to your needs. A corner of Qingyan Ancient Town

Xingping Ancient Town

is located on the banks of the Lijiang River in the north of Yangshuo and is an important tourist town in Yangshuo. Although the ancient town is not big, don't underestimate it, it has a history of more than 1700 years. The outline of the city wall is still clear, and the ancient streets, ancient bridges, ancient theaters, ancient temples, etc. can be seen everywhere in the ancient town. Walking in the city, through these ancient bricks and ancient tiles, it seems to see the bustling and bustling scene of the original city. There is a pier with bamboo rafts drifting on the riverside of the ancient town. You can take a boat to the "Yellow Cloth Reflection" landscape, which is also the scene of the pattern on the back of 20 yuan. Xingping Ancient Town Ancient Stage

Yangshuo West Street

West Street is the most historic street in Yangshuo. The streets paved with betel nut pattern marble are dark green and shiny; on both sides of the street are low brick houses left over from the Qing Dynasty, white and pink walls and red windows, revealing the simplicity and elegance of Lingnan architecture. Different from the beautiful natural scenery of other ancient towns, what is fascinating here is its strong humanistic style. Stone Road, North Guangxi folk houses, bars, restaurants, hotels, folk artists, rock climbing bars, tourists of different skin colors, etc., "West Street" can be called everything. Walking on the West Street, you can feel what is in the world. Fireworks! Yangshuo West Street Night View

Taohuayuan Ancient Town

"Peach Blossomyuan Ancient Town" is located in Changde, Hunan, which is a famous land of fish and rice. There are people in the so-called Peach Blossom Spring. There are thousands of years old pines and ten thousand green bamboos in the mountains; there are secluded springs and blue lakes in the water; there are small bridges and flowing water on the roads, and ancient roads with setting sun; The humanities of sages and monks leaving traces; there are also myths about the tortoise drilling a well and Chen Bi digging a hole. All of them tell tourists what "Xanadu" is. Taohuayuan Ancient Town

Furong Town

This is a "millennium ancient town hanging on a waterfall". On the rocks, a waterfall with a drop of tens of meters hangs at the foot of the ancient town. The Tujia Diaojiao Building in Yejing Town, Furong Town is built close to the waterfall. The waterfall water flows into the "Tuwang Palace" next to the Youshui River Waterfall. This is the residence of the frontier Tusi, and the vicinity of the "Xinggong" is also the best place to watch the whole town. , you can see the Diaojiaolou, waterfalls and Youshui River under the waterfalls. Walking along the old street covered with bluestone slabs in the ancient town, passing the walls of the residential buildings that have been washed away by the years, it seems to be reading the history of the ancient town.


Zengcuo'an is located on the Huandao Road in Xiamen. Strictly speaking, it is no longer an ancient town. Now, it has slowly transformed from a simple seaside fishing village into a hot cultural and creative village today. But if you are willing to take the time to walk into it and savor it slowly, you will find that it still stubbornly retains the simplicity of the fishing village. Hidden in the ravings of the red brick ancient house. Zengcuo'an Fuhai Palace

Shuhe Ancient Town

Everyone knows that there is an ancient city of Lijiang in Dali, but few people know that in Dali There is also a quiet Shuhe Ancient Town next to the ancient city of Lijiang. It is a well-preserved and important market town on the Ancient Tea-Horse Road, and a living specimen of the Naxi ancestors' transition from farming civilization to commercial civilization. Shuhe Ancient Town Suhe Ancient Town is surrounded by mountains and rivers, with scattered houses, gurgling water between alleys, black and bright bluestones, mottled stone slopes, old people sitting idle... It is so quiet and simple! Shuhe Ancient Town
Friends who love to travel can pay attention to me, I will share different tourist attractions and play strategies every day! Where have you been? What is your favorite scenery? Where do you want to travel? Welcome friends to leave a message in the comment area to discuss!

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