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The train is officially opened! An underestimated livable retirement town in Yunnan is about to become popular

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The train is officially opened! An underestimated livable retirement town in Yunnan is about to become popular

Yunnan is a very magical province in China. It is not only a popular tourist destination, but also has many world-class landscapes. It is also the province with the best comprehensive climate. There are places to avoid the cold in winter, such as Xishuangbanna, Yuanjiang, Hekou, and summer. Cities such as Dali and Lijiang, as well as wellness places suitable for year-round living and retirement, such as Tengchong and Pu'er. In Yunnan, there is still a low-key and almost forgotten old-age and livable city. With the opening of the bullet train last week, it began to enter people's field of vision. This is Baoshan. At 10:00 on July 22, the C296 Fuxing EMU train from Baoshan to Dali slowly left Baoshan Station, which also marked the official opening of the much-anticipated Dali-Baoshan section of the Dali-Russia Railway, and also announced the end of the road to Baoshan. The history of trains. Baoshan, the most low-key livable city in Yunnan, is about to become a popular retirement destination, a popular "sweet pastry". Baoshan was called Yongchang in ancient times. During the Warring States Period, it was Ailao State. In the Eastern Han Dynasty, it was Yongchang County, which was the second largest county at that time. The Tang Dynasty set up Jiwei Prefecture, and Nanzhao set up Tengchong Mansion. The geographical location is important and it is an important town on the Ancient Tea-Horse Road. It has been guarded by heavy troops in all dynasties. It is called "the first city in the extreme border". Make it famous at home and abroad. Baoshan has an excellent ecological environment and abundant natural resources. It is one of the more than 30 regions with the richest biodiversity in the world, and it is the first barrier for bio-ecological safety in Southwest China. Baoshan is a low-key livable city, and its popularity in China is far less than that of Tengchong, a county-level city under its jurisdiction. Tengchong is known as the most beautiful town in China. In the past two years, its popularity has already overshadowed its owner, Baoshan. It is the most sought-after livable retirement place in Yunnan. The housing price is soaring, but the climate and living facilities must be considered. Look, Baoshan is more suitable for retirement. When I introduced Tengchong in the past, it was said that there is no cold winter in winter and no heat in summer. The editor has studied the historical weather of Tengchong and Baoshan. In terms of climate, the climate of Baoshan is milder and more suitable for living. Baoshan is 1,650 meters above sea level, and the air circulation is very good. The climate here is very "nurturing". There is no Kunming heat in summer, no Kunming cold in winter, and cool summer. The temperature from July to August is 26-28 degrees. In winter, there is plenty of sunshine here. The coldest January is a low temperature of 4-9°C and a high temperature of 16-21°C. It is one of the few cities in Yunnan where there is no sweltering heat in summer and no severe cold in winter. Humidity is an important climatic indicator that most affects physical sensation. Compared with Tengchong, Baoshan's climate is dry and humid, not as humid as Tengchong, so it is most appropriate to use "warm" to describe Baoshan's climate, and Baoshan is more suitable for the title of "Spring City". Longyang District is the only urban area in Baoshan, with Jingxiu Mountain Taibao Park in the west, Dongshan Forest Park in the east, and Qinghuahai Wetland Park in the city. The climate and air quality rate is above 98% all year round. Qinghuahai National Wetland Park, as an important ecological barrier in the urban area of ​​Baoshan, has beautiful scenery, lotus flowers are in full bloom, and you can also see the world's rare bird Pochard. Baoshan has perfect infrastructure and spacious and clean city streets. From the perspective of prices, housing prices and consumption levels, Baoshan's sojourn and elderly care are more cost-effective. The price level of Baoshan is not high, and the house price is even cheaper. The average house price in Tengchong fluctuates around 10,000 yuan. The price of a better house is about 14,000, while the house in Baoshan is much cheaper, with an average price of only 7,000 to 8,000 yuan. between. In terms of medical conditions, Baoshan City has more obvious advantages. There are two tertiary hospitals in Baoshan City People's Hospital and Baoshan City Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital. Tengchong has only County People's Hospital and no tertiary hospital. Culture is the blood of a city and the spiritual home of its citizens. Baoshan has a long history and profound cultural accumulation. Ailao culture and Yongchang culture have a long history. In the Ming and Qing Dynasties, there were countless scholars, and many officials went to the Ministry of Household Secretary, the head of the Ministry of War, and the governor of Zhejiang. It can be seen that Baoshan culture is extremely prosperous. It has also formed the character characteristics of Baoshan people's introverted, unassuming, and easy-going. Baoshan's tourism resources are rich and layered. There are both beautiful natural scenery and historical cultural attractions, hot springs, wetlands, volcano parks, ginkgo villages in autumn, and Gaoligong Mountain is recognized by domestic and foreign hiking enthusiasts. Paradise. When you go to Baoshan, don’t forget to visit Yong’an Pavilion, Jade Emperor Pavilion, Reclining Buddha Temple and Longtan Temple in Changning. There is a history of Baoshan, Yongzi Qiyuan, Jinji Ancient Town, Ginkgo Village, Qiluo Wenchang Palace, and Wild Boar Qing Bridge. , are classics worth a visit. Baoshan is a place with a strong sense of family and country. During World War II, this was the main battlefield soaked by the blood of the expeditionary army. There were the National Memorial Cemetery in Tengchong, as well as the Anti-Japanese War sites of Longling and Shidian, such as Huitong Bridge, Songshan Battle Site, and the site of the old Yunnan-Burma Highway. Tour with condolences. Baoshan, a small town with a slow pace of life and a comfortable and leisurely life, used to be an underrated livable place for the elderly due to inconvenient transportation. Now it has entered the era of motor vehicles. This once neglected city may be the next value depression in Yunnan. . Welcome to pay attention to the monsoon in Muztagh, let us see the world together.

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