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There are 6 cities in China that are suitable for living and living in a warm, comfortable and slow life. Choose one to live in for a few days.

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There are 6 cities in China that are suitable for living and living in a warm, comfortable and slow life. Choose one to live in for a few days.

With the faster and faster pace of modern life, people's pressure is also increasing, so many people are looking for poetry and distance, hoping to find a slow-paced place to relax and relax. In China, there are 6 cities suitable for sojourning and living. You can live comfortably and slowly. Pick one for a few days. 1. Yangzhou Yangzhou is located between the two major water systems of the Yangtze River and the Huaihe River. The Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal passes through the city. The four seasons are distinct and the climate is mild. It can be called an "eternal city", and there is a kind of comfort called Yangzhou in the misty rain. Yangzhou has a very long history and has been ranked among the top ten cities in China for more than a thousand years, making it the richest city in the world. Today's Yangzhou has lost its prosperity as it used to be, but the ancient alleys and green bricks and tiles here are still filled with the ancient charm of history. When the streets are quiet in the morning and the whole city is still sleeping, the teahouse is already full of people, ordering a plate of three diced buns and a pot of tea, and the leisurely Yangzhou begins in one day, this poetic slow life It reflects the wealth and leisure of the city. Some people say that Yangzhou is "lazy". In fact, Yangzhou is just a slow city in its bones. People who have been to Yangzhou have this feeling. Time is stretched here. Behind this extreme slow rhythm, it reflects this thousand-year-old ancient city. Accustomed to the wind and rain, there is a kind of indifference and leisure that is prosperous and read. Recommended attractions: Slender West Lake, Daming Temple, Ge Garden, He Garden, Yangzhou Museum, Cornelian Bay. 2. Chengdu Although Chengdu is located in the southwest corner, it is an extraordinary city no matter the past or the present. The city is a legend. Since the Warring States Period, Chengdu has been ranked among the top ten cities in China. Today, Chengdu is leisurely, comfortable, comfortable and refined. It is the capital city with the slowest pace in China, but it still does not prevent her from becoming the leader of the new first-tier cities. The charming charm of the city. Chengdu is both traditional and fashionable. Ascetic culture and market culture are compatible, making the city's idle space full of human fireworks, row upon row of teahouses, restaurants, bustling people on the street, a bowl of Gaiwan tea from People's Park, lying on a bamboo chair Enjoying the ear, the slow time in Chengdu is so fascinating, and it is the most leisure place with Chinese cultural characteristics. There are countless delicacies here, and the scenic spots are even more memorable. The happiness index has been ranked first for 11 consecutive years. It is a place where you really don’t want to go. It is not only suitable for wandering and relaxing, but also suitable for living and retirement. Recommended attractions: Wuhou Temple, Du Fu Thatched Cottage, Kuanzhai Alley, Jinli, Chunxi Road, Taikoo Li, Jinsha Site, Panda Base, Dujiangyan III, Tengchong and Tengchong The climate is pleasant, the four seasons are like spring, winter can avoid cold, summer can avoid heat, forest Rich in resources, it is a "natural oxygen bar" and is known as one of the most suitable places for human habitation. Tengchong has a unique cultural temperament. As a country with rich historical heritage, Stone City was built here in the Ming Dynasty. The perfect combination of traditional culture and modern life has made Tengchong a small town with its own beauty and happiness. It has the charm of nature and humanities, and has a strong nostalgia and home flavor. The essence of Tengchong lies in "quietness" and slow life. There is no hustle and bustle of business here, no busy footsteps, just the smoke in life and the poetry and distance you want. This place is more like a paradise, and it is full of the fireworks of the world, soaking in hot springs, watching the stars, watching the old people drinking tea and chatting on the rocking chairs in the sunny yard, watching the children running and playing games in the yard, it is very pleasant . "The mountains are good, the water is good, open the door and smile without worry; come in a hurry, go in a hurry, drink a coffee table and cup everything", this couplet on the door of a house expresses the life attitude of Tengchong people. Delicious, oily but not greasy, sour and spicy, life is silky yet romantic, in this increasingly noisy world, if you want to find a real soul habitat, then come to Tengchong. Recommended attractions: Heshun Town, Ginkgo Village, Tengchong Hot Sea, Volcano National Park, Beihai Wetland, National Memorial Cemetery, Dieshui Waterfall 4. Haikou When it comes to Hainan, everyone will think of Sanya. However, the authentic slow life of Hainan is in Haikou. This is a slower and more relaxed and comfortable city than Chengdu. Although it is not as charming as Sanya, it is still sunny, shady with green trees, fresh air, a long coastline, coconut trees all over the city, and quiet communities. In this laid-back city, a group of laid-back people live. The biggest feature of this city is leisure. There is no tense rhythm here, no noisy fireworks, daily life is not rushed, bowls of rice noodles in the morning, Dad tea in the afternoon, eat comfortably, drink leisurely, and have dinner. Then go to the beach for a walk, just let the time pass, soothing and comfortable, this is the slow life in Haikou. Recommended attractions: Arcade Old Street, Qiongtai Academy, Wanlv Garden, Holiday Beach, Wugong Temple, Dongzhaigang Mangrove Forest, Crater National Geopark. Feng Xiaogang Film Commune 5. Zhenjiang Zhenjiang is the smallest city in Jiangsu, but its ancient charm is not inferior to that of Nanjing and Suzhou. It has a rich history, rich cultural heritage, blue bricks and black tiles, and ancient carved fences. Every corner of this city contains stories about the old Zhenjiang, which is an important birthplace of Wu culture. Zhenjiang has a beautiful environment and picturesque landscapes. It has both the delicate and graceful gardens in the south of the Yangtze River, and the natural atmosphere of the mountains and rivers. Life is leisurely and slow-paced. When you come to Zhenjiang to live for three or two days, you can go to Jinshan Temple and go to Jinshan Lake. Go boating, go to Xijin Ferry and slowly turn around, to experience its slow life atmosphere. This quiet city, low-key and reserved, is often overlooked. The consumption here is not high, the housing price is the lowest in Jiangsu, there is no need to queue anywhere, and the transportation is convenient and not congested. You can reach Nanjing, Changzhou, Wuxi within 20 minutes by high-speed rail, and an hour. Going to Shanghai, a treasure city that you will never regret, is suitable for both sojourn and retirement. This is a city of gourmet food, delicious and unique, crab yellow soup dumplings, thin and juicy, Zhenjiang balsamic vinegar, fragrant and slightly sweet, the longer it is stored, the more mellow the taste, a bowl of authentic Zhenjiang pot noodles, the soup is very rich , the noodles are chewy, the cultural heritage of the city is all hidden in this strong umami taste. Tired of the noisy and bustling city, you might as well go to Zhenjiang, this Buddhist town in the south of the Yangtze River has the slow life you want. Recommended attractions: Jinshan Lake, Beigu Building, Nanshan Mountain, Zhulin Temple, Xijin Ancient Ferry, Jiaoshan Mountain, Zhenjiang Museum, Baohua Mountain. 6. Huzhou Huzhou has clear mountains and rivers, worships culture and emphasizes education, and has a profound historical background. It is the birthplace of silk culture, tea culture and Hubi culture. Although the economy is not developed, it has a unique urban temperament. This is what Huzhou people call "Bai Tan". , meaning unhurried, unhurried, slow-paced small town. With green mountains and green waters, beautiful and leisurely, Huzhou not only has a different kind of rural style, but also has many scenic spots. The "Eight Sceneries of Wuxing" and "Three Wonders of Huzhou", the natural and cultural landscapes are extremely beautiful. It is no wonder that more than 700 years ago, the poet Dai Biaoyuan of the Yuan Dynasty once sighed after his travels, "Walking all over the beautiful and beautiful places in the south of the Yangtze River, I only live in Huzhou in life". Huzhou has a vertical and horizontal river port, rippling lakes, black tiles and gray walls, and small bridges and flowing water. Since ancient times, it has been a water town in the south of the Yangtze River. There are the most tender details in the south of the Yangtze River, and there is tranquility hidden in the hustle and bustle. The environment is clean, the high-speed rail is directly connected, the products are rich, the food is delicious, it is suitable for living, and it is also an ideal place for retirement. Nanxun Ancient Town, an ancient town with original inhabitants, fireworks, a combination of Chinese and Western styles and a leisurely personality, Zeng Fujia has a very cultural heritage, making people linger. Mogan Mountain, with lush vegetation and green shade like the sea, is a paradise as beautiful as a fairyland, cool and pleasant in summer, and is one of the four major summer resorts in the country. Recommended attractions: Moon Bay, Yishang Street, Xiaoxi Street, Nanxun Ancient Town, Huzhou Film and Television City, Mogan Mountain, Anji Bamboo Sea, Tianhuangping Power Station, Dazhuhai, Hubi Museum Welcome to pay attention to the monsoon in Muztag, let us Let's see the world together.

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