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3 "inconspicuous" small towns in Zhejiang, leisurely and slow-paced, choose one city to die, which one would you choose

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3 "inconspicuous" small towns in Zhejiang, leisurely and slow-paced, choose one city to die, which one would you choose

Zhejiang has been a land of beautiful mountains and rivers and outstanding people since ancient times. Now Zhejiang is recognized as the most prosperous province. It is not only modern and prosperous, but also has a balanced development. The 11 cities in the province have their own charm, but in terms of environment and living comfort Look, the following three cities are the most suitable for retirement. If you choose one city to end your life, which one would you choose? 1. Everyone in Lishui has a Jiangnan in his heart, and Lishui is the Jiangnan hidden in the mountains of Zhejiang. Lishui has a long history and profound cultural heritage. It was called Chuzhou in ancient times, and it was originally named in the Sui Dynasty. Today's Lishui's economy is not developed. Last year's GDP was only 171 billion yuan, ranking 10th among 11 cities in Zhejiang. According to the data, Lishui is relatively backward, but it is the city with the best ecology and the best environment in Zhejiang. Lishui is the birthplace of the Oujiang, Minjiang and other water systems. There are Huangmaojian, the first peak in Zhejiang, and Baishanzu, the second peak. There are more than 3,000 peaks above 1,000 meters above sea level in the territory, and the city's forest coverage rate is 79.1%. , air quality and water environment are among the top ten in the country, and it is known as "Southern Zhejiang Forest Sea" and "East China Natural Oxygen Bar". Lishui has a beautiful living environment and is a small town in the style of a water town in the south of the Yangtze River. The 800-mile Oujiang River runs through the whole territory, Nanming Mountain and Baiyun Mountain embrace Lishui City, the Oujiang River sails shadows, fishing boats sing late, comfortable and comfortable, like a paradise, it is a rare livable place for the elderly. Nanming Lake is the core of Lishui's landscape ecological city. There are pavilions and pavilions in the green belt, and the landscape features are distinctive. It is the most distinctive "green corridor" and "leisure corridor" in Lishui city. Yingxing Tower is known as the first building of Chinese astrological culture. The historical and cultural elements of the Southern Song Dynasty have endowed it with new historical connotations. Nanmingmen, also known as Dashuimen, is composed of urn city, city walls and city towers, with a history of 750 years. Lishui is rich in tourism resources, and the counties and cities under its jurisdiction have different landscapes and scenery. Nanjianyan is a place where you can see the sea of ​​clouds most of the time of the year. The sea of ​​clouds, strange peaks, terraced fields and waterfalls complement each other. It is a "photography paradise" in Jiangsu and Zhejiang. Qingyuan Covered Bridge, each village here has one or two covered bridges, and the covered bridges here are amazing, without a single nail, which is a must in the world. In the immortal capital of Jinyun, the rugged rocks and the beautiful shadows of ancient villages together constitute a poetic painting environment. Tongji Weir, with a history of more than 1,500 years, is one of the five major water conservancy irrigation projects in ancient China, and it still exerts huge irrigation efficiency. When you come to Lishui, don’t forget to taste the authentic delicacies here, such as Qingyuan mushrooms, Suichang winter bamboo shoots, Anren fish head, Jinyun biscuits, and Qingtian sugar cakes, which give this place the reputation of “Hometown of Treasures of Mountains”. Second, Huzhou has heaven above and Suzhou and Hangzhou below. Between Suzhou and Hangzhou, there is a low-key ancient city in the south of the Yangtze River, which is Huzhou. Huzhou is the only city in the Taihu Lake region named after the lake. It is an ancient city in the south of the Yangtze River with a history of more than 2,300 years. In the history of Huzhou, there are many talents and a great collection of humanities. Huzhou is located in the Hangjiahu Plain, with superior geographical advantages. Since ancient times, there has been a dense water network and a suitable climate here. Since the Song Dynasty, agriculture has been quite developed. In the Ming and Qing dynasties, Huzhou reached its most glorious peak. "Suhu is cooked, and the world is full". Compared with the prominence of history, Huzhou is very low-key now. With a population of more than 3 million, it has achieved a GDP of 364.4 billion yuan. Walking on the land of Huzhou today, you will be surprised to find that in the economically developed Yangtze River Delta. In the metropolitan area, there is also an ecological Huzhou with green mountains and clear waters, beautiful and leisurely. Huzhou is a typical city in the south of the Yangtze River, with small bridges and flowing water, warm and bright. Compared with the carvings in Suzhou and the fireworks in Hangzhou, Huzhou is simple and quiet, natural and simple, and has a unique Jiangnan temperament. Huzhou has perfect facilities, developed transportation and good cultural atmosphere. It is 75 kilometers away from Hangzhou and 160 kilometers away from Shanghai. At present, the Nanjing-Hangzhou high-speed railway and the Shanghe-Hangzhou high-speed railway have been opened. Today's Huzhou has fresh air, good water quality, clean streets, and high-quality residents. Vehicles will take the initiative to give way to pedestrians. When encountering difficulties, "Red Vest" volunteers will provide necessary help. The pace of life here is slow and there is an enviable leisure life. The prices here are not low, but the housing prices are not high. The average price per square meter is 14,700 yuan, ranking second to last in the province. It is the best and most livable town in the Yangtze River Delta. Even the Song Dynasty poet Dai Biaoyuan once sighed when he arrived in Huzhou. : "Traveling all over the beautiful land in the south of the Yangtze River, I only live in Huzhou in my life." Huzhou, where the ancient charm still exists, has never been short of scenery. In Huzhou, you can see beautiful China. Moon Bay, where there are the most striking landmark buildings in Huzhou, Moon Bay at the beginning of the lantern, the fantastic lighting art makes the night here bright. Nanxun Ancient Town, once rich and culturally rich, is the first ancient town in the south of the Yangtze River. Compared with Wuzhen and Zhouzhuang, it is more like a forgotten ancient town, with original residents, fireworks, and Chinese and Western A combination of style and casual personality. Clothes Street, an ancient street that existed in the Song Dynasty, has become a prosperous commercial area today, with intact antique buildings on both sides of the street. Mogan Mountain, with lush vegetation and green shade like the sea, has more than 200 old European-style villas. The climate is cool and pleasant in summer, and it is a popular summer resort in the south. 3. Zhoushan Zhoushan is not suitable for starting a business, but it is very suitable for retirement. Zhoushan has a beautiful environment and a pleasant climate. The air quality here has been ranked among the top five cities in the country for many years. Today, many places are plagued by smog. Zhoushan still has clear air, blue sky and white clouds. The greening here is good and the vegetation coverage rate is high. , is a real natural oxygen bar, is a rare holiday, sojourn and retirement resort. Although Zhoushan is now full of high-rise buildings, it is still a warm city in its heart. The people of Zhoushan are straightforward and open-minded, simple and friendly, with a strong market atmosphere but without losing the cultural heritage. The life here is very leisurely, the pace is very slow, the human environment is unique, and there is a kind of transcendence. The realm of the world. Although Zhoushan's comprehensive urban strength is not strong, its per capita GDP is not weak. Last year, Zhoushan's GDP reached 170.3 billion yuan, and its per capita GDP reached 146,000 yuan, ranking third in the province. Although Zhoushan is an island city, it has complete functions and complete supporting facilities. There are three tertiary hospitals here, and the medical services can fully meet the needs of the elderly and vacation. The transportation here is convenient and fast. From cross-sea bridges, mountain tunnels, to ships and planes, Zhoushan has formed a complete three-dimensional transportation network. Zhoushan has a first-class environment, good air, good water quality, and first-class food. However, because it is an island city, the cost of living is high and the consumption level is not low. However, the housing price here is not high. Compared with Hangzhou, it is the price of cabbage, so the cost of pension in Zhoushan is not high. Many people in Zhejiang regard Zhoushan as their preferred pension destination. Putuo Mountain, this is a sea-sky Buddhist country, a Buddhist resort, a pillar of fragrance, which brings peace of mind, so the atmosphere of Zhoushan is the most suitable for the elderly. Dongji Island, the easternmost island in my country, has a beautiful island style and strong and simple fisherman's characteristics. Goji Island, known as the Little Greece of the East, has beautiful coastlines, sunshine, beaches and hidden quaint little villages. Flower and Bird Island, where there is a Mediterranean-style blue and white dreamland, a rare "blue tear", is known as the Chinese version of Santorini. Zhoushan is also a food city. As the largest fishing ground in China, the seafood here is rich in variety, fat and delicious, especially the hairtail and squid. Red creamed soy crab, Zhoushan hairtail, yellow croaker, smoked pomfret, cuttlefish and snail are the most popular dishes here. Welcome to pay attention to the monsoon in Muztagh, let us see the world together.

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