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Have a fun summer at the amusement park! 10 of the most fun amusement parks in Shenzhen, you must know

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Have a fun summer at the amusement park! 10 of the most fun amusement parks in Shenzhen, you must know

Amusement parks are generally a good place to check in on weekends and walk babies. It is also a good place for parents and children to play in summer. Both adults and children can have a good time. There are also many super fun amusement parks in Shenzhen. Let’s go to these amusement parks in Shenzhen together this summer. Have a happy summer! The 10 most fun amusement parks in Shenzhen, you must know~ What are the amusement parks in Shenzhen: Shenzhen Happy Valley, Shenzhen East Overseas Chinese Town, Shenzhen Bell Nature Discovery Park, Big Dream Discovery Park, Shenzhen Children's Park, Guanlan Ecological Water Park, Meteor Valley Happy World, Bright Grass Skating Amusement Park, Kaisa Water World, Yunli Dreamland, etc.

1. Shenzhen Happy Valley

Shenzhen Happy Valley is one of the most popular attractions in Shenzhen. The park is divided into nine themes In the area, there are a lot of fun and interesting projects, as well as many parent-child play projects, decompress and relax, and have fun here~ Coupled with a number of play projects of water and land carnival, the excitement is doubled, the joy is doubled, and it is cool and fun!

2. OCT East Shenzhen

OCT East is a large-scale ecological resort, with mountains and sea, beautiful scenery and fresh air . The OCT Resort has a beautiful environment, where you can feel the coolness brought by the breeze between the mountains and the sea, and there are many recreational activities in the scenic area, with many choices, and there are also some characteristic performances, which are suitable for the elderly and children to play together. It is worth punching in.

3. Shenzhen Bell Nature Discovery Park

Bell Nature Discovery Park is an indoor amusement park and a good place for walking babies in Shenzhen. The area is very large, and the exterior architecture is also very stylish. Stepping into the park is like stepping into a dream world, where you can interact with super cute animals. The whole park is divided into three halls, where children can get close to small animals.

4. Big Dream Discovery Park

Big Dream Discovery Park is a must-see amusement park in Shenzhen, covering more than 30,000 square meters. It is also the largest indoor park in Shenzhen, with 8 theme halls and a lot of play items waiting for everyone to explore. Both adults and children can have a good time and it is suitable for the whole family to check in.

5. Shenzhen Children's Paradise

Shenzhen Children's Paradise can enter the park for free. The park is divided into four areas, which are free here. There are many projects, and some of the charging projects are not very expensive. It is really a fun, conscientious, and cost-effective amusement park.

6. Guanlan Ecological Water Park

This is a water amusement park and a national 4A-level tourist attraction. It is also a water play area in summer. A must-check water park, although the scenic area is not too large, it has a unique Lingnan Hakka water town style, with water parks, mobile games, zoos and other projects, it is still very pleasant to play here.

7. Meteor Valley Happy World

Meteor Valley Happy World is a large theme amusement park. The scenery in the park is very good, the play items are also very complete, you can play freely, and there are some mobile items to play, which are thrilling and exciting.

8. Bright Grass Skating Amusement Park

Bright Grass Skating Amusement Park can be said to be an old-fashioned amusement park in Shenzhen. Humans have a lot of memories. The amusement park is surrounded by mountains, the environment is beautiful, the air is fresh, there are many fun amusement projects, and you can enjoy a different kind of passion under the blue sky and white clouds.

9. Kaisa Water World

In summer, it is time to visit the colorful water world! There are many water sports activities here, which are very suitable for parent-child play. The colorful water park can be seen as a blockbuster with just one shot.

10. Yunli Dreamland

Yunli Dreamland is also an amusement park with free tickets, although the park is not very large , but every project and area of ​​the park is designed to be dreamy, children can also have a good time, and taking pictures and punching cards is beyond the film! Walking into the amusement park, both adults and children can have fun all day long, collect them, go to the holiday play~ Shenzhen's fun amusement parks are all here, just check in when you have time~ Disclaimer: 1. The picture comes from the Internet , the copyright belongs to the original author; 2. There is no necessary connection between the text and the picture, and it is only for readers' reference; 3. We focus on personal learning and sharing, and do not make any commercial use or profit, because non-original views or pictures cannot be used. Contact the copyright owner one by one. If the original author or editor thinks that the work should not be online for everyone to browse, or should not be used for free, please contact us in time to notify us to delete it, so as to avoid losses to both parties.
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