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Top 5 Henan Ancient Towns Recommended

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Top 5 Henan Ancient Towns Recommended

The meaning of travel is to meet a different self. Therefore, you don’t have to be demanding luxury or distance. The key is to follow your heart. The dream of traveling around the world is always beautiful. Before spring arrives, everyone should go out with their loved ones. Let's have fun, bring your good mood on weekends, and drive around Henan together~ 1. Zhuxian Town, Kaifeng was built in the early Warring States Period. Named after the fief. 2. Nanyang Credit Store Ancient Town The credit store town has a long history. In the Qing Dynasty, it was one of the four famous towns in Henan Province (Zhuxian Town, Huiguo Town and Jingziguan Town). Shengdian Town is a well-known commercial ancient town, which has always been known as the "Giant Town in Southern Henan". 3. Jingziguan Town, Xichuan Jingziguan Town is located in the northwest of Xichuan County, Nanyang City, Henan Province. It is located in the junction of Henan, Hubei and Shaanxi provinces. say. The buildings on "One Street in the Qing Dynasty" maintain the style of the Qing Dynasty and are one of the most well-preserved buildings in the Qing Dynasty in northern my country. 4. Yongcheng Mangshan Town Mangshan Town is the place where Liu Bang, the ancestor of the Han Dynasty, revolted against snakes, and Chen Sheng, the leader of the peasant uprising at the end of the Qin Dynasty, is buried here; the tombs of King Liang of the Han Dynasty are dotted, and the ancient temple fair of Mangdang Mountain, which has been passed down for thousands of years, is staged here every year. . Mangshan Town is a tourist attraction integrating landscape, humanities and folk customs in Henan Province. 5. Shenlong Town, Yuzhou is located in the remnants of Funiu Mountain, with beautiful mountains and rivers. There are many scenic spots and historical sites in the territory, such as Lingquan Temple, Huaxi Tower, Zushi Temple, Dengyu Village, Junyao Ruins and so on. The cultural accumulation makes the human landscape and tourism resources of the goddess unique. Speaking of which, are you excited in front of the screen? Please leave a message in the comment area to express your opinion! If you like it, remember to like + subscribe!


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