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Where to go for a 2-day self-driving tour around Liupanshui

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Where to go for a 2-day self-driving tour around Liupanshui

Liupanshui is a typical karst landform. There are many scenic spots and natural and cultural landscapes here. We went to Liupanshui for a self-driving tour this weekend! 1. Yushe National Forest Park Yushe National Forest Park is the first national-level scenic spot in Liupanshui City. The park is located in Shuicheng County, in the upper reaches of the Pearl River system. It is the highest forest park in Guizhou. The transportation is convenient, there are Shuibai Railway and two waterlines to reach the scenic spot. 2. Minghu National Wetland Park Minghu National Wetland Park is located in the west of downtown Liupanshui. It is a new landmark building at the west exit of Liupanshui City. Minghu Wetland Park is the first national wetland park in Guizhou Province. The clear lake water is connected with the natural mountains on the west side. 3. Wumeng Mountain National Geopark Wumeng Mountain National Geopark is characterized by the peak of Wumeng Mountain and the karst geology of the eastern slope of the plateau, with the Beipanjiang Karst Grand Canyon as the main body, and has the formation of various periods since the Cenozoic on the eastern slope of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. The various types of karst geological relics and landform landscapes are praised as a large geological museum by geologists and scholars, and it is an ideal place to study karst. 4. Yezhong Nature Reserve The Yezhong Nature Reserve is located in the Beipanjiang section of Yezhong Township, Shuicheng County, and is a provincial nature reserve. There are rare animals such as the national first-class protected animal black langur and second-class protected animals such as macaque civet, goral and forest musk deer in the reserve. 5. Banfangtang Water Park is located opposite Banfangtang Water Villa in Miluo Town. It covers an area of ​​nearly 20,000 square meters. It is large-scale, novel, exciting, unique in landforms and pleasant scenery. The best place, the park has a big horn surfing pool, a thrilling lazy river, an exciting peak speed slide, a charming wave pool, a children's water park, a happy water village and other projects, forming the most passionate and dynamic giant water carnival. paradise. There are revolving restaurants, cafeterias, tea art halls, fresh supermarkets, milk tea, snacks, and a series of special delicacies in the park; Buyi Diaojiaolou Hotel is composed of 36 independent villas, with traditional Diaojiaolou style and modern decoration. Above the 3,000-square-meter lotus pond, the room types also have their own characteristics, and the unique stilted building is a beautiful landscape. Water development consists of water rushing gates, water bumper boats, parent-child paddling pools, water bicycles, beach volleyball, water development and other projects. While playing, it can enhance self-confidence, enhance cohesion, enhance team building, and increase parent-child interaction. Tickets: RMB 50 Opening Hours: All-day Saturday. Dala Fairy Valley is located in Pan County, Guizhou Province. It has beautiful scenery and pleasant climate. In 2014, it won the title of "Beautiful Pastoral China" and was selected as a demonstration site for national leisure agriculture and rural tourism. It is one of the top ten agricultural tourism scenic spots in Guizhou Province, one of the 100 high-efficiency agricultural parks and 100 key tourist scenic spots built by Guizhou Province, and one of the "Double Hundred Parks" in Guizhou Province. In August 2012, Yuan Longping, a Chinese hybrid rice breeding expert, visited here and personally wrote an inscription for Dala Xiangu. Dala Xiangu is a Buyi language transliteration, which means "unity and mutual assistance". According to legend, a long time ago, the son of Pluto presented a gift to Pluto to collect souls, causing a bloody storm in Pan County (formerly Pu'an Prefecture). In order to save the people, the sun goddess chose a mare named Dala to transform herself into a beautiful girl (Dala goddess), and went down to earth to fight the son of the underworld. The goddess Dala was instructed by the goddess of the sun, and joined hands with the people of Pu'an to help each other to defeat Hades. After the victory, the goddess Dala and the people danced around the bonfire. Later, people affectionately called this valley where the victory was celebrated as "Dala Fairy Valley". This is a colorful wonderland, and this is a paradise. The colorful flower fields in Dala Immortal Valley are planted with four-season lavender, drunken dish, cosmos, thousand day red, verbena and other flowers. It has become the first choice for tourists to watch and experience rural life and wedding photography. There is a lakeside garden hotel by the Dalaxian Lake, including view rooms and wooden villas. The beautiful lakes and mountains and the vanilla bath are like being in a fairyland, eliminating troubles and forgetting impetuousness. The fish is happy and the wild ducks play. With a large number of tourists visiting Dala Xiangu, the farmhouses who have lived in Xiangu for generations have also opened farmhouses to share the original ecological delicacy with their guests. They were happy. Tickets: 50 yuan Opening hours: Liupanshui is a good place for vacation all day long. This self-driving tour is really unforgettable! Speaking of which, are you excited in front of the screen? Please leave a message in the comment area to express your opinion! If you like it, remember to like + subscribe!


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