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Things You Don't Know About Xiamen Tourism! Super practical attractions route food strategy! It's all dry

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Things You Don't Know About Xiamen Tourism! Super practical attractions route food strategy! It's all dry

While the summer is not over yet, go to Xiamen, with your lover, friends, and family, take a good walk in the clean and bright streets of Xiamen, laugh together, and enjoy the relaxation and happiness of travel! Today's summary will take you to take stock of the 7 tourist attractions and route arrangements that must be visited in Xiamen, as well as food guides! Xiamen Aerial Photography

Gulangyu Island - "Garden on the Sea"

The island has a pleasant climate, the four seasons are like spring, there is no noise of cars and horses, and no papers In the shape of labor, birds and flowers are everywhere, like a bright "sea pearl", embedded in the blue sea and green waves of Xiamen Bay. Main Attractions: Sunlight Rock, Shuzhuang Garden, Haoyue Garden, Yu Garden, Gulang Stone, Natural Beach, etc. Gulangyu Route: Take a ferry to Sea Garden > Longtou Road Internet Celebrity Street - a paradise for foodies > Consulate buildings of various countries> Zhonghua Road>Lin Yutang's former residence>Internet celebrity attractions - the most beautiful corner>Aberdeen Hou Beach>Yuyuan>Ma John Square Food Recommendations: Ye's Mochi, Dragon Head Fish Ball Shop, Zhang San Crazy Milk Tea Shop, Minnan Shacha Noodles... Gulangyu Food


Yunshuiyao Ancient Town is an ancient village with a long history. Walking in it is like reading a dusty ancient poem for thousands of years. Collection: Thousand-year-old banyan tree group, cobblestone-paved thousand-year-old road, century-old street market, magical earth buildings with thousands of postures, clear water and green... Here is suitable for a slow tour and a fine view of the beautiful scenery after thousands of years of precipitation! Tips: Try not to wear high heels, the ancient cobblestone plank road is easy to twist your feet; prepare anti-mosquito medicine in advance. The thousand-year-old banyan tree in Yunshuiyao Ancient Town


The origin of Xiamen Port, the early Xiamen Port was an arc The bay in this area is crescent-shaped, and the golden sandy beach is connected into one piece, so it has the reputation of "Yushapo". The scenery here is very beautiful, suitable for punching cards and taking pictures, super film! Shapowei Characteristic Landscape: Shapowei Market, which includes three categories: Food Market, Design Handmade Market and Alcoholic Market, and regularly hold market activities with different themes. Finally, when you come to Shapowei, you must remember to check in at Xiamen University! Xiamen University Food Recommendations: Dorje Doughnuts, Sankouzi - Special Dorayaki, Mango Very Yellow - All Mango-related Foods, Hong Kong Coffee - One of the must-eat restaurants in Shapowei for many people, Roast Pork People - Japanese barbecue, juicy - fruit tower and bread are must-buy food Shapowei

Huandao Road

Xiamen The most beautiful lover's road is built by the sea, the road is flat, the curve extends with the coastline, and the sea is close to the sea. Cycling around the ring road, listening to the waves and flicking the sea breeze, is very enjoyable. When night falls, Huandao Road has a different scene. The seafood food stalls along the coast are flashing neon, and the fishery fires dotted on the sea surface are far from each other. The seafood must be eaten with the sound of the waves crashing on the shore! Featured Landscapes: Music Sculpture, Calligraphy Square, Wooden Plank Road Huandao Road


A small literary and artistic village surrounded by mountains and seas! There is no bustling urban area, and there are no tourists rushing on shoulders. Some are just intact red brick ancient houses and Nanyang-style "Fanzai Building", simple houses and small and fresh shops. Taoism is integrated here. , Buddhism, Christianity, Islam, and even Xiamen's unique Mazu worship with strong incense. Zengcuo'an Food Recommendations: See you on a sunny day - selling ice cream that is better than all kinds of cones, sand tea noodles under the banyan tree - authentic sand tea noodles made by Hokkien people, looking for tea - pure handmade milk tea, A Lin Small stir fry-potato pot, eggplant pot and green beans with olive greens are super good, Dukou Bookhouse BBQ - the owner of the bookstore part-time barbecue, Xi Xiaoran - mango passion fruit Zengcuo'an snack

Jimei Mei Village

Xuehai Book City, with its gentle breeze and clear voice, adds a rich cultural atmosphere to the picturesque seaside. The vermilion terracotta tiles and the solemn and elegant Xuecun buildings combine the national classical beauty with the Western modern romantic style. The campus is shady with trees and a quiet environment, making Jimei a unique school village. Main attractions: Dragon Boat Pond, Former Residence of Jiageng, Return Garden, Jimei Cultural and Creative Park, Yanping Old Fortress, Jiageng Park Jimei Village

Zhongshan Road Pedestrian Street

Xiamen retains a relatively complete old city block showing modern and modern historical features, and is known as the "living fossil of Xiamen's business". In addition to the dazzling array of characteristic shops, there are also many cultural relics and historical sites preserved here, such as the row of arcade buildings, the former residence of Chen Huacheng, the red brick houses of southern Fujian, and the Chinese Church with Romanesque architectural style. Although these are ancient cultural relics and historical sites , the mottled but even more profound cultural heritage of southern Fujian. Zhongshan Road Pedestrian Street Food Recommendations: Huang Zehe Peanut Soup, 1980 Roasted Pork Dumplings, Lianhuan Oyster Fried, Aqing Spring Rolls, Jiawei Zaixian Snack Bar... Zhongshan Road Pedestrian Street Food

Route arrangement: basically include all the above attractions

  • Day1 Xiamen-Zhongshan Road Pedestrian Street
  • Day2 Yunshuiyao One-day tour
  • Day3 Shapowei-Check in Xiamen University-Gulangyu
  • Day4 Huandao Road-Zengcuo'an-Jimei Xuecun
The above is the summary of Xiamen's tourist attractions, food strategies and route arrangements! If you have better recommendations for Xiamen tourist attractions or travel suggestions, welcome to discuss and exchange in the comment area~ Travel has nothing to do with the actual distance you have traveled, and what you experience is more like a piece of your own inner landscape.

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