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Inventory of 9 scenic spots that cannot be missed in Qinggan Dahuan Road, routes, food strategies and dry goods sharing

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Inventory of 9 scenic spots that cannot be missed in Qinggan Dahuan Road, routes, food strategies and dry goods sharing

Is it true that every well-behaved urbanite has a romantic yearning in his heart that is not easy to show? If there is a very slow and very slow car, driving to the distance where the flowers are blooming, with colorful hills, majestic white snow-capped mountains, and vast grasslands along the way, do you want a ticket? Go travel! The romance and distance you want, the Qinggan Great Ring Line will give you! Qilian Mountains Prairie Menyuan Rapeseed Flower Sea Summary for everyone to take stock of 9 scenic spots that must not be missed in the Qinggan Great Ring Road trip, and the route itinerary is attached!

Zhangye Colorful Danxia

One of the areas with the largest and best development of Danxia landforms and the most abundant landforms in China, it is one of the most colorful areas in China. A typical representative of Danxia and window lattice-shaped palace-style Danxia. Have you ever seen a colorful mountain? Like the earth spraying blazing fire, like the mountain bank covered with colorful neon clothes! The Zhangye Danxia landform is widely distributed, and it undulates with the mountain, like a diagonal strip of colored cloth. The scene is extremely spectacular! The most beautiful time of Danxia is in the evening. The sunset and the Danxia landform complement each other. Colorful Danxia

Qinghai Lake

is the largest inland lake in China and the largest saltwater lake in China. Like a pearl, it fell from the sky and fell into the mortal world, just smashing into the Qilian Mountains and the Qinghai Nanshan Mountains. Qinghai Lake in July and August is a must-see beauty for tourists. Thousands of acres of rapeseed flowers around the lake are blooming. The cattle and sheep are dotted with picturesque scenery. Walking in it, you are the person in the painting! Recommended scenic spots in Qinghai Lake: Erlangjian Scenic Spot, Bird Island, Heima River Tips: Qinghai Lake tickets are valid for 3 days during the ticket purchase period. Buying Qinghai Lake tickets can play Erlangjian, Bird Island and Shadao at will, and the rest of the attractions can only be Play today. Erlangjian Scenic Area

Chaka Salt Lake

is known as China's "Mirror of the Sky". Located in Chaka Town, Wulan County, on the west side of Qinghai Lake, it is about 80 kilometers away from Heimahe Township in Qinghai Lake area. Since you are all in Qinghai Lake, you must not miss Chaka Salt Lake! The surface of Chaka Salt Lake is empty and calm, with strong reflective ability. It is like a mirror prepared for the sky to groom and dress up. The blue sky and white clouds are reflected in it. The characteristic landscape of Chaka Salt Lake:
  • Mirror of the night sky, the starry sky and the lake surface blend together;
  • Sunrise and sunset, colorful clouds, The morning sun or sunset is reflected on the lake, the water and the sky are the same color, and it is colorful; Tonghui" is a magnificent sight!
Chaka Salt Lake Sunset Chaka Salt Lake Chaoyang Tips:
  • Best shooting time is before 9 am and after 5 pm;
  • Girls can prepare gorgeous long dresses, with a proper fairy atmosphere, and they can be a blockbuster in one shot!
  • Try to stay still when shooting, if you move, the reflection will be blurred

Ta'er Temple

The temples are built in a scattered manner, the tower body is white ash plastered, the base is made of blue bricks, the waist is decorated with scriptures, and there is a Buddhist shrine on the south side of each tower body. Contains Sanskrit. The pile embroidery, murals and butter flowers decorated in the Buddha Hall of the Eight Pagodas of the Ta'er Temple are known as the "three musts" of art. The temple also collects many Buddhist classics and academic monographs on history, literature, philosophy, medicine, legislation and so on. These texts, decorations and architecture allow visitors to experience the overlapping history of the monastery and the unique artistic style of Tibetan Buddhism. Ta'er Monastery

Dachaidan Emerald Lake

A beautiful place in Haixi Prefecture, Qinghai Province, with its emerald-like appearance The general lake water attracts tourists from all over the world. Overlooking the entire lake surface is like several broken emeralds, dark brown land, white salt crystals, blue-green lake water, gorgeous and colorful colors, like flowers blooming in the wind! Overlooking the Emerald Lake, compared to the touristy Chaka Salt Lake, it is cleaner than the sky and more psychedelic than a dream! There is no need to change the angle to avoid the crowd when taking pictures here, each one is a beautiful scenery! Jade Lake

Mingsha Mountain Crescent Moon Spring

Crescent Moon Spring is surrounded by Mingsha Mountain. Jasper, like an emerald inlaid in golden quicksand, lay quietly for thousands of years in the embrace of sand mountains! The wonder of the coexistence of clear springs and deserts is known as "one of the best scenery outside the Great Wall". Tips for Mingsha Mountain Crescent Moon Spring: It is best to visit in the evening.

Dunhuang Mogao Grottoes

"Treasure House of Oriental Art", one of the four major Buddhist grottoes. It is a large-scale grotto group that integrates painting, sculpture and architectural art, with murals as the mainstay and statues as the supplement. Dunhuang Mogao Grottoes Murals If you have the opportunity, you must visit the Mogao Grottoes, touch this artistic treasure house standing in the Gobi Desert, the star of civilization in the desert, and look at the murals and sculptures. You will be amazed by the creativity and creativity of the ancients. Super high aesthetics and pure artistry. They are displayed like an ancient book, waiting for you to read, read, and understand... Dunhuang Food Recommendations in Dunhuang Mogao Grottoes: Shunzhang Donkey Yellow Noodles, Apricot Skin Water, Desert Sand Chicken, Roast Lamb Chop, Roast Fish, lamb skewers, etc.

Yardan Devil City

Yadan landform is the most comprehensive treasure house of geological data. It is one of the largest natural road signs on the prosperous Silk Road. Sculpted by the erosion of the crust of salt and sand condensed by the westerly wind 75 million years ago, it is the largest wind-eroded soil forest group found in China so far. There is not a single plant or tree in sight here. They are all black sandstone and yellow clay. They are carried by the wind and flowing water, and after years of carving, they pose various vivid shapes under the blue sky, attracting tourists. Amazed, praised! Tips for Yadan Devil City: Prepare headscarves, hats, and sunshades to prevent wind and sand in advance.

Yellow River Style Line, Yellow River Mother Statue, Zhongshan Iron Bridge

If your plane landed in Lanzhou. Recommended attractions to visit: The Yellow River Style Line is a green riverside corridor in China, integrating landscapes and cultural sites. The Statue of the Mother of the Yellow River, a sculptural artwork representing the Yellow River, the mother river of the Chinese nation, has won many awards. Zhongshan Iron Bridge, built in the 33rd year of Guangxu in the Qing Dynasty (1907), is an ancient bridge with a long history in Lanzhou. Recommended food:
  • Zhangye Road Dazhong Lane: Ma Zilu Beef Noodles, Ma Ye Fried Noodles, Pingliang Mutton Paomo, Hujia Buns, Ruji Roast Meat, Duji Sweets.
  • Zhengning Road Night Market: Lao Ma milk and egg glutinous rice grains, stuffed skin, roasted Yellow River carp, grey beans, sweet embryo, lamb intestine noodles, special barbecue of Zhizima, Jiayuguan barbecue , offal, sheep neck, mutton steamed buns.
The route arrangement of Zhengning Road Night Market (basically including all the above attractions)
  • Day1 Lanzhou-Yellow River Style Line, Yellow River Mother Statue, Zhongshan Iron Bridge
  • li>
  • Day2 Menyuan Rape Flower Sea - Qilian Mountains Prairie - Zhangye Colorful Danxia
  • Day3 Zhangye - Son of the Earth - Mirage - Ming Sand Mountain Crescent Moon Spring-Dunhuang
  • Day4 Dunhuang Mogao Grottoes-Qinghai Yadan-Jade Lake
  • Day5 Delingha -Chaka Salt Lake-Qinghai Lake Erlangjian Scenic Spot-Qinghai Lake
  • Day6 Laji Mountain Tourist Highway-Ta'er Temple
Laji Mountain Tourist Road Tourist Road Tips:
  • The temperature difference between morning and evening in the desert is large, so be prepared to keep warm, prevent heatstroke, and replenish water in time
  • Riding a camel in Mingsha Mountain Do not use bright silk scarves to dangle in front of camels, please pay attention to safety
  • The solar radiation in the scenic spot is strong, so prepare sunshade and hats in advance, and do sun protection
  • Qaidam Basin has a large temperature difference between morning and evening, and the ultraviolet rays are strong. Please bring sunscreen and clothing
  • Visit the murals of the Great Wall, etc., it is forbidden to climb and paint. Bags, cameras and video cameras are not allowed in Mogao Grottoes.
  • Delingha has few restaurants and high prices, so you can prepare some snacks and dry food in advance
  • Go deep into Chaka Salt Lake to take pictures When you go, try to wear shoe covers to prevent the soles from dirtying the lake surface or being soaked by salt water
The grandeur of the Qinggan Ring Road cannot be described in words, so you have to walk it yourself. Only then can you know what is the beauty that shakes the soul!

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