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Yunnan Travel Strategy: How to play in 6 days? The 8 most worthwhile places you must not miss

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Yunnan Travel Strategy: How to play in 6 days? The 8 most worthwhile places you must not miss

Erhai Lake, Snow Mountain, Flower City, Ancient Town, and the South of Colorful Clouds, countless people yearn for it; many friends want to travel to Yunnan, but the vacation is short and time is not enough, how to play? The summary summarizes the 8 essential scenic spots that must be visited when traveling to Yunnan, and finally attaches the classic route of 6 days and 5 nights. Look at these 8 attractions, how many have you been to? Which is your favorite? Welcome to discuss and exchange in the comment area! The Stone Forest Scenic Area is located in the Shilin Yi Autonomous County, Kunming City, Yunnan Province. It has no severe cold in winter, no extreme heat in summer, and four seasons like spring. It is the only karst (karst cave) landform scenic area in the world located in the subtropical plateau area, known as "the first wonder in the world". Stone Forest Museum" reputation. Well-known scenic spots such as "Stone Forest Scenic Spot", "A Nigh Shot" and "Ashima" are all concentrated here! When traveling in Yunnan, you must come to the Stone Forest Scenic Spot to see how magical and spectacular the so-called "natural workmanship" is! Lijiang Old Town is one of the four ancient cities in China. The streets in the city are built along the mountains and rivers, and there are famous scenic spots such as Sifang Street, Mufu, Xueshan Academy, Fang Guoyu's former residence. How can you not go to the ancient city of Lijiang when you come to Yunnan? Go to Sifang Street, the most lively and noisy street in Lijiang, and inquire about the simple culture of ethnic minorities; go to Mufu, which is known as "the Forbidden City in the north and the Mufu in the south", and read the history of the rise and fall of the once brilliant Tusi family; go to a bar Street, feel the different bar culture of Lijiang; houses with blue bricks and black tiles, small bridges and flowing water... Jade Dragon Snow Mountain is the first batch of 5A-level tourist attractions in the country. Thirteen snow peaks are continuous, like a "giant dragon" leaping and dancing, so it is called "Jade Dragon". It is also called "Black and White Snow Mountain" because its lithology is mainly limestone and basalt, which are black and white. It is the sacred mountain of the Naxi people, and it is said that it is the incarnation of "Sanduo", the protector of the Naxi people. To travel to Yunnan, to miss the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain is to miss the beauty of nature! Blue Moon Valley came to Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, and by the way, let's take a look at Blue Moon Valley! To see is to see by the way, but to experience and enjoy is not at all by the way! Blue Moon Valley is located at the foot of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, commonly known as "White Water River". On sunny days, the color of the water is blue, and the valley is crescent-shaped. From a distance, it looks like a blue moon inlaid at the foot of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain. It's called Blue Moon Valley. There are Hongxian Inn, Yuye Lake, Jingtan Lake, Lanyue Lake, Tingtao Lake and other mountains and rivers in the territory. Net red punch card holy land - the realm of the sky Uyuni Salt Flats is the world's largest salt-covered wasteland. It is said that about 40,000 years ago, it was originally a huge lake. After the lake dried up, it formed a crescent-shaped The salt marsh, which is now the realm of the sky. There must be a reason for being popular on the Internet! Believe me! When you walk in the world of salt marshes, immersed in the pure white world, you will be completely convinced by this suffocating beauty! Convertible jeep - travel photography journey, in addition to enjoying the current beauty and experience, another important point is to take pictures! When you travel to Yunnan, if you want to take pictures, you must not miss the concave shape with the most windy convertible, and leave cool travel photos as your exclusive memory in Cangshan and Erhai! Ancient Tea Horse Road-Shuhe Ancient Town Shuhe Ancient Town is an important market town well-preserved on the Ancient Tea Horse Road, with black and bright bluestones, mottled stone slopes, old people sitting leisurely, simple and natural, with strong ethnic customs. "Night Market Firefly", "Reflection of Snow Mountain", "Family in Fish and Water", "Shilian Night Reading"... are all the reasons for you to come to Shuhe Ancient Town! Lijiang Eternal Love Show When you travel to Lijiang, Yunnan, you must go to a show! A large-scale live performance directed by Zhang Yimou and others--Impression Lijiang is a real feast to cleanse the soul. Really feel the transcendence of the soul, the beauty of vision, and the shock of the soul. After watching the performance, you will have a worthy admiration! Finally, recommend the best itinerary that includes all of the above attractions! DAY-1 Everywhere - Kunming DAY-2 Kunming - Stone Forest - Chuxiong DAY-3 Chuxiong - Erhai Cruise or Jinsuo Island - Convertible Jeep - Dali Ancient Town DAY-4 Jade Dragon Snow Mountain - Lishui Jinsha or Impression Lijiang - Lijiang Ancient Town DAY-5 Lijiang - Shuhe Ancient Town - Lashihai - Kunming DAY-6 Kunming Airport - Warm Home 6 days is enough! Of course, the above tourist attractions and routes are only a part of the beautiful Yunnan, and they are only a few of the more popular ones. There are many small but worthwhile attractions in Yunnan. Everyone is welcome to add in the comments section!


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