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Where to go on a weekend self-driving tour in Yunnan

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Where to go on a weekend self-driving tour in Yunnan

This trip to Yunnan not only saw the strange mountains and rivers, caves, ancient temples, but also felt the ethnic customs here. I am fascinated by the beautiful and colorful mountains and rivers of Kaiyuan, and I am comprehending the charm of the customs and human landscape here along the way. 1. Nanhu Park Nanhu Park is known as "Little West Lake" and historically known as "Panchi". In the center is the island of Siong, where the cultivation of flowers and trees has a history of more than 400 years. On the side of the entrance hall of the ancient square on the island, there is a monument and a memorial pavilion for Wen Yiduo, with a beautiful environment. 2. Nanxi River Scenic Area Nanxi River Scenic Area. The main scenic spots in the scenic spot are the Sino-Vietnamese Friendship Bridge, the tropical rain forest and the Huayudong Waterfall. The terrain of the estuary is higher in the north and lower in the south, with an elevation of 2,363 meters in the north, while the lowest elevation in the south is only 76.4 meters, which is the lowest point in the four provinces of Yun, Gui, Sichuan and Tibet. Here, we witnessed the intersection of the clear Nanxi River and the Red River, one clear and one turbid, one blue and one red, forming a natural landscape of one water and two colors. 3. Kaiyuan South Cave is long and narrow from east to west, slightly narrow from north to south, surrounded by mountains on all sides. No matter which direction I look at in the city, my sight will be blocked by the shadows of mountains that seem to be close at hand. This is for me The first feeling, and the second feeling that gave me, is that whenever I drive on a mountain road not far from Kaiyuan City, overlooking the unfathomable canyon under the car, I feel intimidated. Kaiyuan is well-known for its tourism resources, especially the Nandong Scenic Area that has to be visited. 4. Swallow Cave Swallow Cave is famous for its unique landscapes such as ancient cave wonders, gathering of spring swallows, stalactite hanging plaques, and bird's nest stunts. Outside the cave, there are ancient and famous trees among the cliffs and cliffs, and there are more than 30,000 square meters of natural woodland with lush branches and more than a dozen species of birds. There are nearly one million white-waisted swifts nesting on the rock walls inside and outside the cave, hence the name Swallow Cave. 5. Strategy of the Bamboo Sea Eco-tourism Scenic Spot in the Yi People's Valley: Zhuhai is located in Shuanghe, Changshang Village, Shuangjiang Street, Eshan County, Yuxi City. The Bamboo Sea in the Yi People's Valley in Eshan covers an area of ​​more than 3,000 mu and is 1,850 meters above sea level. It is a must for ecological tourism "Yuncha Villa" Along the road, the Yiren Valley Bamboo Sea combines the geographical advantages of Eshan and folk customs, takes bamboo as the theme, develops and utilizes bamboo resources, integrates dining, drinking, living, traveling, and playing. Eating a full bamboo feast, grilling with bamboo charcoal, drinking bamboo leaf tea, living in a bamboo building, etc. Walking in the bamboo sea, along the way, there are winding mountains, green forests, beautiful scenery, and green bamboo forests can be seen on both sides of the road, as if you are in a fairyland. Scenic spot construction and tourism supporting facilities: There are 2.7 kilometers of cement roads for tourism, 4.8 kilometers of circular lanes, four parking lots that can accommodate more than 200 vehicles, 2.1 kilometers of bamboo trails for sightseeing in bamboo forests, and bamboo sea rafting (artificial lakes) One, Bamboo Forest Teahouse, Bamboo Forest Restaurant, Bamboo Sea Specialty Products and Bamboo Products Exhibition Hall, Bamboo Charcoal BBQ Building, Bamboo Sea KTV Room, 38 Bamboo Forest Entertainment Tables (for dining), more than 60 sets of ecological stone tables and chairs, 8 Bamboo Forest chess and card game small bamboo houses , 6 bamboo forest huts leisure rooms, 11 bamboo rain pavilions, 12 bamboo forest leisure chairs, 20 bamboo forest desktop camping platforms, 6 sightseeing spring pools, two star-rated toilets, several swings, hammocks, more than 60 street lamps, etc. In the early morning, the air is fresh and the clouds and mist are lingering. Walking among the bamboo forests. The winding bamboo fence is surrounded by a one-person-wide path. The ground is covered with thick withered and yellow bamboo leaves. When you walk up, you can see the lush bamboos in the clouds and mist. It appears and disappears from time to time, as if you are in a fairyland. There are many treasures in the bamboo forest. In spring, you can dig bamboo shoots; in summer, you can pick up mushrooms, chicken fir, bolete, broom mushrooms... The more than 1,300 acres of bamboo sea here are all nanzhu, nanzhu. It belongs to Moso bamboo and is the most valuable among Moso bamboo. Thick-bodied, thick-fleshed and fine-textured Nanzhu is a practical bamboo with the most useful and economical value. Stop to rest on the bamboo bench beside the path, drink a cup of bamboo tea made from freshly picked bamboo leaves with dew, and dance with the green bamboo leaves in the teapot. Tired of swimming, go to the cool bamboo house to enjoy the gluttonous bamboo feast, stewed chicken with bamboo shoots, bamboo sun soup, Chinese cuisine, ecological dishes... After enjoying the bamboo feast, drink a cup of bamboo tea, rest for a while, and look back at the bamboo on the opposite mountain. Looking back at this high-quality bamboo forest that took 8 years to cover the entire mountain with yellow-green bamboos and became the only contiguous scattered forest in Yunnan Province, I can't help but sigh at its magnificence. After reading the introduction of the Yiren Valley Bamboo Sea Eco-tourism Scenic Spot, I wonder if you have suddenly become yearning for it. If you are interested in the scenic spots we have introduced to you, you can learn about it first, and then pack your luggage and go! I believe that this beautiful landscape will bring you wonderful memories of absolute value during your trip. Opening hours: All-day ticket: 20 yuan/person Traffic route: Kunyu Expressway - Yuyuan Expressway - Eshan County - Jinshan Road - Shi'e Road - Yiren Valley Bamboo Sea (18 kilometers away from Eshan County) Sixth, Langmu Mountain Scenic Area is located in The eastern suburb of Yanjiang Township, Qilin District, Qujing City, 10 kilometers east of Qilin City, covers an area of ​​16.7 square kilometers, and the main peak is 2452 meters above sea level. Langmu Mountain Scenic Area has a long history, superior location, convenient transportation and rich natural landscapes. In addition, governments at all levels attach great importance to protection and development work, and it has become one of the key tourist attractions in Kylin City. The entire mountain in the scenic area is like a giant dragon lying on the ground, traversing the north and south, Wutai Mountain in the north, and Wenbi Mountain in the south. The ancient cypress towers in the sky, the forest is deep and the trees are luxuriant, the spring water is gurgling, the birds are singing and the flowers are fragrant; the Buddhist buildings of Langmu Mountain Temple are full of dragons and flying phoenixes, carved beams and painted buildings, red walls and blue tiles, which are very majestic; Hui Zhengyan. Langmu Mountain Scenic Area is famous for its quiet, beautiful and civilized scenery, and it is also famous for its unique natural landscape—one of the eight scenic spots in Qujing, "Langmu Evening Photos". Langmu Mountain Scenic Area is a scenic area integrating beautiful forest and grassland scenery and a thousand-year-old Buddhist holy place. In the scenic area, there are towering cypresses, deep forests and luxuriant trees, rumbling springs, deep winding paths, and fragrant birds and flowers; there are carved beams and painted buildings built in the Yuan Dynasty, and the Langmu Mountain Temple with red walls and blue tiles is hidden in the jungle; there are many inscriptions and plaques. There is the "First Mountain Stele" written by Mi Fu, a calligrapher in the Northern Song Dynasty; Climbing this mountain can refresh your mind, you will be clean in body and mind when you visit the Buddha Hall, and you will be full of pride when watching the sunset. The whole Qujing Bazi can be seen at this time, the Nanpan River is like a jade belt, and the scattered lakes and ponds are like scattered The pearls shone with golden light, and there were villages sheltered by greenery in the vertical and horizontal fields. A beautiful and peaceful scene in heaven and earth. This is the scenery of the old "Longmu Evening Photo". It is also the scenic spot of today's "Longmu Evening Photo". Opening hours: All-day tickets: Free The scenery here is bizarre, which is very different from the previous self-driving tours. It's a worthwhile trip! Speaking of which, are you excited in front of the screen? Please leave a message in the comment area to express your opinion! If you like it, remember to like + subscribe!

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