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Interesting Deyang self-driving travel destination recommendation

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Interesting Deyang self-driving travel destination recommendation

There are many interesting places around Deyang, and there are too many interesting places. We went to Deyang for a self-driving tour this weekend! 1. 5.12 Hanwang Earthquake Site The scale of the 5.12 Hanwang Earthquake Site is second only to Beichuan. You can take a tour bus to visit it, and there is a feeling of desolation and desolation. The once prosperous large-scale enterprises are now in ruins; the bustling commercial street is now in ruins and silent. On that day, within dozens of seconds, thousands of fresh lives left instantly. Walking into Hanwang, especially the Dongqi Ruins, time seems to freeze, and everything is still stuck in 2008.5.12. The scene of just six or seven years is already overgrown with weeds, but you can still feel it from the broken walls and ruins. It was shocking and terrifying when the ground shook. The pointer of the big clock in Hanwang Square in Mianzhu City is permanently fixed at the special position of 14:28, becoming a very meaningful building and possibly the best monument to the 5.12 Wenchuan earthquake. During the Wenchuan earthquake, the people of Mianzhu suffered huge disasters, especially in the mountainous and mountainous areas in the Hanwang area. Almost all houses collapsed, and only about 8% of the houses were basically intact. The Dongfang Steam Turbine Plant in Hanwang suffered heavy losses. 2. Jiudingshan Scenic Area is located in the Longmen Mountains on the northwestern edge of the Sichuan Basin. Its mountain scenery, gorge scenery, water scenery, meteorological scenery, forest vegetation and cultural scenery are all in one place. The mountains are beautiful because of the water, the water is secluded because of the mountains, the vines and buttresses are primitive and green, and the strange rocks and rocks are dotted. Natural ecological scenery. The area is home to rare fauna such as giant pandas and golden monkeys, as well as precious relic flora such as dove tree, yew, ginkgo, and metasequoia, which add infinite vitality and allure to the scenic area. The fairy tale world, giving people a sense of poetry and painting. 3. Ximei Lake Ximei Lake does not require tickets, but there are quite a few people who go to play, only dozens of people, and basically fishing in the urban area. There is a reservoir and a dam in the scenic area, and there is a white horse temple next to the dam. , the history is still relatively long, in general there are mountains and waters, go there is to be clean. Ximei Lake is a leisure resort in the middle of Sichuan, about 20 kilometers away from the county seat. Large-scale business conference center, leisure tourism scenic spot. The scenic area is surrounded by mountains and rivers, with beautiful scenery and complete recreational facilities. In the scenic area, there is the famous White Horse Temple in Sichuan. In order to develop the tourism resources of Zhongjiang and develop tourism, the Zhongjiang County Party Committee and the county government decided in 1992 to build the Ximeihu Storm Tourist Area in the Shuanghekou Reservoir Area of ​​Renmin Canal, which is 28 kilometers away from the county seat. Ximei Lake is located at the eastern foothills of Ximei Mountain in Xinglong Town. There are four streams of Wangjiagou, Guojiagou, Xiaojiagou and Xiejiagou flowing into it. It is a small reservoir supporting the Renmin Canal. The lake is shaped like a goldfish tail. The main lake is 4,000 meters long, 500 meters wide from east to west, 9,000 meters long, and the lake area is about 20,000 square meters. The planned area of ​​Ximei Lake Scenic Area is 10.58 square kilometers. From the entrance to Huanhu Road area. The dam front area is composed of a resort area, a recreational area, a lake area, and a tourist area on the west bank. After completion, it will become a scenic tourist destination integrating cultural entertainment, sports activities, sightseeing, vacation and recuperation, and business and trade services. 4. Sanxingdui Museum The classification of Sanxingdui Museum is very clear, and the instructions are also obvious, so that visitors can understand it well. Whether it is the collection of the art museum or the cultural relics unearthed in Sanxingdui, it is very rich and full of stories. Feel the historical atmosphere, understand the ancient Shu culture, the bronze civilization is shocking, and the people are less yet clean. There is also an artificial pond inside, like a huge park. The green lawn and lawn are well planned. The exterior walls of the exhibition hall are also covered with vegetation with Sanxingdui pattern. It is very interesting. I like the architectural style of the bronze pavilion. It feels like it came from someone The hand of the master, the cultural relics unearthed among them are treasures of art, after all, there are still many mysteries in history that have not been solved. Slowly experience it in the solemn and solemn sacrifice of the sacred tree. All in all, a very worthwhile place to visit. The Sanxingdui ancient site covers an area of ​​12 square kilometers and has a history of 5,000 to 3,000 years. It is the ancient city, ancient country and ancient Shu cultural site with the largest range, the longest duration and the richest cultural connotation discovered in the southwest region so far. There are the best preserved east, west and south city walls and inner city walls of Moon Bay. The Sanxingdui ancient site is known as one of the greatest archaeological discoveries of mankind in the 20th century. Sanxingdui cultural relics are precious human cultural heritage. Among the magnificent cultural relic groups in China, they are one of the cultural relic groups with the most historical, scientific, cultural and artistic value and the most ornamental. In this batch of ancient Shu secret treasures, there are many bizarre and bizarre bronze shapes, including a bronze Dali 2.62 meters high, a bronze mask with a width of 1.38 meters, and a bronze god tree with a height of 3.95 meters, all of which can be called unique. 's masterpiece. The golden wares represented by the radiant golden rods and the jade wares represented by the borders with full patterns are also rare and rare. Sanxingdui Museum currently has two exhibition halls with an exhibition area of ​​nearly 12,000 square meters. ). The two exhibition halls have large-scale exhibitions, elegant layouts, combined content and rhythm of exhibition lines, and ups and downs. With their interpretation methods that integrate knowledge, stories, viewing and interest, they effectively reveal the Sanxingdui cultural relics. The profound connotation reflects the splendor of Sanxingdui civilization in a concentrated manner, giving people the feeling of being on the scene and wandering in the homeland. Sanxingdui Museum covers an area of ​​about 33 hectares, with more than 80% of the green area. The environment in the museum area is beautiful, the layout is appropriate, and the winding paths are open. The perfect combination, elegant and natural, natural features of western Sichuan gardens. The appearance of the main building of the museum pursues the charm of combining with landforms, historical relics and cultural relics and plastic arts, and integrates original meaning and modern atmosphere. The building of the first exhibition hall is an ecological building with a semi-arc slope, which promotes the humanistic spirit of harmonious coexistence between man and nature. The double symbol of "process", outside the pavilion, there is also a majestic antique sacrificial altar and a large-scale performance venue for modern cultural and sports activities, which echoes the pavilion building, expressing the strong and profound historical connotation of Sanxingdui culture. Opening hours: 8:30-18:00 for the Comprehensive Hall (the first exhibition hall); 8:30-18:30 for the Bronze Hall (the second exhibition hall) Tickets: 80 yuan/piece Around Deyang! Speaking of which, are you excited in front of the screen? Please leave a message in the comment area to express your opinion! If you like it, remember to like + subscribe!

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