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Recommendations for the Most Leisure Spots for Self-driving Tour from Kunming, Yunnan

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Recommendations for the Most Leisure Spots for Self-driving Tour from Kunming, Yunnan

When you walk into the city of Kunming, you will feel its lazy and fast-paced pulse, the tonality of the fusion of history and fashion. Whether it is the profound cultural heritage of the ancient city or the busy traffic of modern life, Kunming is worth visiting for tourists to see its true style. We drove to Kunming this weekend! 1. Cuihu Park is located at the foot of Luofeng Mountain in the north of Kunming City. It is one of the most beautiful parks in the city. It is famous all over the world for "Cuidi Spring Dawn". People call it "an emerald inlaid in the city of Kunming". 2. The former site of the Yunnan Army Lecture Hall is a bright yellow building. On the whole, it is a two-story quadrangle with a corner building, but it has some European-style architectural features. Zhu De, Ye Jianying and other military generals were trained here, and they also played an important role in the 1911 Chongjiu Uprising in Yunnan and the National Protection Movement. At present, the museum has long-term permanent exhibitions about the history of Wutang, the "Chongjiu" uprising and the National Defense Movement. 3. World Horticultural Expo Garden This is a world-class garden and horticultural Grand View Garden with Chinese characteristics and local characteristics of Yunnan. The central square, playground, sign tower, garden avenue and other scenic spots in the Expo Park also complement each other and are unique. Being in the Expo Garden is like stepping into the world of flowers and the green ocean. In addition to a panoramic view of the world's gardening, you can enjoy the fragrant and exotic customs. 4. The Golden Temple Park is named "Golden Temple" because the main hall is made of brass, and the sun shines brightly, reflecting the golden light of the green valley and secluded forest. The natural scenery in Jindian Scenic Area is beautiful. The path passes through the forest, the green trees block the sky, and the sun shines through the gaps between the leaves, showing mottled visible on the ground. The road is quiet, with occasional birdsong, which is the essence of Taoist culture. The purple air is coming from the east, misty and dense, reflecting the crimson in the sky, which is extremely beautiful. 5. Galaxy Hot Spring Town is located at the entrance of Tangzi Village, only 1 km away from the hot spring outlet of Tangzi Village. The Galaxy Hot Spring SPA Resort combines the characteristics of hot springs, focuses on leisure and vacation, and has complete hardware facilities and services for star-rated hotels. The design creativity of each room comes from personal experience, and the exquisiteness in the subtleties, the skin-friendly gentleness of the hot spring water and the relaxed and warm atmosphere make the journey fascinating. Staying in it, the warmth like home, and the chic and exquisiteness different from home, will sublimate such a purely fun and leisure vacation time. Xinghe Hot Spring Town is a leisure and entertainment area integrating tourism, sports and fitness, holiday hotels, conference centers, holiday villas, and small town pedestrian shopping streets. In the town, there are leisure pedestrian streets, conference centers, star-rated hotels, and hot spring SPAs. Green golf driving range and other supporting facilities are readily available. The hot spring pool water in Xinghe Hot Spring Town is pure sulphur spring water. The outlet temperature is 76°C. The pools on each island are divided into high temperature pool, medium temperature pool and low temperature pool. The temperature of the high temperature pool is 42°C and the temperature of the medium temperature pool is 40°C. , The low temperature pool is about 38 ℃, and the hot spring water is naturally cooled and injected continuously, so as to keep the water quality clear. There are more than 100 indoor and outdoor hot spring pools. The outdoor hot spring area is about 10 acres, which are divided into six parts: multi-functional island, Mediterranean style, osmanthus island, sunny beach, lovers island and air bubble pool, with dozens of different characteristics. The hot spring pools are scattered throughout. Opening hours: Open all day Tickets: 138 yuan (including buffet) Self-driving: Route: Dongchuan - Songdai Expressway (Kunming direction) - Kunqu Expressway (Qujing direction) - Yilong Toll Station - Easy Antenna - Galaxy Hot Spring Town Several beautiful scenery add infinite interest to Spring City! Speaking of which, are you excited in front of the screen? Please leave a message in the comment area to express your opinion! If you like it, remember to like + subscribe!

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