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5 women from Xi'an traveled to Henan, and ordered "4 dishes, 2 soups and 1 wine" costing thousands of yuan, netizen: pit

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5 women from Xi'an traveled to Henan, and ordered "4 dishes, 2 soups and 1 wine" costing thousands of yuan, netizen: pit

A history of Henan, half of Chinese history! As the ancient capital of the thirteen dynasties, Henan carries a heavy and ancient history and has witnessed the changes of China for thousands of years. No, there are 5 women in Xi'an. Not long ago, they went to Henan to play, but they didn't know that these 5 women only ordered "4 dishes, 2 soup and 1 wine", and they cost thousands of yuan. How did this happen? What's the matter? Let's take a look together. Let's call the protagonist of the story Xiaoli, Xiaoli, a native of Xi'an, Shaanxi Province. She is 25 years old this year and works in a private company. Because of Xiaoli's enthusiasm and generosity, she has made 4 like-minded girlfriends, and these 4 girlfriends also They are all locals, and the 5 of them usually forage for food, chase stars, and watch dramas together. They live an enviable life. A few days ago, Xiaoli, who had been busy for a long time, finally ushered in the 5-day vacation given by the company. Xiaoli had planned to go to Henan for a long time, so she could just take this opportunity to go on a trip that said she would leave. So, Xiaoli revealed her idea to a few girlfriends. The four girlfriends saw that Xiaoli was interested, and they wanted to go out to play, so they all asked for leave to accompany Xiaoli. After packing up the luggage, the 5 people drove the car, chatted about the company gossip, ate snacks, and set off happily. The first way for the 5 girls chose Qingming Shanghe Garden in Kaifeng, Henan, and then moved to Luoyang. I checked in at the Longmen Grottoes, but just after 5 people finished visiting the Longmen Grottoes, they were going to find a place to cushion their stomachs. When they went to the Songshan Shaolin Temple to burn incense tomorrow morning, an accident occurred. That afternoon, the 5 girls who finished the tour of the Longmen Grottoes were sweating and hungry, so they hurried out to find something to eat. Although they seldom went out to play, they also knew that the price of the restaurants in the scenic area and the scenic area was not high. It is generally expensive, so 5 people drove a long distance, until they did not belong to the scenic spot, and then they found a restaurant that looked good. After the 5 people were seated, they ordered 4 dishes and 2 soups. Seeing that someone suggested a bottle of wine, everyone added a bottle of "special wine". Soon, the food and drinks were all ready, and the 5 people exchanged a few words. Afterwards, they moved their bowls and chopsticks one after another. They didn't know whether they were hungry or the food tasted good. The five people quickly ate the food upside down. As for the drinks, there was still a big bottle left. After the 5 people rested for a while, they called the restaurant owner to check out, but after the boss handed over the bill, the 5 people felt incredible instantly. It turned out that the "4 dishes, 2 soup and one wine" ordered by the 5 people actually cost more than 1,000 yuan. Eye-opening. Let's take a look at the menu first: Yellow River big carp (two and a half pounds): 152 yuan; a plate of spicy chicken: 56 yuan; iron pot beef: 64 yuan; salad eggplant: 10 egg drop soup: 10 cabbage tofu soup: 15 pieces of paper towels Cutlery: 15 pieces "Special wine": 888 pieces Total consumption: 1146 pieces From the bill, the 5 girls can see at a glance that the price of the food is very ordinary, and the price is more expensive than the wine, but this wine is only There is a dragon on the packaging, the quality of the wine is nothing unusual, but it tastes very spicy, with a lot of alcohol flavor, besides, this wine is not a big brand, it is not worth 888 at all, 5 people put their doubts and said to the restaurant owner. When the restaurant owner heard them say this, he was instantly unhappy, and said angrily: This wine is a good wine made here, and the package costs more than 300 yuan. 5 girls grow up so big, how have they seen such a big battle, seeing the restaurant owner looking like he is going to beat someone, the 5 of them had to pay the money and go away. The travel plans were canceled, and they planned to go back immediately. At the same time, they also posted their experiences on the Internet, intending to let netizens comment. Sure enough, after seeing the posts of the 5 girls, netizens spoke out against the injustice: Pit! This restaurant is too pitiful, and the wine is worth the bottle. The actual price is less than 100 yuan, but it dares to sell it for 888. What is this? The above are the experiences of 5 girls in Xi'an who traveled to Henan. I have to say that today's tourism market is really messy, and it's just compulsory consumption. In addition, the liquor market is also very worry-free. Some profiteers, in order to make a profit, use all kinds of tricks to deceive consumers by disguising the apparently useless essence wine as pure grain wine through packaging and names. "That's it, it's just too ugly to eat. If you are an old wine putty, then how to avoid pitfalls when choosing wine, I believe you must be clear, but if you are a wine novice, but you don't want to "pay tuition". Then, when choosing wine, you may wish to refer to the ration wines such as Huanggai Bofen and Yuande imitation Taiwan wine. They are delicious and not expensive. Some experts who understand wine often buy them in boxes.

Huang Gai Bo Fen

Shanxi is famous for its outstanding people, rich in minerals, and everyone knows about the local Fen wine. Produced in Fenyang, Shanxi, the winery is located in Xinghua Village, which is known by word of mouth. Fenjiu is one of the four famous wines, and its winemaking history can be traced back to 4,000 years ago. The fragrance-type grain wine has a clean fragrance, smooth entrance, little spicy taste, and sweetness in the mouth, but the stamina is slightly larger. Around the 1970s, Fenjiu was still very popular, but unfortunately, there were no generals who were always victorious in the world. After the 1990s, Fenjiu’s reputation declined, and now it can only be ranked second.

Yende imitation Taiwan wine

Yende imitation Taiwan wine is a small famous wine produced in Guizhou. Many, only the locals as treasures. Yuande Imitation Taiwan Winery is located next to the Moutai Winery - the core production area of ​​Maotai Town, just a few minutes away. It is said that only good grains can produce good wine, so the imitation of Taiwanese wine is made of glutinous sorghum by the Chishui River as raw material, and adheres to the superior Kunsha ancient method. before leaving the factory. Open a bottle of wine, the aroma of sauce spreads out, pour the wine into the glass, the wine is slightly yellow and bright, take a sip, the wine is mellow, soft and not spicy, the taste is not inferior to Maotai, and the whole body is very comfortable. Okay, what do you think of what happened to these 5 girls in Xi'an? Let's discuss together! Some pictures come from the Internet, if there is any infringement, please contact to delete!

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