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What kind of Maotai-flavor liquor is delicious? Might as well try these 4, delicious and inexpensive, 100% pure grain wine

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What kind of Maotai-flavor liquor is delicious? Might as well try these 4, delicious and inexpensive, 100% pure grain wine

Wine is an amazing thing! When I was young, I didn’t understand the taste of alcohol. I thought that drinking that stuff was just looking for guilt. It was bitter and spicy. If I accidentally drank too much, I would have a hangover the next day. Many people like to drink. When I grew up slowly, I realized that people didn't drink wine, but tasted the ups and downs of those years, proud and imitation, a pot of turbid wine, as if it was another life. Drinking is a rare and beautiful thing, especially after a long day of work, I invite a few friends to gather at the barbecue stall downstairs, eat skewers, drink small wine, and then talk about the length of the family. , The highlights and disappointments at work, this little day, even if it is given to a fairy, it will not be changed. However, although drinking is beautiful, you will not think so when you choose wine. First, the current liquor market is mixed, and second, many consumers do not know the knowledge of alcohol, so they are easily deceived by some profiteers. They spend a lot of money but drink inferior quality. Wine is more than worth the loss. In order to let everyone spend a little money to drink good wine, I will recommend a few delicious and inexpensive sauce-flavored wines to you below! Why recommend Maotai-flavored wine? Sauce wine has always been known for its ingenuity. From the preparation of the ingredients to the wine, the metropolis has said that it has been a year and a year, and they all say that slow work and meticulous work, such a brewing attitude of excellence, how can the brewed wine be bad? What kind of Maotai-flavor liquor is delicious? Might as well try these 4, delicious and inexpensive, 100% pure grain wine!

Old Zhenjiu

As a test product of Moutai Distillery, Zhenjiu was born in 1975. Most of the brewing techniques were taught by Moutai Distillery, but unfortunately Separated from the environment of Maotai Town, Zhenjiu has never been as popular as Maotai, but it is still enough for self-drinking. The genuine lineage of rare wine, even though it is an entry-level drink, the quality of the wine has crushed many products of the same level - the wine is slightly translucent, like a clear spring in a mountain stream, the entrance sauce is prominent, the wine is delicate, and the throat is not spicy. , after a glass of drink, I still feel unsatisfied.

Yend to imitate Taiwan wine

In the eyes of many drinkers, there seems to be no other wine in Moutai Town except Moutai. Good sauce wine, but in fact, this statement is wrong. As a holy place for sauce wine, Maotai Town has a long history of brewing technology. How can it be possible to find a sauce wine comparable to Maotai? Yuande imitation Taiwan wine is produced in the core production area of ​​Maotai Town, and lives next to the Maotai winery, only a few minutes away from the door. It is an authentic Daqu Kunsha premium sauce wine. It is based on high-quality glutinous sorghum + Daqu Kunsha ancient method. After a one-year brewing cycle, more than 100 processes, and 7 years of pottery altar storage, the altar came out. Mao flavor sauce wine. Fate is to imitate Taiwanese wine, which is mature and mellow. Take a sip, the aroma of the wine penetrates into your nose, and take a strong sniff. .

Beida Cang Liquor

As the "Northern Moutai", Beida Cang Liquor is the treasure of many older generations. Produced in Qiqihar, Heilongjiang, the winery is located next to the Beidacang Commodity Grain Base. The history can be traced back to 1914. The wine is transparent and colorless, the entrance is elegant and delicate, and the aftertaste is also slightly sweet, which belongs to the typical northern style of sauce wine.

Ronghe Imitation Taiwan Liquor

If you want to say Maotai's "pro son", it must be Ronghe Imitation Taiwan Liquor. Ronghe imitation Taiwan wine is produced in the middle reaches of the Chishui River in Guizhou, and the winery is located in Maotai Town. The origin of this wine is quite extraordinary - it is one of the three predecessors of Maotai, Ronghe brewing workshop. It was brewed by descendants, and the raw materials and techniques used are also of the best in the industry. Good food and water will naturally produce good wine. Many people have tried it once and praised it all. In the opening of the bottle, the wine performs well: the wine has a clean aroma, without the pungent smell of traditional alcohol wine, but is very fresh. The moment you enter the mouth, the wine body bursts instantly, and the sour, sweet, bitter and spicy are full of the lips and tongue, showing the layered sense of the wine body. After a glass of wine, the fragrance in the mouth is endless, and the fragrance of the empty glass lasts for a long time, and the overall performance is not inferior to Moutai. Wine is the essence of grain, the more you drink, the younger you become! Well, what kind of Maotai-flavored liquor is good? Might as well try these 4, delicious and inexpensive, 100% pure grain wine! The sharing of this article is here. Do you know what kind of sauce-flavored liquor is delicious? May wish to give pointers! Some pictures come from the Internet, if there is any infringement, please contact to delete!


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