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Inner Mongolia Aershan National Forest Park, with picturesque scenery, is known as a must-see place in this life

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Inner Mongolia Aershan National Forest Park, with picturesque scenery, is known as a must-see place in this life

Every summer, Inner Mongolia has become a popular tourist destination. In the past, most people went to Hulun Buir, the most beautiful grassland landscape. In recent years, an extremely quiet and beautiful place has become more and more popular - Aershan, Xing'an League, Inner Mongolia, and the national forest park within its border is a must-see for tourists, with rich forests, grasslands, volcanoes, wetlands, rivers, etc. The landscape, even after playing for a whole day, is not enough to see. Aershan National Forest Park is listed as one of "the most beautiful forest parks in China" and belongs to the series of must punch cards in this lifetime. In summer, the trees in the scenic area are lush, the river is clear, and the scenery is very charming. Especially in the Shitanglin Scenic Area, you can also see the spectacular scenery after the eruption of the volcano thousands of years ago. Walking into the Shitang Forest, it seems that you can touch the traces of time. In front of you, dense moss and lichens cover large and small stones, forming a strange "sea of ​​stones". The wooden plank road extends all the way to the depths of the scenic spot. Looking around, there are rocks everywhere, and no soil can be seen at all. However, lush grass and lush trees grow on the volcanic rock, and beautiful flowers bloom on the volcanic rock, and life is flourishing. Vitality appears on every stone, making people admire the magic of nature again. On both sides of the plank road, the low grass covers the ground with green clothes, and the towering trees are tall and straight, with luxuriant branches and leaves, growing against the sky, exuding a primitive and vigorous atmosphere from the inside out. The gurgling river brings rich nutrients, nourishing every tenacious life on this land. Flowers, plants and trees grow staggeredly, forming a lush scene. Overlooking the Shitang Forest from a high altitude, different shades of green cover it like a carpet, and the river is embedded in it. On the top of the mountain, the Arshan Tianchi inlaid in the jungle is like a mirror, exuding a mysterious and charming luster, like flying from the sky. The breeze wrinkled the tranquil water surface, and the sunlight outlined the reflection of the clouds in the lake water, which was as beautiful as a dream. From the perspective of aerial photography, we can understand the wonderful meaning of the ancient poem "I don't know the true face of Mount Lu, but only because I am in this mountain". What catches the eye in the near distance is the beauty that is close at hand and magnified, while in the distance, what you see in the eyes is the vast and magnificent and mysterious beauty with the meaning of the Garden of Eden. People say that Aershan is not a mountain, but it is more beautiful than any mountain. The mountains and rivers here are worthy of people coming across the mountains and seas, and worthy of being closer and closer to appreciate. (You are welcome to like and leave a message in the comment area. For more exciting content, please pay attention / fall out of the list)

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