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Hainan Dongfang Self-driving Tour Small Attractions Raiders Recommended

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Hainan Dongfang Self-driving Tour Small Attractions Raiders Recommended

The holiday has just passed, and the rhythm of traveling to the East can hardly be stopped! I don't know why, but I went to those tourist attractions in the east that were so beautiful that they didn't charge tickets! This weekend we drove to the east of Hainan! 1. Erxianling Scenic Area is located in Donghe Town, Dongfang City, on the northeast bank of the middle reaches of Changhua River, 58 kilometers away from the urban area. Erxianling Mountain is majestic and steep, with dangerous rocks and living beings, and trees and flowers are prosperous. It twists and turns from northwest to southeast, like a giant dragon lying quietly here. Erxianling is also known as Erniang Jiufeng Mountain. This mountain hovers for hundreds of miles, and there are fairy women living in it. They have nine sons, all of whom are chiefs who lead Jiushandong. Overlooking the Russian Xianling Mountain in the distance, the majestic and colorful nine peaks on the top of the mountain are said to be the incarnation of the nine sons, and it is a veritable fairy mountain in Hainan. Exian Mountain is the rarest and best preserved primitive tropical rain forest with karst landforms in Hainan. Compared with other karst mountains in the southwest, the relative height is more than 1,000 meters, which is extremely magnificent! Exian Ridge is a veritable "Hainan's No. 1 Immortal Mountain". There was a poem: Dangerous rocks and cliffs are all dangerous, strange rocks and different waters compete with fairy corridors. This is an ecological and cultural scenic spot that integrates tourism, sightseeing, mountaineering, exploration, and popular science. It is also suitable for a pseudo-literary and artistic style of stop-and-go traveling alone. As long as you have been there, you will definitely be amazed by it. ! Tickets: Consult for details. Opening hours of the scenic spot: All day two. Daguangba Scenic Area Daguangba only feels like an ordinary reservoir. The mirror of the reservoir generally reflects the dazzling sky, allowing the editor to experience the same place again, different Time is a different feeling. At the same time, different moods are also different. Looking at this picture, you will unconsciously take a deep breath, as if you can smell her fresh colors. The 5.8-kilometer-long dam is majestic, and the Changhua River has come to an abrupt end. A group of birds is constantly circling over the dam, forming a beautiful lake and mountains. Daguangba Hydropower Plant is the largest hydropower plant in Hainan Province. , in the Hainan power system, it mainly plays the role of peak regulation, frequency regulation and emergency backup, and plays a pivotal role in improving the power quality of Hainan and ensuring the stable operation of the power grid. Daguangba Scenic Area is famous for Daguangba Reservoir and Power Station. Daguangba Reservoir is the second largest reservoir in Hainan, with a lake surface of 100 square kilometers. The Daguangba Hydropower Station is majestic, with a dam length of nearly 6 kilometers, an elevation of 144 meters, and an installed capacity of 240,000 kilowatts. It is the largest earth dam in Asia. There is the earliest site of a hydropower station in my country, which is a historical witness of Japan's invasion of China and plundering of our country's resources. It is also known as the "natural park" of Dongfang City. It has received many central leaders and a large number of domestic and foreign tourists. The comprehensive development and tourism conditions are very advantageous. . 3. The tropical valley of Changhua River The tropical valley of Changhua River flows through Datian Town and Donghe Town, starting from Gezheng in the north to Daguangba in the south, with a total distance of 27 kilometers. The mountain and pastoral scenery are uncarved, and the beauty is natural and pure. 4. Balahu Valley The Balahu Valley is a tributary of the Changhua River branching off the west bank of Daguangba, and it is a beautiful valley formed near Jiangbian Township, Dongfang City. The Balahu Valley is hidden in the boudoir, and the natural scenery is infinite. The whole valley is full of boulders and gentle streams. It's the season of spring and flowers, and it's time to get out of the hustle and bustle of the city and step into the quiet mountains to stretch your body. Let your thoughts scatter in the quiet mountains, return to nature, and release yourself. The Balahu Valley is ecologically intact, with continuous boulders, clear river water and beautiful natural scenery. In the deep and wide river valley, the rocks were washed white and shiny by the river water, and the two sides of the river were lush and lush. Close your eyes and take a rest, listen to the notes of nature, and realize the true meaning of life. Blending into all the beauty and mystery of the landscape, the ecstatic state makes people feel relaxed and happy. When the sun sets in the west, the afterglow sets off, and the towering windmill shows a kind of vigorous beauty of pointing up to the sky and overlooking the vast sea, adding a beautiful scenery to the east. 5. Baicha Village is surrounded by mountains and rivers, thousands of miles of clear sky, fresh air, coconut trees and other tropical fruit trees set off the boat-shaped house, which makes people completely forget their troubles and return to the innocent era of the last century. There is no place to buy bottled water. From the east to the houseboat, you can see slices of mango and banana forests. The road is not very wide, you can feel the tropical scenery, lush and lush, and the boathouse is not very large. There are many such concentrated buildings, which are well preserved. Because of the remoteness, there are no How many people are even more confused. There is a village woman who grows rice next to her. She uses a long rope to tie a few cans to protect her wheat field. The traditional architectural skills of the Li people are reflected in the thatched houses, and the thatched houses in the village are very typical boat-shaped houses of the Li people. Now in the entire Li nationality area, there are not many thatched houses, and Baicha Village is the most well-preserved village. Boat-shaped house The boat-shaped house is the crystallization of the construction of the Li people for thousands of years. 6. The Macaque Cave is a mysterious and beautiful cave on the Macaque Ridge in Dongfang Li Autonomous County. The Macaque Cave is a peculiar scenic spot in the Daguangba Tourist Scenic Spot in Dongfang City, Hainan Province. In the front hall of the Macaque Cave, there are many stalagmites, and there are many stone statues in different shapes. On the right side of the front hall, two fairies incarnated in stone, looking beautiful. There are also two small cave halls in the former cave hall, which are shaped like a temple. In the middle of the macaque cave is a large stone statue of Buddha, with eyes closed, holding a rosary, sitting cross-legged. In front of the big Buddha statue, there is a group of small monk statues, each of which is different in appearance, sitting with the same front and chanting sutras. There is a peculiar stone pillar behind the "monastery", which is like an ancient bell. If you hit it hard with your hands, it can make a thick sound, and Yu Qing curls up. The back hall is large and can accommodate more than 1,000 people. The macaque cave is full of stalactites and stone curtains, which are crystal clear and dazzling. The natural macaque cave is a scenic spot that has only appeared in recent years. Its peculiar and beautiful landscape attracts tourists to linger. Speaking of which, are you excited in front of the screen? Please leave a message in the comment area to express your opinion! If you like it, remember to like + subscribe!

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