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What popular self-driving attractions are recommended around Hami

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What popular self-driving attractions are recommended around Hami

The meaning of travel is to meet a different self. Therefore, you don’t have to be demanding luxury or distance. The key is to follow your heart. The dream of traveling around the world is always beautiful. Before spring arrives, everyone should go out with their loved ones. Let's have fun, bring your good mood on weekends, and drive around Hami together. Sand Mountain, with a total area of ​​120 square kilometers, not only has towering alpine glaciers, vast forests, but also an endless prairie full of vitality, as well as the barren Mingsha Mountain (ranking the top of the four Mingsha Mountains in the country) . The main scenic spots in the scenic spot are: White Stone Resort, Tianshan Summer Resort, Prairie Night Resort, Songhai Resort, Hualong Resort, Electric Power Resort, Nature Resort, Mingsha Mountain, Songshutang Ski Resort, etc. Here, "a day trip to four seasons, ten miles of different days". 2. Wubao Devil City is located in the south of Wubao Town, Yizhou District, Hami City. Because of its mysterious and unpredictable nature, people who are unfamiliar with the terrain will be in danger of being lost if they encounter a storm. It is naturally formed after a long period of wind erosion. In the Devil City Scenic Area, you can see the wind-eroded "mushroom forest", the mighty "city guards", the magnificent "Potala Palace", the "Hanhai Turtle" symbolizing longevity, and the lonely "Sphinx" "... There are also colorful agate stones and wind prisms and other strange and strange stones, which add to the uniqueness and magic of this place. Devil's City is a wonderful natural landscape in Hami for tourists, scholars, scholars and explorers to visit and explore. 3. The Hami Hui Mausoleum is located 1 km southwest of Hami City, Xinjiang. It consists of the Hami Hui Mausoleum and the Etigar Mosque (two parts). The tomb complex originally had six large and small arches of the size of the civil structure, where the Hui kings and their concubines of the past dynasties were buried, and there are two remaining. The wooden structure of the Han nationality's octagonal spires and Mongolian helmets integrates various styles. The Islamic mausoleum buildings in Xinjiang are very distinctive and are the product of the fusion of Han culture, Mongolian culture and Islamic culture. 4. The Yishui Garden Scenic Spot is a red tourist scenic spot developed on the basis of the Martyrs Cemetery with the theme of the "Forty Days of Defense of Yiwu" that shocked the whole country. The water entertainment area has various water activities such as motorboats, water walking balls, water tricycles, bicycles, etc. The leisure fishing area covers an area of ​​206 acres and can hold large-scale fishing competitions. 5. Balikun Mingsha Mountain is a sand mountain in the Balikun Kazakh Autonomous County of Xinjiang. The Mingsha Mountain is shaped like a mushroom and is about 100 meters high. The sand mountain is surrounded by vast grasslands. Amidst the endless humidity and green, stands a barren sand mountain. Its charm lies in the fact that it can make a sound and the sand that has been accumulated here for hundreds of years has experienced countless wind and rain, and it has neither moved to the surrounding area. Diffusion, it is not swallowed by green vegetation, and the sand from the top of the mountain will slowly climb up automatically after being trampled and slid down by the people who climb the sand mountain. Speaking of which, are you excited in front of the screen? Please leave a message in the comment area to express your opinion! If you like it, remember to like + subscribe!

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