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Where to go in late summer and early autumn? Guangxi Longhushan Super Value Special Offer Season is here! !

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Where to go in late summer and early autumn? Guangxi Longhushan Super Value Special Offer Season is here! !

HELLO AUTUMN In late summer and early autumn, this summer is exceptionally hot, with high temperatures above 40°C in many places. Whenever I see this temperature, I am glad that I live in a tree-lined forest. After the beginning of autumn, the mountains are a little cooler. In this season of late summer and early autumn, grab the tail of summer and go to the forest together to feel the coolness of early autumn. Happy parent-child travel package In late summer and early autumn, identify the QR code in the picture to buy tickets One play item: 2 scenic spot tickets and 2 bamboo raft tickets Card, with this card, you can enjoy a 50% discount on the tickets for the scenic spot, and 20% off when you buy tickets for the scenic spot. The summer reward season is limited in time and the number is limited. Bring your children to explore the "primitive forest" together. ! Tickets for middle school and college entrance examinations will continue to be distributed. Deadline for activities in late summer and early autumn: September 30, 2022. Candidates for the middle and college entrance examinations in 2022 pay attention. With the admission ticket, you can not only take the test, but also go to the Longhu Mountain Scenic Area in Guangxi as a ticket (The first ticket of the scenic spot) Use! A good place for research and autumn travel. The scenic area in late summer and early autumn has characteristic courses and complete courseware, which can allow children to have a different research trip, to really get in touch with small animals in nature, understand small animals, understand nature, and make He is in awe of nature and knows the importance of protecting the environment and nature. Teach them some life skills, understand basic common sense of life, be able to do their own things, share housework for their parents as much as they can, and know how to be grateful to their parents. Summer goes to autumn, and the cool wind in the morning and evening lets us know that autumn is coming quietly. The sunrise over the sea of ​​​​clouds in a fairyland is refreshing and the scenery is beautiful. At night, move a bench and sit in this forest, listening to the sounds coming from nature. The wonderful music, looking at the stars in the sky, everything is so beautiful in Longhu Mountain! Precautions for tours: 1. Tourists should follow the epidemic prevention and control requirements of the scenic spot to complete the prevention and control procedures: wear a mask - scan the code to make an appointment - show the health code, itinerary card, vaccination code, and measure the temperature. 2. The macaque is a national second-class wild protected animal. For your property, personal safety and the health of the macaque, it is strictly forbidden to bring backpacks, environmental protection bags, plastic bags and food into the park to avoid accidental injuries when the macaques grab bags and food. ● Meet old friends for a fun tour of Nanning and enjoy the summer trip ● This summer resort around Nanning, play splashing water, catch fish, enjoy the natural scenery... Let you cool down in summer! ● Recommended for summer travel! Nanning Summer Resort Guide to Walking Your Baby in the City! ● A niche campsite in the city! Enjoy the beautiful lake view, suitable for camping, baby walking, barbecue... ● "Gate to the Sky" + characteristic garden landscape, check in this "treasure" park for free ● A light luxury homestay hidden in the mountains, what you want Peace and relaxation are all here! Source of information: Guangxi Longhu Mountain Scenic Area The copyright belongs to the original author and is only used for public welfare sharing. If there is any infringement, please contact to delete the reprint and please indicate the source. Please indicate the purpose of your visit, please call the hotline at 9:00-12:00, 15:00-18:00.) Nanning Food, Drink, Play, and Tour WeChat account: nnslyj Nanning Culture, Radio, Television and Tourism Bureau official WeChat reminder [watching] In this way, every time you push an article, it will appear in your subscription list for the first time. Thank you for your support!

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