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"G219 Plateau Pearl Road" "A tear that captures the soul", the plateau pearl left in the south of the mountain

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"G219 Plateau Pearl Road" "A tear that captures the soul", the plateau pearl left in the south of the mountain

"Red Pulse · The Way of the Great Power G219 Red Mark Exploration Activity" is in progress. Please follow the footsteps of the exploration team and start a trip across Ali, Shigatse, Shannan, Nyingchi and other places to find the G219 landscape feast and walk together Enter Yang Zhuo Yongcuo. The liveliness of Yamdrok Yongcuo must have started under the bright sun at noon, the sound of the soaring ducks on the lakeside and the sound of cars passing by on the road. "Ding dang" is crisp and moving, and every sound has entered my heart

Luxury Yamdrok Yongcuo

At this time, three or two vehicles and tourists We gathered at the Yanghu Lake to set up a small tent, with small benches under it, coffee tables in groups of three or five, chatting and stopping to breathe quietly with Yanghu Lake. Langkazi Town by the lake is also more closely intertwined with Yanghu this summer. The beauty of the lake reaches its peak value in summer. The blue sky is reflected in the Yanghu Lake. The lake reflects the dark blue and light green tranquility. Occasionally, a gust of wind blows the mind of the lake and crumbles it. It is scattered in the sparkling water. The expectations are almost different. Exile, search, return... The overflowing emotions are sung into the song and dripped into the wine, buried in my heart

" "Lonely" Day Care Temple

This time, we chose a different route from the usual route from Langkazi to the Day Care Temple and then turned around to go to the Luzhla Observation Deck at Yanghu Lake. The first stop is the Day Care Temple, which is called "All Tibet" The loneliest temple stands alone on the blue lake with an island standing on the top of the temple, with a 360-degree view of the blue sheep lake. The light brown mountains wrap the blue sheep lake. The blue sheep lake wraps the lonely temple among the temples. You and I came here admiringly and left with a few traces of reluctance. The breeze is slowly and everything is still flowing in the long river of time, but the Yanghu Lake seems to be alone in the world outside the world for ten thousand years. "pgc-h-arrow-right" data-track="122">Thousand Islands RougelaThe second point is the Rougela viewpoint. When we ran to the viewing platform, a bus was about the same time. Arriving at this little-known viewing platform is now the one for which everyone would like to travel the "thousand-mile" Rougela viewing platform. The Yanghu Lake on the traditional route is really different from the Yanghu Lake on the traditional route, where it sticks out like tentacles. No matter from any angle, you can't see the whole picture. Occasionally, it is as big as the sea. It is a coral-like lake of a thousand islands. The illusion of being in the sea also appreciates how small people are in front of nature. Looking up at the deep and clear blue sky, it blends in with the pure and vast lake water. Just like Qionglou Yuyu, this pure and quiet lake has always maintained a natural and primitive ecology. The lakeside plain is rich in water and grass, and it is a vast natural pasture. The blue lake is inlaid in it. Horses and donkeys are wriggling leisurely and peacefully, and the highland pasture is dressed up as a lively landscape painting. The bus comes and goes. The uncle holding the little lamb also walks away in the bright sun. The winding mountain road is like silver in the reflection of the sun. The long dragon occasionally sees vehicles driving on the highway but crawls slowly like ants... The sun gradually breaks into orange light and shadows, and we are left alone in the shadows. Today, we meet here and meet that soft self. The lake is still fiery and quiet, following its eternal laws, but it is fleeting, and it goes on and on again and again

Ice and Snow Sacred Lake Experience Tour Route

Loza-Kaju Scenic Spot - Jiedun Zhuzong Ancient Watchtower - Baima Lincuo - Pumayongcuo - 40 Glacier - Rituo Temple - Luzila Viewing Platform - Gamalin Grassland "Red Pulse, Great Country Road G219 Red Mark Exploration Activity" is underway In... Please continue to pay attention! Article: Wang Xiuyue Photo: Tibet Autonomous Region Tourism Development Department Photographers: Hu Wangguang, Tony star Editor: China Tibet Tourism [Editor: Tan Qilu丨Editor: Wang Jian]
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