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It is closer than Hulunbuir, and the tourists are less than 1/3! This grassland cross-country self-driving road can drive photographers crazy

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It is closer than Hulunbuir, and the tourists are less than 1/3! This grassland cross-country self-driving road can drive photographers crazy

Some people say: I have seen the summer, autumn and winter here. The beauty of nature can't be described in words, and no photographic equipment can compare with the human eye and the immersive feeling of being there. The light and shadow of a dynasty passing by is recorded here. Although the beauty here is not as popular as Xinjiang and Tibet, it occupies the hearts of everyone who comes here. Because her beauty has a time limit, it is even more precious. The winter scene here is a vast grassland with "the sky is blue, the wild is vast, the wind blows the grass and the cows and sheep are low", and it is also a short-lived off-road paradise for galloping for three days and three nights. The beautiful scenery here first appeared at the moment the photographer pressed the shutter, and then appeared in people's sight, so beautiful that people couldn't take their eyes off it. There is a widely circulated saying in the photography circle of Bashang, "In China, there are three places that are not suitable for judging the level of photography, because every photo is beautiful, such as Bashang..." The spring on the Bashang comes very late, and the summer leaves very fast. In August, it can be expansive, mysterious and delicate, pure and simple and stunningly beautiful, so beautiful that it is beyond words. The beauty of the dam is magnificent and vast, but for some photographers, the dam will feel that it has become a vulgar place. But there should be no one who can refuse her light color, the morning light and evening light overflow the hillside, like a girl in a veil, fresh and refined, and it has a unique flavor against the background of the morning light and twilight, as well as the cattle and sheep in the distance. And the clouds in the grassland are changing rapidly, and the sunlight leaks from them to brighten one part and shade one part, like a dream. It has been beautiful for hundreds of years, and it does not lose to Hulun Buir! Many people have not figured out what "Bashang" is talking about. "Bashang" now generally refers to 100 kilometers north of Zhangjiakou to 100 kilometers north of Chengde, collectively referred to as the Bashang area. Bashang is a geographical term, especially referring to the step-shaped area formed by the sudden rise of the grassland, and the meadow-like grassland formed by the climate and vegetation, hence the name "Bashang Grassland". Bashang Grassland is located on the border between the Inner Mongolia Plateau and the southern foot of the Greater Khingan Mountains. The average altitude is 1500-2100 meters, and the average temperature is 1.4-5 degrees. It starts from Zhangbei County, Shangyi County, Kangbao County, Zhongjieguyuan County and Fengning County in Zhangjiakou City in the west, and reaches Weichang County in Chengde City in the east. As far as tourism areas are concerned, the Bashang Grassland is mainly divided into paddock damshang (Mulan paddock), Fengning damshang, Zhangbei damshang and grassland Tianlu, which is an important part of the Inner Mongolia Plateau. Among them, Mulan Weichang County - Ulan Butong Prairie is the most beautiful. Fengning Bashang Grassland is located in Fengning Manchu Autonomous County, Hebei Province, just north of Beijing. It is the closest natural grassland to Beijing, also known as "the first grassland in northern Beijing". The four grassland landscape photographers here are favorite

Mulan paddock

The commonly referred to as "Bashang grassland" refers to the Mulan paddock . It is the easiest and most popular of the four Bashang grasslands.

Fengning Dam

As the natural prairie closest to Beijing, the beauty of Fengning Dam is no longer a secret. There is a first day road in the north of Beijing, passing through the two scenic spots of Qiansongba Forest Park and Liushugou Forest Park.

Zhangbei Damshang

Among the four major dams, Zhangbei Dam is undoubtedly the favorite of old drivers. The grassland Tianlu, known as the Chinese version of Highway 66, is a rugged and winding Tianlu, which feels like wandering between the blue sky and white clouds, which is really beautiful.

Guyuan Damshang

Compared with the other three damshang grasslands, Guyuan Damshang is much more low-key. It is located at the southern end of the Inner Mongolia Plateau, and you can enjoy the northern part of Saibei. The grassland scenery is suitable for summer vacation. There is also an unruly self-driving road! The first day road in the north of Beijing, the first day of freedom and fun The first day road in the north of Beijing is located on the top of the Fengning Bashang Forest Park. There are mountains, water, and grasslands here. There are not only unexplored crop fields, but also hundreds of cattle and sheep. If you are not satisfied with the well-known scenic spots on the dam, then come to the Beijing-North Prairie Highway and drive deeper into the grassland. Those little-known villages have a more primitive taste. The first day of Beijing North Road passes through two scenic spots, Qiansongba Forest Park and Liushugou Forest Park.

Qiansongba National Forest Park

is located in Dataan Town, Fengning Manchu Autonomous County, Chengde City. Dam National Forest. The park is named for the tens of thousands of primitive spruce trees growing in the valleys and ravines. The average age of these spruce trees is 280 years, which is the largest preserved primitive spruce forest in North China, and can be called the crown of the forest in North China. If you are eager to find a place of tranquility, then come to Qiansongba. The scenery here is rarely known, and there is no traffic jam or heart block. In Section B of the first day road in the north of Beijing, there is a shocking sunrise and sea of ​​clouds. If you want to see it, you must climb to the top of Nanshan Mountain. The highest altitude here is 1892m, which is the best place to watch the sunrise, sunset and sea of ​​clouds. The early sun rises, the vast sea of ​​clouds seems to flow at the feet, the sky is lit like a red glow, and the windmills stretching in the distance have also become a unique scenery.

Liushugou Forest Park

This is the D and E section of the first day road in the north of Beijing. It is also the source of the Luan River. Compared with the beauty of Qiansongba, Liushugou is more beautiful. The scenery is more primitive. Liushugou and Qiansongba face each other across the road, and the first day road in the north of Beijing cleverly connects these two pearls. There is no summer heat in Liushugou in summer, with a total area of ​​70 square kilometers with streams, flower seas, grasslands and forests, with an average temperature of only 17.4°C. The most unforgettable thing here is the starry sky. In the empty and silent forest, there is no light pollution, which will always give people an indescribable beauty. Play Raiders: The first day of Beijing North Road is about 240 kilometers away from Beijing. It takes about 4 hours to drive. You can enter the first grassland in Beijing North for navigation. Qiansongba National Forest Park: Tickets are 100 yuan (for reference only). The main attractions are: Sections A and B of Beijing First Day Road, Wuhu Wetland, Botanical Garden, Jinlu Plum Garden, Nanshan Wangyuan, Baihua Family, Spruce Canyon, Baihua Lake, Yunshan Lake, etc. Liushugou Forest Park: Tickets are 70 yuan (for reference only). The main attractions are: Sections D and E of the First Day Road in North Beijing, the sunset on the top of Dongshan Mountain, Golden Lotus Grass Beach, White Birch Valley, Naliang Lake, Naliang Road, etc. Accommodation: There are many hotels and farmhouses that can be accommodated in the "First Day Road in North Beijing", and most of the farmhouses are run by the herdsmen themselves.

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