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Just now, there are new regulations for leaving Tibet by plane!

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Just now, there are new regulations for leaving Tibet by plane!

The Civil Aviation Administration of Tibet Autonomous Region has issued an urgent reminder to all dear passengers: According to the latest notification requirements of the Office of the Leading Group for Responding to the Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia Epidemic in Tibet Autonomous Region, in order to resolutely prevent the epidemic in Tibet from spilling over through civil aviation, and at the same time ensure your safe and smooth departure from Tibet by civil aviation flight , The Civil Aviation Administration of Tibet Autonomous Region urgently reminds: 1. From 0:00 on August 16, 2022, passengers departing from Tibet must hold a "two inspections in three days" (that is, two nucleic acid tests at an interval of 24 hours within three consecutive days) negative certificates, Tibetan Yi Passed the green code and tested negative at the airport. 2. Due to the increased antigen testing process, in order to avoid delaying your trip, please arrange your travel time reasonably and arrive at the airport at least 3 hours in advance. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you. Lhasa Gonggar Airport Enquiry Telephone 96222 Changdu Bangda Airport Enquiry Telephone 0895-4623035 Nyingchi Milin Airport Enquiry Telephone 0894-5207901 Ali Kunsha Airport Enquiry Telephone 0897-2891888 Shigatse Peace Airport Enquiry Telephone 0892-8848651 Civil Aviation Tibet Autonomous Region The complaint number of the Administration Bureau is 18989997271. Please use this reminder as a guide to arrange travel reasonably and look forward to inviting you to appreciate the great beauty of Lhasa after the epidemic has dissipated: Tashi Delek! This article is reprinted by China Tibet Travel. The purpose of reprinting is to convey more information. It does not mean that China Tibet Travel agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity. The copyright of the text and pictures contained in the reprinted article belongs to the original author! If there are problems with the content and copyright of the work, please contact China Tibet Travel to delete it within 10 days of the publication of this article! Source: Civil Aviation Tibet Autonomous Region Administration Editor: China Tibet Tourism [Editor: Tan Qilu丨Editor: Wang Jian]
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