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The little fairyland that dominates the circle of friends! People who can play have listed them as the first stop on post-epidemic travel

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The little fairyland that dominates the circle of friends! People who can play have listed them as the first stop on post-epidemic travel

Chen Gang/Photo Have you ever imagined in your heart a plan to escape from the city without any scruples, get rid of the complicated work, stay away from the hustle and bustle of life, find a paradise in your dreams, and seek a leisurely place Wang Shengrong/Photo Today, I have selected for you 4 ancient villages in Tibet that look like paradise Few people know that the ancient glacier is not far from these two famous scenic spots, and is praised as "the most beautiful village in China" by "China National Geographic", and the name of the ancient glacier also comes from this hidden village Chen Yiyong/ Shelaigu, Tibetan means "hidden paradise", and the village is also hidden as its name. Shilai Ancient Village is located among the continuous snow-capped mountains. There are many glaciers surrounding it. Lu Hailin/She first arrived here. You will be amazed by the oil painting-like beauty of the village. Glaciers, green fields, farms, wheat waves, cattle and sheep, and the lake with blue ice floating not far from the village are unbelievably beautiful. Lu Hailin/Photo TIPS Features: Snow Peaks Glaciers, tranquility and idyllic scenery Transportation: It is about 20 kilometers away from Ranwu Lake to Laigu Village, and there is a ticket office about 3 kilometers away from the village, where you can choose to enter the village on foot; if you take the shuttle bus to Zayu, Get off at Zongba Village, which is only about 10 kilometers away from Laigu Village; you can drive along the Sichuan-Tibet kilometers to Ranwu Town, then turn to the provincial highway in the direction of Zayu, and walk along the provincial highway for about 20 kilometers. The best viewing point of Nanga Bawa Peak in Suosong Village Zhang Jing/She Suosong Village is located in the famous Brahmaputra Grand Canyon and is one of the best viewing spots for Nanga Bawa, "the most beautiful mountain in China". The whole village is built On the cliffs several hundred meters high is the surging Yarlung Zangbo River. If you can stay here for one night, you will want to live here permanently The peach blossoms blooming all over the mountains are like putting on a long pink dress for the Nanga Bawa in the distance. When you are admiring the snowy mountains and smelling the fragrance of flowers, while sitting on the edge of the field, there are occasionally villagers who drive their cattle to stroll under the old trees. But you can't help but be healed by this harmonious and leisurely scene Wang Shengrong/Photo TIPS Features: Excellent angle for viewing or photographing Nanga Bawa Peak Transportation: Go to the Brahmaputra Grand Canyon Scenic Spot in Pai Town, or sit in Nyingchi The passenger bus goes to Pai Town, and when you arrive at the entrance of the scenic spot, you can contact the owner of the guest house to pick you up. Dadong Village is one of the most well-preserved Tibetan-style ancient villages in Dadong Village/Tudadong Village is known as the most beautiful village in Lhasa and one of the most well-preserved ancient villages in Tibet. Dadong Village is hidden in a valley in the southwest corner of Lhasa. It only takes about one and a half hours from the center of Lhasa. If you want to live a quiet village life in Tibet but don’t have enough time, then Dadong Village will be your best choice. In summer, Dadong Village The scenery is very beautiful. The mountains around the village are green, the streams are jubilant and the wildflowers are all over the countryside. If you have had enough of the "stove" in the city, Dadong Village will make you realize what a cool summer is. It is very suitable for relaxing and feeling the rural life. Dadong Village is also known as "Sun Spring Valley". In winter, you can soak in the hot springs in the courtyard to unload everything that you are tired of on weekdays. You can overlook the magnificent snow-capped mountains and feel the beautiful and peaceful rural scenery. Dadonggu Village/Picture TIPS Features: Beautiful natural scenery, profound cultural heritage, won the title of "China's Most Beautiful Village" Transportation: Only 30 minutes' drive from downtown Lhasa Jilongnai Village hides the world's most gorgeous but inaccessible secret realm Wang Shengrong / Photo at There is a village hidden in the clouds in Jilonggou, Shigatse. People who have come here are only separated by a mountain from Nepal. People who have come here will linger over the beauty of this place. Many people even say that if there is a "disappearing horizon", then that place must be This is where Wang Shengrong/Shenai Village means "Holy Land on the Top of the Mountain" in Tibetan. It is like a natural viewing platform. The blue sky, the white snow-capped mountains, the mist-shrouded forests, the soft meadows, and the well-proportioned terraced fields. Echoing each other from a distance, you can still see the stunning sunshine in the morning and evening. Landscape Chen Gang/Photo If you have an "escape from the city plan", then there must be Tibet in this plan, because Tibet's beautiful scenery and quiet villages will definitely satisfy your fantasy of nature and primitive Chen Gang/Photo TIPS Features: Folk customs, Japanese Transportation out of the forest: Naixia Village is less than half an hour's drive away from Jilong Town. #InteractiveComment#Which of these four villages have you been to? Which one do you like best? Click to leave a comment. This article is reproduced by China Tibet Tourism. The purpose of the reprint is to convey more information. It does not mean that China Tibet Tourism agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity. 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