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Aershan Railway Station, a national-level cultural relic, is a popular check-in place for tourists

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Aershan Railway Station, a national-level cultural relic, is a popular check-in place for tourists

There are many rankings on the Internet about "China's most beautiful railway station", and each has different opinions, but no matter which ranking it is in, Aershan Railway Station in Xinggan League, Inner Mongolia ranks among them and ranks among the best-this is a long-standing railway station. Everyone's aesthetic point, small and exquisite train station. Aershan Railway Station was built in 1937 by the Japanese army stationed here at that time, so the appearance can see a little Japanese style. The two-story station is built with irregular granite on the first floor, with a round arch above the windows and a wooden structure on the second floor. The combination of bright yellow and dark green is quite eye-catching against the green mountains and blue sky. Aershan Railway Station is the first national-level cultural relic in Aershan in history. The most rare thing is that although it has been protected with all efforts, the station is not just standing there beautifully and quietly, it still performs its own mission— -Every day, there are trains that bring people from afar to here, and there are also trains that slowly leave to take people to farther places. The track stretches into the distance, and the train takes people from the south to the north. When the people on the train see this small station full of literature and art, will they feel a trance that has traveled through time? Going to the train station to check in and take pictures has become a must for every tourist who comes to Aershan. The parking lot behind the small station is full of cars, people come and go, lively and noisy. Overlooking Aershan Station, the station with yellow walls and brown tiles, buildings with blue, purple, and red roofs not far away, and rolling hills far and near, together create an exotic atmosphere, like an unknown European town. The green-skinned train passes by the station, whether old-fashioned trains or elegant and chic buildings, all seem to be pictures that should only appear in movies, making people feel that they are separated from modern urban life by a lot of time and space. The history of the city is hidden in the old railway stations of many cities. Coming to Arshan Station is like visiting an old man who has been old for a long time. He has been silent all the time. He didn’t say anything, but he seemed to tell people a lot. . (You are welcome to like and leave a message in the comment area. For more exciting content, please pay attention / fall out of the list)

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